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Bride snaps at sister after she 'shows off' tattoos at wedding, argues with parents.

Bride snaps at sister after she 'shows off' tattoos at wedding, argues with parents.


There's nothing quite like a family scene at a wedding. It can steal the spotlight away from the wedding couple, and inspire a domino effect of whispers across the crowd.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for calling out her sister for drawing attention to herself on her wedding day. She wrote:

"AITA for telling my 18-year-old sister she does not get to draw so much attention to herself at my wedding and expect me to be okay with it?"

My sister is 18 and I'm 26. She's in college and moved out of our parents' house in June. Since then my sister has gotten a bunch of tattoos. I'm cool with that but she knows our parents are not and she decided she was going to flaunt them all at my wedding for the first time, knowing our parents would react badly to them. She didn't stop there though.

She went up to a few family members who are anti-tattoo and was gloating about getting them too. It ended up in a fight between her, our parents and a few extended family members. My sister was smirking the whole time. She was so glad she could get under our parents' skin. She never told me a damn thing about it either.

The whole fighting was so distracting and she approached me at one point during the reception and asked me why I wasn't standing up for her and actually talking to her. I was mad. I admit I was mad. She could have shown them the day before the wedding and let everyone get it out but she wanted to make sure more people saw and make a bigger scene over it.

I ended up kicking several family members out of the wedding because they could not behave and I pretty much ignored my sister. She realized a few days ago and started texting me asking why I wasn't texting her and why I was "being so weird". I ignored her texts because I wasn't ready to talk but she decided to show up Sunday at my house and asked me why.

She told me I was treating her like she did something wrong. I told her she did. That she knew our family would react badly and she used my wedding day to have that fight. I told her she had so much time to tell them and let things happen but she waited so she could take so much attention away from my husband and I on our wedding day.

I said the fighting was distracting for so many people, the tension was palpable and she knew what she was doing. I told her she made me regret inviting any of them and I told her that included her. She told me I should be mad at our family, not her, that they were always the ones who did the wrong thing. She brought up how once she was born I was brushed aside and how it wasn't her fault.

But it showed why I should be only mad at our family. I told her she didn't get to draw so much attention to herself intentionally and expect me to be okay with it when it was supposed to be my wedding, you know, one of the happiest days for a couple.

She started yelling and she told me I was punishing and blaming her unfairly and she thought I understood our parents sucked, etc. She sent me a string of texts yesterday saying I had been so unfair to her. AITA?

People had lots of thoughts about the scenario.

Heloise_Morris wrote:

NTA The only person you needed to kick out of the wedding was your sister, she started all the unnecessary drama.

Wide-Heron-1015 wrote:

NTA. I would have thrown her out when she confronted you about not being a part of her drama at your own reception.

-Onion_Kid- wrote:

NTA. If she wanted a fight, your wedding was not the place to have it.

Sashasez wrote:

NTA your sister is obviously spoiled and rebellious and all about herself. You probably should have given her an analogy that she could understand, something that would have affected the attention on her personally in order for her to understand. She is so focused on her issues she won’t see why you are upset.

Aestro17 wrote:

NTA - everyone is piling blame on your sister and she deserves a lot of it. At best, she kept her tattoos a secret until a time when she knew the family would be less likely to blow up on her. At worst, she did this for exactly the scene that happened.

Either way, your wedding was not the time or place for this conflict, and yes if she wanted to show off her tattoos to the family she should've had that conversation BEFORE your wedding. But the rest of your family should've also known better and saved that fight for another day.

They were kicked out because they decided that being judgmental was the most important thing they could be doing at your wedding.

OP is NTA here, but her family certainly is.

Sources: Reddit
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