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Sibling refuses to buy sister second wedding gift since she's remarrying her husband.

Sibling refuses to buy sister second wedding gift since she's remarrying her husband.


Usually, when someone has a second wedding, it's to a new person. But there are rare situations where people get married, get divorced, and then marry each other yet again. Understandably, the emotional logistics around these situations are complex.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, the OP asked if they were wrong for not gifting their sister a second wedding gift. They wrote:

"AITA for not gifting my sister a second wedding gift?"

Two years ago my sister married her high school love after they were together for about 8 years. For their wedding, I bought them a pretty expensive couch ($7.6k) because it was on their wedding wishlist for the closer family. Back then she was absolutely stunned by the gift and said it was the best one she got.

However, they got divorced around half a year later and I still have no clue why. But after a year break, 6 months ago they got back together and a while ago they decided that they want to marry again. And again in a church with a big wedding like the first time.

I have nothing against that but today she send me and my family another wishlist for this wedding and my family, who all gifted her stuff worth around $500-600 last time, don’t have a problem with that. But since my gift was more than 10x expensive than that I informed her that she’s not getting another one unless it’s a gift card about $100.

She completely freaked out and said that’s her wedding and how I could be so selfish. My family is on her side so I don’t know if I am the AH or not?

The internet had plenty to say.

rickydickricardo wrote:

NTA at all. She’s not even marrying someone new? She’s lucky you’re giving up another Saturday to attend a second wedding for her doomed t0xic marriage. The way you told her could’ve been more tactful and diplomatic but she can whine and cry about it on her 7k couch (how she’s not still just immensely grateful for a 7k COUCH is beyond me) NTA.

C_Majuscula wrote:

NTA. Honestly, grubbing for gifts for a second wedding (unless you literally need to restock a kitchen) is pretty tacky.

She's remarrying the same person - WTF?

ABeerAndABook wrote:

NTA. Sister is being crazy entitled. Hold firm this time and the marriage(s) as well.

No-Function223 wrote:

I would say NTA, but I don’t do wedding gifts for a second wedding at all, but especially not for a remarriage. I’m not gifting someone something because they can’t make up their mind. Like seriously, 8 years together & divorced before they even make it two years, just to get married to each other again after a year? Lol no, that’s utterly ridiculous & I’m not giving a gift to that.

LRosieB wrote:

NTA but I would get something small from the list, something you wouldn't mind giving them for any other occasion. See if there is something on her list that's around $100, instead of just giving a gift card.

OP is NTA here, it appears their sister is living through a tumultuous relationship.

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