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Wedding guest shocked when bride says 'bring $250 cash to the wedding or don't come.'

Wedding guest shocked when bride says 'bring $250 cash to the wedding or don't come.'


When this friend is shocked by her friend's wedding demands, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my friend her demanded wedding gift is inappropriate and that I don't feel comfortable with it while doubting the legitimacy of the 'custom'?'

I'm flying out to Belgium to from the UK to attend my friends weddings, thanks to the internet we've been friends for a little over a decade. She's getting married in march next year and wanted me to attend as we're very close friends, I agreed happily.

She recently reached out to tell me what i'd be expected to bring as a wedding gift. I had been planning a gift already, a custom piece of art to commemorate their day made up with their birthstones all in all a cute design that i've seen online that I thought would be nice but i'd not yet ordered it so I was of course happy to hear what she wanted instead.

I was told I had to bring a minimum of £250 cash as my wedding gift to them I was shocked by this as that's a lot of money especially considering that I have to fly out and get a hotel.

When I questioned her about this she said it was the bare minimum every guest had to bring and that anyone who didn't wasn't allowed into the wedding. This has me shocked as thats....extremely rude right?

I confronted her about that and told her it wasn't really appropriate to make such demands of her guests and that I wasn't comfortable with this.

She brushed it off saying it was normal and customary in Belgium as all the money goes towards getting the newlyweds a house...ok I can see some grounds in that and would be happy to throw a little cash towards that if it's what she wants.

But the demanding and set price seems fishy to me and this isn't a small wedding, she has 97 guests coming... it seems like a cash grab to me and i've not been able to see any hint of this being a tradition on my online searches.

I told her as much and she had a meltdown saying if I wasn't comfortable paying it wouldn't be fair to the other guests who were paying and she wouldn't be comfortable with me being there then even bragged about how her father had promised her three grand as his gift.

I told her if she felt that way I wasn't sure I wanted to come and thanked her for the invitation.

She's been freaking out online over my disrespect of her customs and my rudeness in questioning her and even crying to other friends about how i'm trying to spite her I out of line for not feeling comfortable with this?

Let's find out.

elfemerelda writes:

NTA, that’s not a custom. Sounds like she figured out the cost per person and tacked on additional money to profit off her wedding. Tacky.

trickyflamingo7491 writes:

NTA She is absolutely lying to you. Cash gifts are custom in many cultures. You know what is not a custom ANYWHERE? Dictating the amount that you have to gift. She's being greedy. You already know she's lying though, and you're right, it really is just a cash grab.

The obvious answer here is don't go to the wedding. You'd have to spend a bunch of money to fly out and attend her wedding. Flights and hotel alone will add up fast, nevermind other related expenses and the wedding gift.

She's shown her true colors, and I doubt she was a very close friend if she's treated you so poorly, so she probably did you a favor going full Bridezilla before you wasted all your time and money on her wedding.

Chances are your mutual friends aren't going to be too pleased with her either, so I certainly would not worry about her complaining about you to them. But the fact she's holding this against you certainly just makes it all the more clear what a giant asshole she is.

Well, looks like this bride is nuts. What do YOU think is really going on here?

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