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Bride called 'selfish' for refusing to let terminally ill cousin walk down the aisle. AITA?

Bride called 'selfish' for refusing to let terminally ill cousin walk down the aisle. AITA?


"WIBTA for not allowing my dying cousin to walk down the aisle?"

My (27f) cousin (23f) was diagnosed with leukemia and is not doing well. I feel terrible for her, but I was never close to her growing up. We grew up in different countries. I’m getting married in March 2024. My aunt came over two weeks ago to discuss something. She wants me to let my cousin walk down the aisle with her dad before I walk.

I don’t feel comfortable with this because, yes, it’s sad that she won’t get to experience this, but isn’t it my day to shine? My aunt says that I’m being selfish for not doing this. She spoke to my parents about this, and they don’t seem too happy. My in-laws are not pleased too. But they still want me to decide. My fiancé doesn’t feel comfortable too. My aunt brought my cousin to my place to discuss it last week.

Cousin cried, saying she wanted to walk down the aisle and that I should let her. I told her it was my wedding day, so it was not right for her to take over. She then called me selfish and a bridezilla for not caring about her. Like I said, we were never close, so I don’t know why she’s trying to do this on my wedding day. I told her I needed more time to think, she’s on IG posting cryptic stuff, obviously attacking me.

I talked to my friends for non-biased opinions, and they were divided. Some want me to allow her to walk down the aisle because she would never get to experience that, and I’ll be doing something nice. WIBTA if I say no?

Redditors were quick to comment.

smokefan333 wrote:

I've actually seen women do wedding parties so a dying relative can be there. They are so strange, because, like this there is no groom. It is a fake wedding without a groom. Kind of creepy.

Lilac_experience wrote:

"I was never close to her growing up" - would she even be invited to your wedding?And seriously - if walking down the aisle happens, what then? She gets to the alter and... looks around for a mate? Would the priest/minister give her a blessing? And then? Will she skulk away? I do not think she has thought the embarrassment through. Also - NTA.

emoAnarchist wrote:

Would it be a good thing to do? Yes. Are you an AH for not doing it? Absolutely not. Cousin and aunt are though for their reactions. NTA.

Daktari2018 wrote:

I saw a short film where featuring different single women who were not going to have a wedding but wanted a ceremony experience. They celebrated themselves and got the dresses, the photos everything there but a groom (separately, not a joint thing). Her family could do that for her and it would be even better because it would ALL be about her.

OP is NTA here, her aunt should throw her cousin her own staged wedding or party, if it's so important.

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