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11 wedding shaming posts that will make you want to elope.

11 wedding shaming posts that will make you want to elope.


Today we're sharing a bunch of things from the wedding shaming subreddit. Some of these are cringy, some of them are entitled, and some of them might be totally fine, albeit out of the ordinary. Take a look and judge away.

1. The person asking for gift receipts if you don't buy something from the registry. Practical idea, or tacky beyond belief?

2. The person who needs help because her close friend is getting married at the same venue, and ISN'T EVEN IN HER BRIDAL PARTY!

3. Never heard of hey dude shoes, but they actually look pretty comfy. May be on the brides side after looking at the shoes.

4. Who's thought about this? Who's actually done it?

5. The person whose wedding was ruined because her husband saw a photo of her dress. It is tradition, but maybe she's being a touch dramatic?

6. Unpopular opinion: This is a good idea.

7. These people should be in jail.

8. Pure evil.

9. Maybe you'd rather hire the company that cares for their staff?

10. This is actually a really nice idea, but some of the phrases are a bit uncomfortable.

11. Next level wedding guest shaming.

Have your own wedding shaming stories? Let us know!

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