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Newspaper attempts to translate various sex emojis and the internet is screaming.

Newspaper attempts to translate various sex emojis and the internet is screaming.


Remember waaay back when we used to have to use words to express our emotions? Those days are long gone, thanks to the emergence of emojis.

But emojis aren't always what they seem. That eggplant? Yeah, you know what that is. I mean, it's an eggplant, but it's also used to represent something else. Or maybe you don't know, in which case, this newspaper article would be very useful for you.


Twitter user @suzyjeons tweeted a picture from The Times of India, which published an infographic revealing the sexual meanings behind some seemingly innocuous emojis. The newspaper recommends that people use these emojis "with care."

The rest of the warning reads: "Those new to digital flirting, beware - a purple brinjal [eggplant] may not mean baingan bharta [Indian veggie dish] for dinner, and not everyone squirting teardrops is sad."

It goes on to reveal that a peach could mean a butt (duh), a tongue could mean oral sex, and that donut could actually be a vagina (because it has a hole in it, not because vaginas are usually frosted).

The tweet went viral, and people on Twitter couldn't stop laughing.

Some people offered up corrections to the article:

Others had questions.


And yet another was shocked that anyone even reads newspapers anymore (off topic!).

It's important that people get the meanings of these emoji right, or else there could be a tragedy like this one:

Or this one:

NO ONE IS BRUSHING THEIR TEETH WITH POOP (I hope). And no, poopsicles are probably not a thing.


🤢 🤢 🤢

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