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Previously unknown great-aunt expects to honeymoon with the newlyweds. AITA?

Previously unknown great-aunt expects to honeymoon with the newlyweds. AITA?


Your wedding is about family, union and creating lasting memories for your life together.

Your wedding night? It's a little different. One freshly married couple was beyond excited to consummate their marriage. And one relative did not understand why she couldn't simply share their room. They're family after all, right? If you suffer from social anxiety, I would steer clear of this story.

Wedding guest I’ve never met insulted we won’t let her stay in the “honey moon suite” with us (the bride and groom)


My fiancé and I are having a very causal wedding at his family’s hunting property in Northern Michigan. We are having a tiny ceremony (12 people, immediate family only) and 100 person reception. Both are at the hunting property. We didn’t want to have a wedding in the first place but my fiancé is an only child and his family really pushed for it so here we are.

He has a great aunt that I’ve never met in the 5 years that we’ve been together. We invited her to the reception only, just like the vast majority of the family. When she sent back her RSVP she wrote on the card “No ceremony, no attendance, we are family!!” And declined this invite.

My fiancé and I were shook! The entire year leading up to the wedding we’ve been telling the entire family the ceremony will be small, short, and sweet so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to her at all. If it really bothered her so much she could have just declined the invite, no need for a rude note.

Moving on to a few weeks later, we have dinner with my fiances' parents. We tell them about the rude note from the great aunt and they told us she had even more ridiculous sh*t to say!

Apparently, this women who I’ve never met, and my fiancé hasn’t seen in 8 years, wanted to stay in the small cabin that’s on the hunting property. The same cabin that my fiancé and I will staying in after the wedding!!

She knew we would be staying in the cabin and was offended that we didn’t invite her to stay with us and that it was “rude to expect important guests to have to stay in a hotel when the venue has lodging”

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It’s great when trash takes itself out. Have a beautiful wedding and don’t stress about entitled family members.


Wait, she wanted to stay in the place you, the bride and groom, are staying on your wedding night? But.. what about the shagging? She want to listen in or were you meant to do it in silence or perhaps just skip it? I just can't make sense of it.

The OP responded:


Absolutely. His parents were cracking jokes the entire time, I guess she’s just “that aunt” in the family and that’s why nobody really makes an effort to see her anymore. I can’t say I’m disappointed that I won’t have the pleasure of making her acquaintance.


We had a wedding with 100 people, I decided not to invite my adult cousin (since we had a falling out and hadn’t spoken in 6 years she was 37). When she found out she threw such a fit her parents said they wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t invited.

I said “ok! I’ll take you guys off the list.” Invited 4 wonderful friends we didn’t have room for and moved the f*ck on. The kicker, I found out a week later she had JUST GOT MARRIED A MONTH BEFORE and didn’t invite me! Lol I love when the trash takes itself out.


I had a really small wedding at a nice place on the water in Rhode Island. 19 people - immediate family + aunts, uncles, grandparents. My favorite uncle who I'd always been close to was insulted that I didn't invite his daughters - my first cousins.

I explained how small a wedding it was, and that expanding the invites to cousins (can't invite one without inviting the others) the list would go from 19 people to 51. Didn't matter, he didn't attend. We made up not long after but still ... were we supposed to have a different wedding than the one we wanted?


Haha that's amazing!!! Similar happened at my cousins wedding, they got married at my parents house. We have an aunt that's not close to the family who wasn't invited to the dinner/ceremony, just reception (same as you, that part was small, just immediate family, then reception was everyone)

Somehow just assumed her and her kids had a room at my parents to sleep...her & my Mom haven't spoken in years after she stole a bunch of jewelry from her! She wound up booking a hotel, but then got too drunk and slept in her car in a horse paddock lol

This story obviously sparked some wedding PTSD in readers. Does anyone have a story of their own?

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