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17 married people share their proposal story, 'will you marry me already?'

17 married people share their proposal story, 'will you marry me already?'


Regardless of whether or not couples opt for a grandiose romantic public proposal with a live band and fireworks or an intimate 'will you marry me' in the back of a pizza place, every engagement story can be an adorable tear-jerker...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Hey married people, 'How did you propose/get proposed to?' people were ready to share what went down the day they got down on one knee, said 'yes' to the ring, or planned an elaborate surprise party with a photographer and a professional flash mob.


My (now) husband took me to NYC for the weekend. We stayed in a swanky hotel in the upper east side. We ate at fancy restaurants all weekend. We strolled central park. Then one night after dinner he made me walk 20 blocks back to the hotel, in sweltering summer heat.

In front of a huge garbage pile set out by a hotel (which stunk from said heat) he got down on one knee, pulled out a box, opened it and we watched the engagement ring go flying in the street.

Still down on one knee he searched with his hands for the ring while trying to slyly tell me he loves me and wants to spend his life with me. Finally he finds the ring and in a pretty defeated way says 'will you marry me already??' Most romantic (and fitting for him) proposal ever! - Ampersands4ever


My wife and I were theatre performance majors in college, so one year we had a night of student written plays. For this night I wrote a scene called 'Wedding Disaster.'

The scene was about a groom who was about to get married and everything was completely going to shit. (Ex-girlfriend shows up drunk, jacket doesn't fit, flowers don't show, ect.) I also got to direct and star in the scene as the groom, and a few of my best friends played the groomsmen.

A bunch of people were in on it, and got my girlfriend to sit center stage front row. Towards the end of the show, the groom decides that fate is trying to tell him not to get married, and he's going to call off the wedding, but his best man convinces him to think of a time between the groom and bride, so I say 'It was the night of April 21st, 2008' (the night of the scene) and we did the waynes world 'flash back noise.'

My friend starts playing a guitar in the back ground, and I start to tell the audience what happened, then I stop center stage and look my girlfriend in eyes and say 'and you were sitting right there in that seat, and I asked you to come on stage with me.' She did. Then I proceeded to explain how much I was in love with her, and well proposed to her, in front of an audience of about 150+ people. She said yes. We are still married and have a 1 year old son. Couldn't be happier. - flash_coleman


My brother asked his then girlfriend to marry him shortly after getting his gallbladder removed. He was still in a hospital gown in the bed hooked up to machines. I believe one of his lines was, 'I may not have as many organs as other guys...' - l*zycunt


I took my girl on a trip to Italy. The last stop was Venice and it was the night we got there. We were freaking out seeing this beautiful romantic city of canals for the first time. I took her to the piazza san marco and proposed. - yourslice


We were visiting my parents in my hometown and I wanted to go to the beach to see the sunset. He wanted to go to this pier, which is on a part of the beach I had been to hundreds of times as a kid. When we got there the sun was already sinking into the ocean, the sky was beautiful and there were some dolphins playing by the pier.

I decided to take a picture and as I was getting my camera focused with my back to him I hear him loudly clear his throat. When I turned around he was in the classic pose, on one knee presenting the ring in its box. I didn't/couldn't say 'yes' (it was a huge surprise I didn't expect him to ask for another year), but I nodded so hard I could have incurred a neck injury. - VickyVale


Girlfriend of 6 years was living in a studio apartment during grad school while I was in a separate town for law school. While she was at work one weekend, I bought her a cat (she had been dying for one). I put the ring on the cat's collar and had all the cat stuff set up when she came home. She saw the cat first and freaked out. Only after she picked it up did she see the ring and really freak out. Got married after she was out of school and happy ever since. - Public_Defender


My husband had gone away for a couple of weeks to visit family for christmas, When he came back we decided to have one day for us to do what he wanted, and one for us to do what I wanted. His day came first, and since it was the first time we had sean eachother for awhile I was expecting sexy times so I kept hinting that I would do 'anything he wants.'

