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10 of the worst wedding vows that guests have ever heard.

10 of the worst wedding vows that guests have ever heard.


Normally, you cry at weddings. But what if you cringe? These wedding guests took to the internet to share the worst wedding vows they've ever heard. See if you can read these without wincing.


I work at a wedding venue and there’s so many bad vows. A man once ended his by saying “and you know we got married on a Friday because.. Saturday’s are for the boys in unison with his grooms men” - juliahussein


Heard a vow once where the women specifically called out 'obey' as some sort of ownership language. And she would obey no one but her own independent thought. I almost threw up. - tink2013


Went to wedding of someone from my church a few years back. When it came time to say the vows, he pulls out a sheet of paper and reads on for like five minutes, getting really intimate and pouring his heart out to her.

It was kind of awkward tbh. But the icing on the cake was her response. When he was done, she just giggled loudly and awkwardly and got out 'ditto!' That's it. That was her wedding vow. So freaking awkward. - futbolmasta


This is close to home. My first marriage, I had spent weeks writing my vows. They were not super long, but they were thought-out and heartfelt. On the day of, husband-to-be informed me that he had not written his vows. Hadn't even thought of it.

He kept asking to see mine. I told him no and that he needed to come up with his own. Durning our small ceremony, I took out my vows and read them. When it came to his turn he just said: 'well you pretty much said everything that I was going to say, so yeah.'

I was so hurt that he put zero effort into even attempting to wing it. That was one of many indicators that I should have just called it off. - kodijo


'I'll settle with you' The poor guy forgot some parts before in his speech so he made it sound really mean. Everypne laughed and the dude got bright red. -mi2ru


I saw my friend get married and he said, 'I'm getting married, and I would punch in the throat anyone who tried to stop me. That is how I feel today, Molly.

So suffused with love, I'd put a glass in the face of anyone who tried to stop us joining our souls together. I'd hospitalise them. LOL.' -rentokillboy


Not so much heard but rather when the registrar woman said “I understand the couple have written their own vows” the bride went “Oh shit”. Turns out she’d forgotten to do them whilst sorting everything else - barsbeh


Wasn't physically there, but watched a wedding on YouTube where her vows included: Thanking him for recording their proposal because 'it got so many views on YouTube'.

Acknowledging that the groom spent a long time thinking of and rehearsing his vows, and she'd written hers that morning.

Mostly just thanking him for his money and spoiling her, nothing specifically nice about him as a person, just 'Thanks for buying me this, this and this'.

Bonus: This was a wedding in Japan but the bride insisted on doing vows in English so the YouTube audience could understand. The groom barely understood her, and he clearly struggled with his own vows in English. NONE of the audience understood what either of them said. -honeywatts


Last wedding I worked at had a pagan celebrant and the vows were a mash of stuff from Braveheart and GoT, they were horrific. -redscarepod


My wife and I wrote our vows. We took it very seriously, and thought the promises we made in front of everyone were the most important part of the wedding. We are now divorced. -zvomicidalmaniac

Well, there you have it. These are absolutely cringeworthy. Readers, have you heard any terrible wedding vows that can top these? Please share!

Sources: Reddit
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