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22 brides share the most unhinged things people said when they were wedding planning.

22 brides share the most unhinged things people said when they were wedding planning.


Planning a wedding can be an expensive, exhausting, and drama-fueled journey in budget spreadsheets and floral themes...

So, when a Reddit user on the gloriously judgmental and petty 'Wedding Shaming' group asked brides everywhere, 'what's the most unhinged things people have said to you during wedding planning?' former and current soon-to-be newlyweds were ready to vent.


'Your wedding date is too close to mine. You need to move yours.' (I got engaged and picked my date first)

'What do you mean I can't just invite my girlfriend (who you don't know and have never met) to replace another guest that said no? You already have the headcount.' (I've never even met my FH's cousin who said this)

'I don't really like cake. Can you just do a dessert bar instead?' (Dessert bar was nearly double the price)

'What is it with you and having such a long engagement? ' (We got engaged end of 2021... you try fighting all the other brides who got pushed to 2022 because of COVID.)

'We're eloping because we don't want to waste our money on a big wedding like yours' I have a huge family, ok?

'Why didn't you send me an invite to your engagement party even though I said I wouldn't be able to make it?' (yeah, someone got really angry at me because we didn't send them an invite to our engagement party that she said she couldn't make) - Ancient_Calendar5541


'You're copying me. I got married first, and now everyone is.' In response to me asking why she was actively sabotaging the wedding, in front of me. - nitsirkie


'My husband and son couldn't come, so I brought my best friend and her daughter in their place, haha!' It's not like a concert ticket that you purchased, it's an invitation for those specific people.

The good news is that while I was pretty PO'd at the time, I've actually come to know the friend pretty well in the interim and I'm not mad anymore. - RagingAardvark


'If you're going to have a destination wedding in two years you'll need to budget for our transportation because we can't save up for it.' Listen fam. People not coming is literally the point. Please stay home. - lovelikemeow


You should hire my son as your photographer - said to me by a family 'friend' of the groom at his mother's funeral. - the_real_sardino


If you get divorced in less than 5 years you have to pay me back. My mother. She told that to everyone at the wedding too - canuckbuck2020


“You should have your wedding in [city], it’s really so much easier!” City is a 3 hour plane ride from my FH’s and my hometown/families and 20 minutes by car from family member who suggested it - sabulous22


“Can you change the flavor of your wedding cake please I don’t like that those.' It was cupcakes. She had 3 flavor choices and none were to her liking. I can’t believe you had someone do this to you too OP re cake preferences - the entitlement - quietlycommenting


“I wish I could have been more involved in the planning process” in a way that you know she’s implying she was intentionally left out, my MIL.

Who was invited to every single appointment that my mother and grandmother drove from out of town to attend. She chose not to come, she was absolutely invited. - alexfaaace


My very darling now MIL wanted to have a mother son dance with my now husband…and a second mother son dance with my now BIL. My husband and I were both like ummm no lol - on_mission


“If people have dietary restrictions, they should figure it out. You don’t need to feed them, they knew they were a problem before they RSVPed.' In response to our Italian style buffet where I asked for the following to accommodate my myriad of meat to non-meat friends:

a caprese with mozzarella on the side (cause why not?), one cream and one pesto pasta sauce, and protein on the side. Italian is so easy to separate for pescatarian/vegetarian/vegan friends. Why invite people if you want them to feel unwelcome? - _banana_phone


“You need to arrange McDonalds for my daughter to eat at the reception at the five star restaurant because that’s all she eats.

It is not fair to make her eat beforehand and have nothing for her to eat there, and you’re the bride so it’s your responsibility.” - msfinch87


'Well, your biological clock is ticking. You should get pregnant as soon as possible.' - RicottaPuffs


Not me, but my sister—My grandma told her, “not to send her an invitation, because she’ll just throw it away anyway.” Then was mad when my sister didn’t send her one. - urfavdisappointmentf


I didn’t have anything memorable happen during planning, but I had a little drama post wedding. My husband plays in a band. A coworker I was fairly close with asked if his son could bring a friend to the wedding because he was a fan.

I agreed because coworker’s wife was going to be out of town and there was an extra seat. I figured the kid was 14 and it did not matter to me if the he wanted to attend a boring wedding. When I got back from my honeymoon my coworker said he was disappointed that hubs and his bandmates did not try to include the kids in anything.

Hubs and I were not introduced to the kids, I didn’t even see them with all of the other hullabaloo that day. I guess my coworker had visions of the kids getting partnered up with band members for karaoke at my reception or something.

We had a ton of friends and family fly in from out of state, many of whom we had not seen in a few years. I am not sure why my coworker thought kids we had never met would take priority. I told my coworker that my wedding wasn’t youth group or a show VIP event. I did not interact with him outside of work after that. - mikuzgrl


When talking about my dress, my mother said she’d read an article where a person with my BMI shouldn’t gain any weight when pregnant (I was not pregnant). Oh and that I shouldn’t wear a dress without sleeves. I let her know she was no longer part of the dress process. - 1carphone


A friend got upset with me because I got engaged/married before her. She had started dating a few months before us but said she wanted to date him for 5 years before getting married. We were almost 40, and I my now hubby was already a friend before we started dating. I guess I was supposed to put my life on hold for her. - AUGirl1999


My wedding is close to Christmas and New Years. When sending out feelers to florists for quotes etc one of them emailed me back literally telling me to move my date because 'it's inconvenient for florists to work with your date, may [he] suggest the week after?' - DoNotReply111


MIL didn't consider our wedding a 'proper' wedding because she didn't think my engagement ring constituted an engagement ring and I didn't change my last name. - 90Lil


'I'm due at that time, you need to move your wedding date.' It was 4 months apart. - Alqpzm1029


I didn't end up getting married (thank god) but when I was engaged if I mentioned wedding planning to anyone I'd just met they'd ask me (a short haired chub) 'oh, have you started losing weight and growing your hair out yet? I have tips!' - ifidontkillthatrat


“Well (grooms dad) and I never eat at weddings. So you shouldn’t bother feeding anyone, you’re just wasting money” -My SMIL. For our 5pm on a Friday wedding.

There was other things said by other people, but that’s the one I remember clearly. We invited 100 people, were expecting 80 or so, and my in laws INSISTED we shouldn’t feed our guests. - sweeneyswantateeny

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