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Family fights over who will babysit on vacation, Reddit volunteers for the job.

Family fights over who will babysit on vacation, Reddit volunteers for the job.


Sometimes it takes a reality check from the internet to realize that your problems aren't as big as you think they are.

'AITA for putting conditions on a family vacation?'


I planned a family vacation with my 7, 9 and 18yo sons to Bora Bora for 13 days in June. My 18yo asked of he could bring his girlfriend of a year 'Danielle' and he was surprised that I said yes.

Of course he asked after finding out he would end up with his own detached room. They're both graduating high school in a couple of weeks too.

I don't mind spending most of my time with the 7yo and 10yo boys. I wouldn't mind having some me time though. I'm sharing a lot of space with them including a bed.

I told my 18yo that I'm expecting him and his girlfriend to do some babysitting on the trip seeing that I'm paying for her to go. It's not going to be all Baywatch for them.

My 18yo is angry for me even asking. I said I'd be cleaning the floors if I was 18 and was allowed to bring my girlfriend to paradise for two weeks. Danielle is fine with it but my son is not.

Here were the top comments from jealous readers:


NTA. Pay for me to go to BoraBora and I will watch your children.


I also volunteer as tribute.


I have 45 years of child rearing experience & references. I'd gladly watch your children 24/7 in exchange for a 2 week trip to paradise. I guarantee the children will have the time of their lives, & so will I.


I'd be willing to go in more of a 'supervisory role'. I could easily go to every event you had on the itinerary the day before, let you know if it was worth your efforts, and make logistical suggestions. With such short notice, I won't be able to offer you a discount off my normal rates but won't be charging a premium either.


I have a decade of experience and can provide references upon request.

And then some serious advice:


NTA. Except its not babysitting; its spending time with his brothers. Seriously, what part of family vacation went over his head? Danielle clearly heard the family part.


NTA. Your request was more than reasonable. Your son's GF clearly has more common sense than your son.


NTA - He gets to go on a free vacation to Bora Bora for two whole weeks AND you’re paying for his gf? Yeah, your son is acting entitled, and you are not in any way wrong for asking him to repay your generosity with a little babysitting.


NTA. Kinda depends on what you mean by 'some babysitting'. The teenagers have to watch the kids at the pool while you rest for an afternoon? Easy. Watching them for a few days while you go out on a bender? Not cool. Make the demands of the trip clear from the get-go and they can decide if they want to go or not. Then stick to it!


Definitely NTA. Bora Bora is an unbelievable place, and your son should be grateful he gets to go. And babysitting? That’s nothing. It’s not like you’re asking him to scrub toilets. But you’ll love the place. Enjoy your trip.

Anyone else have a better offer for the family? On a serious note, do you think the OP is being unreasonable in asking their son to babysit since they are paying for the vacation?

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