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Baker shares wedding horror story of micromanager 'Bridezilla's' dessert demands.

Baker shares wedding horror story of micromanager 'Bridezilla's' dessert demands.


It's impossible to be a wedding vendor without a little bit of bride-on-a-budget reality-TV ready drama...

So, when a baker who can hold a glorious grudge decided to vent to the beautifully petty 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit, people were eager to hear the details of this dramatic tale.

Bride wrangles a specific gift/service out of me, then micromanages how I execute it...

Background info: I'm a fairly experienced (15+ years) baker and have made dessert spreads for friends' weddings. It started out when a close friend wanted a nice dessert buffet but couldn't afford it.

I offered to make the desserts she wanted, and she happily accepted with the agreement that it would be in lieu of a wedding present and she and her fiancee would cover the cost of the ingredients.

Since then, several friends asked me for the same 'gift' and I've always agreed, mostly because it's fun for me even though time, money, and labor-wise, it would be cheaper for me to just buy a present.

The son of one of my parents' best friends was getting married. I know the son but we weren't super close. The bride's parents and my parents were in the same social circle, but I met the bride maybe twice in the past.

I wasn't even expecting an invitation to the wedding, but the day after I received one, the bride called me up. Somehow she found out that I made the dessert buffets for friends, and told me that was the wedding gift she wanted from me and she would send me her Pinterest board of ideas.

Ummm. Excuse me? I didn't plan on going to the wedding! I told her I would think about it (yeah, big mistake on my part) but all of a sudden everyone (including the groom, his parents, his future in-laws, and my own parents) got involved and insisted that I do it. Grudgingly, I agreed. Another big mistake on my part.

Holy hell was this girl a bridezilla. She wanted champagne-level desserts with champagne-level ingredients, all on a beer budget. I told her it wasn't possible to use all-organic ingredients (and the fancy-a$s Kerrygold butter she wanted wasn't organic anyways) with the budget she set for me.

After I finally convinced her that the ingredients don't have to come from Whole Foods to taste good, she moved on to obsessing over how I decorated the desserts. Normally, I work off of whatever color palette the bride and groom choose and they give me free reign with decorations.

This girl wanted specific colors for cupcake liners, specific shapes for dessert glasses, and specific designs for the whipped cream topping.

I bit my tongue and sucked it up. Surprisingly, it was the groom who told his fiancee to calm down after she freaked out that the vanilla creme brulee wouldn't have real vanilla beans in it.

The desserts were a hit. Everybody thanked me profusely. And I vowed to never work with that woman ever again.

Last I heard, she's pregnant and planning a baby shower. Not going to go into whether or not it's weird to throw a baby shower for yourself. All I know is that I'm never picking up the phone for her, her husband, or their parents.

Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say about this mess of entitlement and cookies...

globalcitizen35 said:

Willing to bet you only received an invitation so you could do this as the gift. Companies should be allowed to add a $1,000 Bridezilla fee to their services.

IuniaLibertas said:

Your parents are the ones who told her you would do it. You need to lay down the law to them. And do assertiveness training. 'No' is a useful and important word.

Elegant-Ad-9221 said:

Block their numbers from your phone, and block all their social media accounts from yours. Do it now.

CaffeineFueledLife said:

Just reading about her micromanaging the dessert bar makes me tired. Who has the energy for that? And this is just the desserts! I don't even want to think about how crazy she was with rest of it.

'No, no, no, this is all wrong! I wanted precisely 87 pieces of confetti at every place setting. You didn't even try to count them! Just threw them around all willy nilly! You'll never work in this town again!

coffeebeanwitch said:

Brides nowadays are so tacky,they have zero scruples!!!

Mobile_Gap_7164 said:

I can only imagine how talented you are! Maybe I am old fashioned because I am older, but I would never expect someone who I really don’t know very well to GIVE me a dessert bar as a gift and then treat them like crap.

If this bridezilla was my child I would have told her to knock it off and grow up! And knowing how much work goes into your craft, I would have paid you double what you charge.

Note to any bridezillas out there: make sure to book your reality slap appointment before the wedding!

Sources: Reddit
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