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16 married people and guests share their absolute best wedding horror story.

16 married people and guests share their absolute best wedding horror story.


We've heard of crying bridezillas, tipsy aunts, drunken R-rated speeches, and exes showing up who refuse to 'hold their peace,' but a truly unique wedding horror tale can follow a family for years...

There's nothing like getting roasted at every future holiday because your decided to have a butterfly release during your ceremony and all the butterflies were dead. So, when a Reddit user asked the hilariously judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group, 'What's your best wedding horror story?' people were ready to share.


I'm actually a wedding DJ as well. I once attended a wedding in which the groom failed to attend. It was a total disaster.

The bride looked like she could have been just 18, absolutely adorably cute and she just sat out in the hallway crying with her parents while her friends and family were moved from the ceremony hall to the reception area for dinner and drinks.

Weirdly enough though, the groom showed up later in the evening after the minister had already gone home. We had their formal dances but on that day, they didn't actually get married.- 123CaptainNic


On the day of our wedding, it was discovered that the venue had booked two outdoor weddings at the same time - ours, and another in a gazebo not very far from ours. Somehow the father of the bride in the other wedding found out that our processions were going to be at the same time.

He also found out that our procession included a bagpiper (as myself and groomsmen all in kilts), while his daughters wedding procession was to have a harpist.

He approached me and very nicely asked if we would consider delaying our procession for about 20 minutes so our bagpipers would not drown out their harpist. After conferring with my soon-to-be wife, we agreed that a 20 minute delay was no big deal for us.

Unfortunately, the father of the bride should have taken some other factors into consideration and instead delayed his daughters wedding. Because their procession went off without a hitch and everyone in their wedding heard their beautiful harpist, but the vows were pretty much inaudible once our bagpipers started at the requested '20 minutes later.'

I found this out later that day because apparently one of my cousins attending my wedding had a friend that was attending the other wedding. Seriously, it was 'Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to' CUE BAGPIPES until our procession was over.

I hope the other wedding party was able to get some sort of compensation from the venue for their oversight, since they had been informed of the musicians at each wedding, and didn't bother informing either party.

On top of that, our DJ had burned a CD with our chosen husband-wife dance song on it, and didn't bother to check it before the reception. The song would not play because the CD somehow did not burn right, and we had to pick another song to dance to on the fly. We got a nice discount from the DJ company for that one. - sirbeast


My brother's third wedding. Everyone shows up except the brides father. Who shows up almost an hour late in a t shirt and jeans. Proceeds to loudly exclaim what he would do to the bridesmaids. Insults the groomsmen for dressing up. Gets sh*tfaced and wrecks on the way out.

Or my fathers wedding. Where the bride's mother brought whisky to the wedding. Gets shitfaced before the ceremony and loudly exclaims how my father is not good enough for my mother. Gets thrown out and slashes the tires on the limo.- kobester1985


For the record, this happened 2 days ago at my cousins wedding. The bride and groom had requested there be no young children at the wedding. Which in my opinion is a pretty understandable request. Well a member of one of the families created a huge stink about it saying they had no one to watch their 1 year old.

My cousin and his fiance kept insisting that they didn't wan't children, at least at the ceremony. Well they brought the baby anyway. I bet you can guess what happens next. 2 mins into the respectful silence of a really nice ceremony the baby starts screaming bloody murder.

Luckily they were at least respectful enough to leave when the baby started crying... Well I guess baby calmed down, brought them back in and before you know. Round 2 bloody murder. You could feel the entire crowd cringe.

I felt terrible for my cousin and his new wife because they are really genuine and understanding people. It was incredibly rude and disrespectful. - _freeyourmind


Went to a wedding once where the caterer messed up the food so bad that it was basically inedible. They ended up 'making up for it' by ordering a mass amount of chicken from KFC. The reception was literally just KFC meals. Everyone was shocked and horrified, me? I loved it cause come one, who doesn't love some good ol' colonel chicken.- BlueWukong




My brother proposed to his girlfriend at my wedding - RealDiggerHours


Drunkenly broke my heel as best man at a wedding. Had to be carried around by the groom's huge brother like Hodor carrying around Bran during the post wedding brunch - schofield1424


I was at my aunts wedding. As she was walking down the aisle, a phone rang. It was her soon-to-be mother-in-laws.

