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Teen decides to skip mom's wedding for Taylor Swift concert, 'I don't like her fiance.'

Teen decides to skip mom's wedding for Taylor Swift concert, 'I don't like her fiance.'


In theory, a family member's wedding is going to take priority on the calendar no matter what. In reality, there are times when you cannot bear to watch them marry the person they chose, even if that decision ultimately hurts their feelings.

Like most things in life, there's no guidebook that determines the right thing to do in these scenarios. It's all situational, and what feels right for one person might feel completely wrong for another. Luckily, the internet is full of opinionated people who love to read and respond to the queries of strangers.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a teen asked if she's wrong for skipping her mom's wedding for a Taylor Swift concert.

She wrote:

AITA for going to a concert over my mother's wedding?

My mom is getting remarried (my birth father passed away a while ago). A few weeks ago I won Taylor Swift tickets on the radio for the same day as her wedding. I made the decision to go to the concert over the wedding, and I told her this, and she is very upset- she has not spoken to me since. I love my mother and feel bad missing her wedding, but I thought she would understand due to the circumstances.

I do not like my soon-to-be stepfather, and I feel like seeing Taylor Swift is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I do not want to miss.

UPDATE: I have made it very clear to my mom over the past few months that I am not okay with the marriage, but still plan to be at the wedding. But then I won the tickets, and things changed.

So, AITA for choosing the concert over the wedding?

This particular post brought up a lot of big feelings.

needtoknowbasis92 wrote:

YTA. You chose Taylor Swift over your mom? Weird.

theloveburts wrote:

YTA. Even Taylor Swift wouldn't want you to miss your mother's wedding to go to her concert.

GayGuy1967 wrote:

YTA and very selfish. TS is not once in a lifetime. But your mother finding happiness again (regardless of your like for the groom) is very rare.

In one of the comments, OP shared a line clarifying why she doesn't like her mom's fiance:

'He yells at my mother and is mean to me.'

BankLongjumping6795 wrote:

I think the entire situation sucks. There’s no way I would show up to a wedding where my mom is marrying a dude that felt comfortable yelling at me. It kind of sounds like you were looking for an excuse to not go. Are you ok with not having a relationship with your mom for a while, possibly permanently?

In some situations that’s understandable. I think this post is really too vague. ESH but also life sucks, do things that make you happy.

Edit to add: if you are financially dependent on your mom you need to add this into your sedición making.

LetPrior7218 wrote:

Personally, I would say NTA. As a mother, I can’t even fathom marrying someone who my children don’t like. I don’t need their permission but I would want us all in agreement and happy.

CakePhool wrote:

NTA. You do not like your mother choice of husband nor the idea of the wedding. You have told your mum this . If she listen to you, she would done counselling with you or therapy. The only thing is, now you can stand up in church and object.

Clearly, the internet is split, but most of them are leaning towards YTA since Taylor Swift can't hold a candle to a relationship with one's mom.

Sources: Reddit
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