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6-year-old boy wreaks havoc at wedding, mom scolds guests for 'yelling' at him.

6-year-old boy wreaks havoc at wedding, mom scolds guests for 'yelling' at him.


Child-free weddings often spark debate about whether or not couples are selfish for trying to avoid a tiny, screaming toddler throwing cake at their face and screeching during their vows for an event that nearly put them into debt...

So, when a frustrated wedding guest decided to consult the delightfully petty and vengeful group, 'Wedding Shaming,' on Reddit, the judgmental jury of internet strangers was ready to weigh in on this mess.

Kid wrecks wedding cake while his mom watches and does nothing...

My nephew recently got married to a wonderful woman. My family loves her and we were all really excited for the wedding.

Unfortunately they had so much drama while planning their wedding that they decided to scrap all their plans and change the date even after the save-the-dates had been sent out.

Most of this drama revolved around the bride's aunt. One of the issues was that this aunt wanted to be a bridesmaid and was outraged that the bride hadn't asked her. The bride wanted only her two sisters to be bridesmaids. They didn't want a huge wedding party.

She has a huge family and many aunts so she didn't want to ask just one. However this aunt started telling people she was going to be a bridesmaid because she assumed she would be, and it caused the drama they were hoping to avoid in the first place.

Well this aunt showed up to the rehearsal dinner with her 6 year old. This kid was terrible. Running around constantly, yelling, crying....he was throwing tantrums like a toddler does. He was way to old to be acting like he was. We all commented that we hope he behaves better for the wedding the next day. No such luck.

The day of the wedding he was even worse. The entire thing basically revolved around trying to get him to behave. After the wedding, at the reception, things weren't any different.

They had the cake table set up in the corner of the room. He had been running around there and hanging around in that corner eyeing the cake so I started trying to keep an eye on him. I saw him try to touch it once and I scolded him before he did any damage.

He laughed and ran away like it was a game. Well I got distracted by you know, the wedding activities, so I wasn't watching him for a bit (which isn't my job, btw) but when I looked back over, it had happened. He had stuck his fingers in the cake and was playing in the frosting.

Me, my sister, and my mom all yelled at him to stop. We look over to see his Mom watching the whole thing and doing nothing. Except when we yelled at him she got angry with us.

How dare we yell at her sweet perfect angel? This was her attitude the whole day. She didn't try to correct him or get him to behave at all. It was so frustrating. It was like she wanted it to happen to get back at her niece for not letting her be in the wedding.

After that he kept running around and thought it was funny to crash into people on purpose, including elderly people.

My sister yelled at him again after he crashed into her on purpose several times so he started bawling, then the mom came to scoop up her poor baby and save him from the evil lady.

Later, this guest edited the post to include:

Edit to add: she looks exactly like you would expect too. Like a textbook blonde teased up in the back so it looks longer in front. Inappropriate clothes. Snooty facial expressions.

The way she carried herself like she was better than everyone. As soon as I saw her, I knew she was the aunt that caused the drama.

I had never met any of the bride's family before because I live in a different state but I had heard a lot about the problems was causing.

Of course, people were eager to dunk on this dramatic aunt and her poorly behaved child. Here's what people had to say:

Lillianrik said:

The bride's mother and/or father should have told the aunt to take her spawn of Satan and leave the reception. But I suppose the aunt has always gotten away with what she wanted...

youwereakindness said:

This is exactly why I will only ever have a child free wedding. Sorry not sorry.

Not_Brilliant_8006 said:

I had a kid free wedding. This is why. It's not the kids fault, it's the parents. And i didn't want to deal with people being lousy parents.

anotherdepressedpeep said:

I bet the mom told him to act like that to get revenge.

Brokelynne said:

Give the mom and kid the slices into which he stuck his finger.

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this aunt needs a serious lesson in wedding etiquette and all weddings should be child-free if possible. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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