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16 guests share what happened at the worst wedding they ever attended.

16 guests share what happened at the worst wedding they ever attended.


While it wouldn't be a wedding without a tiny bit of drama, most weddings don't go down in the history of family group chats everywhere as the absolute worst event of all time...

Even when there's a cash bar, a bad DJ, or baby crying during the heartfelt vows--it takes a lot to earn the 'worst wedding' trophy. So, when a Reddit user in the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group asked strangers of the internet, 'What was the worst wedding you've ever been to?' disappointed guests everywhere were ready to vent. Light a candle for the weddings that become impromptu open mic nights for the groomsmen...never again.


My brother's wife was 2 hours late to their wedding. They held it at a church in Philly with no parking (never mind there's 3 catholic churches within 10-15 minutes of each other in my family's home town in Jersey) Philly Parking authority is a group of as*holes and target cars with out of state plates so my guess is her dad couldn't find parking and didn't want to risk his car getting towed.

The ceremony was too long and drawn out, the music was their friends who couldn't stay on the same key, the girl who sang Ave Maria needed to stick to karaoke at the bar, the reception was in the church basement (this was in the middle of covid so the original reception venue canceled).

The original caterer got sick and the one they hired just had a bunch of canned food. The alcohol was a bunch of cheap stuff. Also I found out at the wedding that despite my brother asking my daughter to be the flower girl, they went with someone the bride knew. I just wanted to lay down the entire time, I was feeling sick and later found out I had the flu. Aside from my own wedding, a sh*tty court house wedding, that was the worst - Whatsherface112


Awful wedding. Distant family of partner. Invited to the evening reception at a dive bar. They were both drunk when we arrived but their friends were aiding in the traditions such as holding them against each other on the dance floor and playing the chosen first dance song - they were both incapable of standing. Later when she had sobered up a bit I made an effort by telling her that her dress was lovely. She said - and I quote: “It was the first one I tried on…. I said ‘this’ll do - let’s all get pissed!” - Evening_Ice_9864


The worst wedding I’ve been to took place on Christmas Eve in 2020, the height of covid. The guest count was maybe 30 people, including bridal party. This is due to the reception venue cancelling and several guests not feeling comfortable enough to attend a wedding in a pandemic. Did I mention that the wedding was outdoors in a park, with no heaters or blankets provided, on Christmas Eve in Wisconsin?? Yes, it snowed that day and was a high of 15ish degrees, I think.

The groomsmen wore winter jackets and hats/gloves, the bridesmaids did not wear jackets or gloves, just their dresses. The ceremony was very disorganized, there was no music playing when the bride walked down the aisle. She got halfway to the altar before anyone realized she was coming. No one knew where to stand or how the ceremony would go.

Then at the end, they passed out hot chocolate that was cold because it was purchased hours before and had sat outside the whole time. I think the worst part is that the couple was entitled enough to have their wedding on a holiday and expect their bridal party and guests to be ok with that. The second worst part was that it was outdoors in winter in Wisconsin, no blankets or heaters or even hand warmers provided. - Ok_Coast_5028


This happened about two years ago. My best friend from high school was back in our hometown for her sister’s wedding. At the end of July. In Southern California. During a heat wave. Expected temp for The day 120*. Outside reception. It was at a dog training kennel center. No signs.

They wrote “family & family reception “ on a cardboard trash can and left it by the road at the gravel driveway. I parked in a dirt lot. Walked past the porta potties and tried to find shade. The bridal park arrived about an hour later. No bar or water set up. I wouldn’t have stayed but I haven’t seen my friend in 40 years. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

She shows up and her brother Mando. It was great to see them and their families. I about died when I saw someone put out a mirrored cake dish on a table in full sun. The bridal party went into the house (yes there was a house) and returned with tortilla chips and cheap salsa. (Appetizers).

We were told the tented shaded area was for the bridal party only. I got to visit with my friends for about 30 mins. I heard someone yell “who has the white and red mini? Could you please move it.” I got in my car and left. - Traditional_Air_9483


My own. Everyone else made it about themselves. Nobody joined us on the dance floor We were the last ones to leave They opened the doors 30 seconds after I was supposed to (the song was picked BECAUSE of when I was supposed to walk out. The officiant tried to make me change the song we left to because he didn’t like it and tried to guilt me by bringing up my dead dad.

