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'My wedding was crashed in 2005;' they 'helped themselves' to a special gift.

'My wedding was crashed in 2005;' they 'helped themselves' to a special gift.


Wedding crashing isn't as easy as Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson made it look...between the seating chart, the family members, and the day-of coordinators--crashing a wedding is an extreme sport...

So, when a victim of the cunnin craft of wedding crashing decided to share their tale from the 2005 post-movie frenzy of party hoppers, the 'Wedding Shaming' shamers of Reddit were dying for every detail.

My wedding was crashed in 2005. I’ve never written the story down...

This was 2005 - the movie came out and crashing weddings was a thing. Although I love the movie, I hadn’t seen it.

A few weeks before our wedding I met a classical pianist named Roberto. We used to run/exercise together and he was full of interesting stories- he was a world traveler. He was in town for one season of our Orchestra. We met him for a dinner at his apartment, I’d say a week before the wedding.

When we arrived, Roberto introduced us to his girlfriend Claudia who was extremely attractive and from Bulgaria. She didn’t speak much English at all.

She came here to model and it was obvious she looked the part. Very smart as well. We had a great dinner and we invited them to our wedding. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I had a few more runs with Roberto before the wedding and I realized he had never been to an American wedding and had no idea about our traditions.

He asked me about the schedule and what sort of gift he should bring- and I told him about our registry (which was basically accounted for by this time).

I told him many people who don’t go to the registry just give cash or another gift of their choosing. I told him no gift was necessary- this was very last minute.

Fast forward to our wedding. Roberto and his girlfriend didn’t come to the service. No problem. Once we got to the venue, no Roberto- it’s a big day with a lot going on but we were both wondering what happened to them.

Once the food was served, I saw Roberto and his girlfriend come through the center doors facing our table. His girlfriend was carrying a large present wrapped in white paper. We had very few gifts on the gift table, if any.

The large white present stood out and Roberto unknowingly made quite an entrance with his girlfriend which immediately triggered my drunk friends to swarm on the model with the older boyfriend.

She was very classy and my saner friends ran interference with the drunks. I remember seeing Claudia (and Roberto in the background) getting swarmed while we went through the classic wedding songs because of her hotness.

After the reception, we were packing up the gift table/card box- and Roberto’s gift was nowhere to be found. We went to our Hotel and we were leaving for the honeymoon in the morning.

We went through the cards shortly thereafter. One read: “Thank you for the wonderful time, we crashed your wedding and helped ourself to a gift.” We knew it was Roberto’s gift that was stolen. We weren’t calling the cops for this and chalked it up as a good story.

When we wrote our thank you cards and came to Roberto and Claudia, we gave the “great meeting you- looking forward to seeing you soon and thank you so much for the gift!”

That didn’t cut it for Roberto. During our run he was asking specifics about their gift- did we take it on our honeymoon- did we like it, we could return it, etc. I quickly fessed up and told him the story, what a wedding crasher was and asked him what he brought us in that big white present.

He said “juguetes sexuales.” Huh? I speak Spanish but didn’t know this phrase. They brought a Costco size box of sex toys for us.

And before it comes to mind- no I do not believe they wanted to swing. We hung out a lot then, and it wasn’t ever a thing. Roberto said they thought it would be a nice surprise for our honeymoon. This felt more cultural.

So in sum, we were crashed and somewhere someone is telling this story in reverse about how they crashed a wedding and how they stole the most freakish wedding gift ever imagined.

This 2005 story inspired others to share similar tales of crashers. Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say:

DogsandCatsWorld1000 said:

Unfortunately it is always important to have someone responsible to watch the card/gift table.

Always41319 said:

I had wedding crashers at my wedding too. We were going through cards the day after and there was a blank envelope with $20 or so in it and we had no idea who it was from.

We didn’t even notice them until we were going through photos and saw a couple neither of us recognized. I posted the photo on Facebook and I had some friends who were able to identify them and we all laughed about it in Facebook messages.

We had already paid for the food and the open bar and had several people not show up, so I wasn’t even mad that they came and had a good time. It didn’t cost us anything extra. It’s a story I very much enjoy.

BudgetSprinkles3689 said:

A couple crashed our wedding in 2006 and they were great guests. They dressed appropriately, didn’t drink or eat more than they should, mingled, asked people great questions to spur conversation, stepped into the kitchen to compliment the caterers, and actually introduced themselves to us. A couple of our invited guests said later that they had enjoyed talking with them.

They had a very tenuous connection to the family who hosted the reception who were unaware the couple would show up. We just rolled with it to avoid embarrassing our generous hosts.

My wife and I talked about them later and we kinda wished we HAD invited them. Never saw them again, but we had no regrets about getting crashed and it gave us a great story to tell about the day.

papayawithcheese said:

Omg! I would be so annoyed. Sex toys aren't cheap! We had a few wedding crashers, but they actually drunkenly contributed to the wedding (some cigars and wine).

drum_kicks said:

Did you check your wedding video to see if you could spot the Crashers? I would have been LIVID if that happened to me.

Note to all couples planning a wedding: hire a bouncer? Or, at the very least, guard the never know what you're going to miss out on.

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