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19 guests share the worst food or drinks they've ever been offered at a wedding.

19 guests share the worst food or drinks they've ever been offered at a wedding.


Wedding food often gets a bad reputation for being lukewarm, bland, or predictable...

Chicken, fish, 'spooky vegetarian option,' and a team of tired underpaid caterers who are counting down the minutes until they can finally go home and forget the father-of-the-bride's inappropriate tipsy speech.

So, when a Reddit user on the gloriously petty and judgmental group, 'Wedding Shaming,' asked the jury of internet strangers 'What's the worst meal or drink you have been offered at a wedding?' scorned guests every were ready to vent about the reception that served 1/3 or a pig in a blanket for the main dish. Remember to serve food if you want to avoid all of your guests blacking out on one sip of cheap champagne upon arrival...


Grocery store pre-made “charcuterie” (more like lunchables if we’re honest). Nothing out. That was the meal. The wedding was on a hunting property in the middle of nowhere with no restaurant on-site. Went to a diner on the way hone the next morning and ate my weight in waffles and hash browns. - RighteousTablespoon


I went to my nephew's wedding held at a ski resort in Wisconsin. The food was buffet style and resembled the buffet at cousin Eddie's favorite buffet in Vegas Vacation. Slop in a bin. The spoons kept falling into it and the attendant just pulled them out and wiped them off. The selections were heavy with sauce but no rice, noodles or anything to put it on.

The bride and groom said the food was nothing like what they had tasted when they booked. The tap water at the resort was tainted as well but they hadn't closed the drinking fountains so I drank some of it before I found out. A few days later I had to visit the doctor for an antibiotic to counteract that.

No one went hungry because the bride's dad was a cheese broker and offered an extensive cheese buffet. He ordered 1/2 pound of cheese per person with a big double heart shaped cheddar with Bride & Groom's names carved in it! So Wisconsin. - carolizzy81


Pink chicken. - symplybroken


I went to a wedding once where the bride' s mother offered to do all the food, and there was a platter of Kraft singles on the tables in their wrappers. The bride cried as she unwrapped them all bc that was the least she could do, she was so embarrassed that was the cheese option. It’s me. I’m the bride. - thcgummy


Chunky pink gazpacho of unclear vegetable origin - gilthedog


Inedible fish at a Walt Disney world wedding. It was inedible. Extra bonus-watched the bride carefully spit hers into her napkin. Thank heavens for midnight room service, I was starving! - EggplantIll4927


Homemade buffet that had hairs in it! And the other was no food at all, we missed the announcement for food and by the time we got there it was all gone - Becky2189


One of those half slices of Domino's pizza and a scoop of warm potato salad - jillybean0429


Absolutely nothing. Buffet ran out before even half of the guests had eaten. Mind you, those guests absolutely loaded their plates. But still. - rileysauntie


Many years ago: extreme macrobiotic bride and groom, wedding cake was a dense block of unsweetened I don't know what, topped with unsweetened and unflavored mashed tofu. - catylg


Unidentifiable appetizer foods that someone’s (well-meaning) Auntie had made. The food sat out in the sun for the duration of the ceremony with no attempt at keeping the cold stuff cold. There was no main course and nothing to drink. - deadpansuzanne


A dry burger I had to pay $35 for. Without being told ahead of time that we had to pay for our own meals. - WavyLady


There was the option of chicken or fish…and I’m still not sure which one I had. - cranberry94


I was once served what can only be described as hard-boiled tilapia. I think it was supposed to be 'poached' but its texture was more like a blue squash ball. At the afterparty in the same location, they served sliders and french fries, but the french fries were still frozen. They just opened a bag of OreIdas shoestrings and dumped them in the sterno. They never cooked them in an oven. - Rungirl262


A bowl of cornflakes and a lukewarm glass of water - bellabille


They served Tommy's burgers....which is chili on top of burgers. From the church parking lot. The bride has a special apron over her dress but the rest of us had to try and eat without spilling. It was also a dry wedding - princessofperky


My vegetarian meal was a bag of steam fresh mixed veggies prepared in what I assume was a dirty dishwasher. My friend and I also witnessed the cook mashing potatoes in a dented pot on the tile floor, just absolutely hammering them. Drinks were good! - fredbutt


Not the food, but the cake. The bride and groom had some cute story in their history about hostess cupcakes, so they had a cake professionally decorated to look like a hostess cupcake. It looked cute, probably delicious, bride and groom cut the cake and get their slice. All the guests got actual hostess cupcakes dumped on a table still in their plastic wrapping. - Percussionbabe


I worked with the groom. He met his bride at a mega church. Hundreds of people were there. I think it was supposed to be a potluck but only a few people brought something. There were some crockpots on a table.

I can remember a woman dishing out almost all the meatballs to her kids and there being no forks. Totally the worst wedding I've experienced. Groom was older and made bank. Bride was wearing a super expensive dress too. - devinetv

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