My maid of honor and best friend (who is not my best friend anymore) literally made the whole weekend about themselves. Disappeared for hours when I wanted all the bridesmaids to be together. Wouldn’t help me with specific things. Whole thing was just a bust and we should’ve eloped - Alwaystired24_7


I attended this wedding with my ex, the bride and groom were friends of his, really nice people. One of the groomsmen (also a nice guy but with very poor self esteem and quite shy) was married to this woman no one liked, there had been rumors of cheating, etc. Anyway long story short, during the party she was caught midway through having sex with another guy in the ladies' toilets. Her husband ended up punching the guy.

Favorite part? None of them left the venue after that happened, they stayed making a scene in 3 different corners of the room. Bride and groom were initially mortified but decided not to let it ruin their night and proceeded to ignore the drama and dance it off for the rest of the night. I'll never ever forget it, felt like I was in a very bad soap sitcom. - GlassCrepe


Mine, seriously, he insulted me at the altar, my wedding coordinator had no idea what she was doing so I had to take over, nobody danced half his family didn't show up and then the rest left after dinner he smashed cake in my face after an agreement not to do that, then I didn't even get a slice of cake.

No one stood up for the bouquet toss so we didn't even do the garter toss, his nephew interrupted my father daughter dance. His sister decided to get a bridesmaid dress in the wrong color, I literally said I don't care what kind of dress as long as it's the right color, like buy it on Amazon as long as it's Kelly green. My ex mil stole stuff from the florist. - Temporary-Payment538


The worst wedding I’ve ever been too had a 150 person wedding party, it started nearly 4 hours late, they ran out of $$$ so they were begging guests to give them money, they didn’t have enough food for the wedding guests at the reception (see the 150 person wedding party) andddd…a creepy older guy hit on me at the reception. The good thing they’re still married 30 + years later. - SistasSupportSistas


The one where the food at the self-serve buffet ran out before our table was allowed to go to the buffet. We were the groom's extended family. - wickedkittylitter


I went to a wedding reception of a Mormon couple once. The reception was in a church gym which is fairly typical around here. But, it looked like a 5 year old who was having a pretend wedding decorated it. There were these metal shelves set up, like what you’d see in a garage for storage.

On the shelves was a massive amount of stuffed animals. The bride decorated her wedding with her stuffy collected. No flowers, no bows, STUFFIES. All shapes, sizes, brands, animals EVERYWHERE. I have never seen anything like it. My mom and I still regret not taking any pictures of it. - Carol_Pilbasian


One of my coworker's weddings a few years ago. The wedding was out in the middle of nowhere... At a historical plantation. Which was also a museum, with placards showcasing all the atrocities that happened on the property throughout history. The wedding is outdoors in a field, but it starts raining. Not exactly their fault, but it had forecasted for rain all day and they provided nor gave anyone heads up to bring umbrellas.

I was 1 of 3 people who did, and some old, bitchy relative of theirs took it after the ceremony. The ceremony was fairly long and religious because she had an uncle or something that was a pastor. But, they had no mics or any sort of sound system, so you couldn't hear shit from him. It was like hearing a movie for 30 mins on the lowest volume. I guess this bored the old people, who were talking SO LOUDLY throughout the entire f*cking thing.

Then, the reception was in a tent across the field... Where we had to lug our heavy-ass chairs to the tables (like Dwight with the haybales in The Office). We had to help some of the elderly guests with theirs because there was so many damn old people that couldn't lift them lol. We waited for over an hour for the bride and groom and their respective parties to show up, despite the fact they took all their photos BEFORE the ceremony.

We found out later the wait was because one of the bride's sisters was being an asshole because her sister got married before her, and she was refusing to participate in shit as a result. So, the bride and her family had to coddle her ass, I guess. During this time, there were no cocktail foods, no alcohol served, and no music playing.

The dinner was a buffet so we had to wait for our table to be called. Since we were all coworkers at that table, we were one of the last ones called and all of the good food (it was cheap BBQ lol) was gone. The DJ was super budget (the whole wedding was, tbh) and was playing music off of his iPod video from, like, 2008 lol.

Bunch of country music, not my taste but whatever, but not a varied selection of music for all the guests. The alcohol was ACROSS the field (and it was raining, remember) and only had wine and beer options, which they were stingy af with.

The dress code was supposed to be 'black tie optional, cocktail minimum,' but everyone showed up in completely different attire. Some people were wearing jeans and sweats lol. The wedding cake was small and only reserved for the bridal party (idk if that's a thing, but it's the first I've ever heard of it), so everyone else had cupcakes as a substitute.