However he just wanted to lay on the couch and cuddle. About the millionth time I asked what I could do for him he said 'you could marry me' and slipped a ring on my finger. I was shocked, we had talked about wanting to get married someday but I had no idea he was going to propose. I honestly cant even remember my response, I think I was so stunned I said something stupid like 'ya' or 'sure.' - gweezer


We were biking home along the river and he said he was tired and wanted to stop for a minute. So we were just hanging out, watching the sunset over the water and I started getting kind of antsy. I said I wanted to get going so we could get home and make dinner and such. So I put my helmet on and was about to get on my bike when he said 'Baby...'

I turned around and he was standing there with a gorgeous ring with a beautiful sapphire as the main stone. I was in complete shock but thrilled. I love him so much. He's wrapped up sleeping around me right now as I reddit on my iPhone. - Rose1982


I came home from work and my live in girlfriend of 7 years handed me a ring box.

Me: What's this?

Her: A ring.

Me: For what?

Her: You're getting married on Friday.

Me: I am?

Her: Yes... you are.

Turns out, she was right. - oracle_geek


I (26m) was taken by my then gf on a suprise hot-air balloon ride for my birthday. We had been dating for roughly a year or so and were madly in love. The balloon had a few other people in it and she started acting really awkward and I said 'what are you gonna propose to me or something?'

Completely joking because we had never talked about it before, she then began to act even more awkward. Then she takes out the ring and showed it to me without saying anything. I said yes. It's been 5 years. - sevennineone


Tied a note around our newish (1 month) kitten saying 'Please mommy, marry daddy...I dont wanna be a b*stard kitten anymore' - Yeugwo


Wrote 'marry me' in Christmas lights on the roof of a house. Flew her over the house on the way back from what she thought was a routine sightseeing trip. 'hey, look at that, THAT house!' - Esquire99


Carved 'Will you marry me' into a 100lb. Pumpkin and had it unveiled at Haunted Happenings in Salem, MA. - Logust11470


Me: ''I suppose we'd better get married then''

Him: ''Yeah I suppose so''

Happy ending: last year we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary with our two grown up kids :) - moonflower


We went back to Seattle for her 10 year high school reunion. Two nights before the reunion, I told her I had tickets to a play and that we should get dressed up for a night on the town. While taking a stroll along the coast, a cartoonist asked us if he could draw us. We were tired, so after bargaining a bit, he agreed to do a caricature of us as a couple for a few bucks. We sat down and relaxed overlooking the water while he drew us.

When he said he was done, my gf jumped up to check it out and saw that it was a picture of me on my knees with a message bubble that said 'Will you marry me?'. She turned around surprised and I was on my knees with the ring. I proposed, and she wrote 'Of course!' on the cartoon. I had reservations for dinner and a hotel room next door to the park, so we spent the night there and she had quite a bit to talk about at the reunion. - deathdonut


Set up a three day trip to long beach to visit the Queen Mary and do a midnight ghost hunting adventure. My girlfriend loves all those paranormal shows. Near the end of the tour I have us kind of get lost from the rest of the group and tell my girlfriend that I have a weird feeling and we need to leave.

She gets all freaked out because I do not believe in ghosts or ever get scared. We hurry up through the decks back to the promenade deck and while both out of breath overlooking the bay I get down on one knee like im really tired and bring out the ring and propose. She stares in shock for a minute, hits me for scaring the crap out of her, then says yes and starts to cry. The proposal was 3 months ago we get married this fall. - dfluxnet


I bought her those 25 cents cheap rings out of vending machines when we first started dating and would propose to her openly in front of people wherever and whenever - it made people around us applaud and try to buy our drinks/food (we always turned it down). I stopped doing it over time.

Seven years later we were in our favorite coffee shop, I pulled out a plastic vending machine bubble and proposed in front of people. She laughed at first thinking I was being nostalgic until she took the bubble and realized it was slightly heavier than usual. - BosskHogg

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