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Woman wants to postpone wedding over fiancé's teeth; he says let's 'call it off.'

Woman wants to postpone wedding over fiancé's teeth; he says let's 'call it off.'


Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect, but is there a difference between making the day special and making the day all about yourself?

SlightRow3100 took to the forums to ask:

AITA for wanting to postpone my wedding till my fiance gets rid of his braces?

My fiance (25M) has braces. He refused to get them when he was a child/teen cause he feared people would make fun of him, but he finally accepted to get them after the dentists told him clearly that it wouldn't be recommended to replace his extracted teeth till he fixes his crooked ones.

The issue is that our wedding was supposed to be coming up soon, but now I plan to postpone till my fiance gets rid of his braces.

I have nothing against him wearing braces. I even encouraged him to get them to finally fix his bad teeth, but have you ever seen of a groom wearing braces in his wedding photos? I don't think so.

I thought my fiance would be understanding, but instead he got mad at me and accused me of being ashamed with him. That's obviously no true, I just want our wedding photos to be as esthetically pleasing as possible and that's why I want to postpone our wedding till his braces come off.

I also told him he could've avoided all this if he got invisible braces, but he said these were much more expensive and wanted to save money specifically for our wedding and honey moon and didn't think his fiancee would be so shallow to care about it.

He ended up saying that if I postpone the wedding now I might as well just call it off altogether, which I think is incredibly unfair of him to do, but maybe I should've insisted on this issue either. AITA ?

Reddit users were not shy with their responses and personal experiences.

redrouge9996 offers the interesting workaround:

If it’s that important she can pick her favorite portrait of the two of them she wants to hang somewhere and with her fiancés permission have the braces photoshopped off. Otherwise who cares.

My fiancé broke his leg in half an month before our wedding and instead of postponing like a maniac we just picked out some cool looking canes and he used those. A lot of my pictures were less traditional but it was my wedding day, all you should really care about is capturing all of your friends and family together.

And I’m saying this as someone who spent $8000 on photography. Good photos were clearly important to me. YTA OP, it was fine to ask I GUESS, but the minute he said no or had any hint of a negative reaction to the suggestion it should’ve been off the table.

hmprideg makes a professional point:

Okay no, I’m a wedding photographer and I would NOT go through and edit out braces in every single photo, lmao. OP is still wrong but no, that would cost so much more. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

DigitalDose80 offers up:

Holy hell! OP didn't get braces as a child because he didn't want to be...made fun of.
So he gets them as an adult, at the encouragement of his fiance, then that same fiance uses his braces as a reason to postpone the wedding because of how his braces will look in the photos???

That is so, so, so much worse than being bullied as a child for having braces. Kids are stupid, mean, and don't have a reason to support you. But as an adult your fiance should not be treating you worse!


At least you've revealed to your fiance how shallow you are.

Electrical-Date-3951 boldly argues:

I mean, does the marriage even matter if you can't have pretty photos? That's the whole point of having a wedding - the pictures.

hobosbindle clapped back with a powerful:

He should postpone the wedding until you mature. YTA

What would you ultimately decide if you were planning your special day?

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