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16 people debate which popular tradition is the cringiest thing about weddings.

16 people debate which popular tradition is the cringiest thing about weddings.


Is it even a wedding if there isn't at least one element that's so cheesy it melts into fondue?

If you're on a mission to have a cringe-free wedding, you should probably give up now. Vowing your undying love to someone in front of your entire family to honor a tradition that was mostly about trading cows and bonding families for power or peace? Pop the champagne and dance to 'Uptown Funk.' So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What in weddings makes you cringe?' people were ready to share the song, flower, aesthetic, cocktail, tradition or overall vibe that takes the number one spot in the cringe category.


Guests who take pictures of the ceremony with a f*cking iPad. - fart_fig_newton


So. Many. Ed. Sheeran. Songs. - emojicatcher997


When the bride is walking down the isle and everyone is taking pictures with their cellphones. That couple will forever have everyone looking through their phones in the photographs from the professional photographer that cost thousands. A special iconic moment marred with faces in screens.

But everyone wants a low quality image from a bad angle immediately, instead of having the forethought to ask the couple at a later date for a copy of a professional one. It's selfish and ignorant. - Agonist28


When people write their own vows but they don’t actually promise anything. They just ramble for a few minutes about how much they love the other and how perfect they are. Like the whole point of wedding vows is to make commitments. - livingdream111


When the priest takes weird tangents to evangelize for 20 minutes - GenericUsername19892


When they make the person announce everyone in the wedding party as they walk into the hotel banquet room like it’s a Las Vegas boxing match. “ oh you’re the 8th best man. Great, great” - TheRedMarin


Disney themed anything - lesbunner


When there are multiple unruly kids running around and/or screaming spoiling the first dance or any special moments for the couple. - ChickenBootty


I've been to several Christian weddings where they either make a big fuss over the fact that they haven't f*cked or a similar fuss about how Jesus forgives them for f*cking. - servetus


When the bride or groom does something disrespectful like smashing their nose into the cake. Or writing 'help me' on the bottom of the groom's shoes. They say one in three marriages ends in divorce, guess this will be one of them. - Proof_Bathroom_3902


“Ball and chain” jokes. Why tf are you getting married then? - Geodudette2014


Smashing the slice of cake in each other's face. - 12thNJ


Any wedding where the bridesmaids and groomsmen have been ordered to perform a choreographed dance at any point during the festivities whether that's dancing up the aisle or a full on dance number during the reception. - ritan7471


The trend of wanting the women in the wedding party to look alike, even to the point of asking them to change their hair color. Along with that goes giving specific directions as to what guests may wear. - Comfortable-Salt3132


Garter retrieval horror. Especially if teeth are involved. Cringe af - FlyBuy3


All the old people making comments about all the sex the couple is about to have - Santos_L_Halper_II

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