There were no speeches, only a first dance and a father-daughter dance with the bride and her dad, and I saw the groom and his groomsmen only at the ceremony and the beginning of the reception and never again. - StarDatAssinum


A few years ago, a young family member got married, probably in her early 20s. Real deep Southern redneck wedding...To summarize just how awful this was:

1 - Ceremony starts an hour late. Not generally a big deal, but this was just the beginning.

2 - Very few people know where the reception is, if you were from out of town. Admittedly, I did forget to bring the save-the-date so I know that part is on me. The problem was that this was bumf**k nowhere rural Florida where there's no cell reception so I couldn't even call family members for help. Takes us an hour to get to this town hall building that's only a few minutes from the church.

3 - The reception itself. Food is cold with the only entrees being nasty pasta 1 and nasty pasta 2 along with side salads and bread. Think version of Olive Garden. Nothing to drink but sweet tea and water.

The reception was completely dry. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with that, of course, but when there's nothing but warm sweet tea and room temp water...

My now-husband and I were wearing pretty traditional wedding clothing. He was wearing a nice shirt and black pants, I was wearing a red dress. We literally matched the wedding party whereas most people other than the wedding party wore jeans and flannel.

We eventually hightail it out of there and go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

4 - The aftermath. Now, I could shrug off one bad day. However, I and at least one other family member suffered food poisoning from the Olive Garden pasta. Felt horrible the entire next day.

Oof. Definitely the worst wedding we ever went to. - tudorrose06


I went to a wedding that had such a long ceremony with so many special songs, poems and prayers I fell asleep (as did a few other guests).At the reception the aunt of the bride got into a fight with her son, dragged his a*s out of the bridal limo where he had sneaked away to smoke with another guest and the limo driver.

The cousin did not fight back, he just stood there as his mom berated and slapped him and watched as his mom tore the limo driver a new one while threatening to sue him for contributing to the delinquency of her baby boy (who was in his twenties).

Ten-ish minutes later the aunt and cousin were all happy and dancing with the family as if nothing had happened. Police were never called and as far as I know nothing became of the threats to the limo driver. - blaggleflarb


Girl I know was marrying a man in school to be a preacher. They wanted to get married young and quickly (for you know, the sex). The day of the actual wedding there was a big snow storm so it got pushed back a day, but they should have taken this as a sign to not do the wedding at all.

They postponed to the next day, and hardly anyone was still able to make it. When they got up to the alter, it was obviously a very religious ceremony, which is cool, but then it got weird. In his vows to her he said “Bride, I wish I could say I love you more than anything, but I don’t.

I love God more than you and that’s how it should be.” They then did a feet washing ceremony which was HEAVILY focused on how this was basically his last act of service to her because now that they’re married she is his submissive. I’m not trying to shame religion, but even as someone growing up in Deep Southern Baptist areas, this was uncomfortable for everyone.

Amazingly, this God-fearing man didn’t get a job in the ministry after graduation, and had to take a retail job instead where he found the girl with whom he would have an affair and eventually leave and divorce my friend. - BulldogsOnly


Bride was well known in the small town we grew up in. She invited 300 people knowing that the church only held 200 so it was really close to being shut down by the Fire Marshall. Like she invited our high school English teacher.

Bridesmaids wore white zebra striped dresses with every other stripe a colored stripe in the style of those blue cups from 90's. Reception was set up as a long tables because the venue didn't have enough round ones so you couldn't mingle and there was barely any room to move.

The DJ couldn't read the room & played inappropriate songs. The Groom and Groomsmen did a dance for the bride which involved stripping down to their underwear which mortified the bride & shocked a majority of the Southern Baptist guests. - dnwyourpity4


My dad and stepmom's wedding was pretty awkward. She and I already had bad blood since our first meeting was at my mother's funeral where she made a big scene. (Who brings a new date to their ex-wife's funeral?!)

She had a freshly cut mullet for her wedding day. Her best friend wore a floor-length white silk dress. Since flowers were out of their budget, the flower girl threw cut-up pieces of Hawaiian leis from Dollar Tree. (I'm poor too, but there has to be a better option than that.)

My stepbrother's gf was nasty towards me because I have an egg allergy and couldn't eat a lot of their food. She said I was being overdramatic and spoiled. I just didn't want to vomit. The reception was next door to a bar. Since my plus one didn't show up, my cousin and I spent most of the time getting drunk and snarking on everything. (Okay, that part was fun.) - innerlemons_

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