It rang for a while while she fumbled through her purse. She finally got it out. And answered it. And talked. For a while. While my aunt was walking down the aisle. - [deleted]


More funny than horror: I was one of 9 groomsmen in my friends wedding. When we stood on the stage during the ceremony the last groomsman in the line (the brides brother) was a good 30 feet from where the bride and groom were standing. Anyways, before we walked out brides brother says to me 'man I gotta fart so badly!'

Me thinking he was joking just told him to let er rip. About 10 minutes into the 45 minute long ceremony he did indeed let er rip but silently so. Due to the air conditioning in the church being on, it took a bit for the stench hit me. It was like a low hanging fog.

Over the course of the next couple minutes I observed this putrificiant cloud overtake each groomsmen one by one until hitting first the groom's nostrils, then the priest and finally the bride who started gagging.- Stink_pizza


My husband forgot his pants. We got married in a remote area where there were no extra pants to be had. He had to wear my dad's pants. - Sternmacaroon


Cousin April's 1992 wedding was ours. In no particular order: Groom has sex with the stripper at his bachelor party the night before. Was super proud they were getting married at a wedding chapel John Wayne Bobbitt was working at.

All relatives get blind drunk, including my husband's grandparents. We were the only sober ones. Cousin Laurie wants to dance to 'I Want to F*ck You Like an Animal' with my husband who happens to be one of her first cousins. One of the relatives made off with all the table decorations. All kids under 10 years old smeared wedding cake and food all over each other.

Groom / bride returned to her mother's house with the rest of the family. All they cared about was opening envelopes for $$$. They gave a sh*t less about anything else. Amazingly, marriage lasted 10 years. I guess Cousin April got tired of her husband not coming home at night because he 'was too tired to drive home.' - a_sheila


A horror story with a happy ending. Friends had a small wedding, with the reception in a private area of a restaurant, with about 30 people. After the meal, our server came through the doors with the 3-tier wedding cake in her arms.

When she got front and center, she slipped and hit the floor like a rock - face first into the cake. The initial laughter stopped quickly when it seemed she might be hurt, because she wasn't moving. She got up with help, obviously sore, but crying as hard as I've ever seen. Hysterically apologizing over and over.

Fast forward a couple hours, and thankfully she was physically okay. But even better, she was serving New Yorkers with money who felt terrible for her, and were now drunk. I don't know what the hosting couple tipped her, but I'm certain she picked up another $5,000 from the guests on the side. I threw her a $100, and I'm cheap. She was crying again when we left, but for an entirely different reason. - Scrappy_Larue


Bride had 14 attendants, each of whom got their own song to walk down the isle to, the church was over packed by 100 people, the air broke in July in said church (nope nary a window to be had in 90 degree iowa summer), ceremony was almost 3 hours long because:

1) so many people wanted to recite poems, or sing songs or whatever, and 2) the Grooms brother gave the wedding talk and turned it into a remember when we did this blow by blow of their entire childhood.

We finally get to the (blessedly cool) reception hall. Dinner was supposed to start at 6pm. At 8:30pm the bride fainted from lack of food, this was after another 2-1/2 hours of cousins and aunts and uncles giving speech, poem and song one after another. Why they didn't do this after the food was severed I will never know.

And finally around midnight there fight between the best man and one of the groomsmen, both of them were black out drunk and wanted one of the 14 bridesmaids' numbers, they decided to fight it out in the middle of the dance floor.- Tinycowz


When my parents got married they combined their names and each changed their named to a hyphenated version. So their names were Mom Dadsname-Momsname and Dad Dadsname-Momsname. When I was born they named me Daughter Dadsname-Momsname.

Last week I spent twenty minutes getting harassed by the clerk who was filing my marriage license. First she wanted to know my maiden name. My maiden name is Dadsname-Momsname. I came into this world with a double last name. She didn't like that.

Then she wanted to know my dad's 'real' name. My dad legally changed his name. With the power of the law behind him, he tacked my mom's name onto his. That is what it says on my birth certificate. That is what it says on his driver's license. She didn't like that.

Finally, she wanted to know my mother's maiden name. My mother, out of all of us, actually has a maiden name, so she got that. But now, on the form, the mother had a single name and the father had a double name. She didn't like that.

She stressed, repeatedly, that if any of this information was incorrect, I wouldn't be married. She stressed that they were 'actually going to check.' She stressed so hard, her stress had stress. I'm taking my husband's name. I've had enough of this bullsh*t - [deleted]

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