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16 people debate which songs should forever go on the 'do not play' list at weddings.

16 people debate which songs should forever go on the 'do not play' list at weddings.


Everyone has at least one wedding song that requires some heavy-chugging from the open bar to get through whether it's 'The Chicken Dance,' 'The Cha-Cha Slide' or the never-ending, problematic nightmare that is 'Blurred Lines' ...

So, when a member of Reddit's gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group asked people what their 'Do Not Under Any Circumstances Play These Songs' DJ List was for weddings, people were ready to share the tunes that would make them abruptly bail on the dance floor.


Sexual healing by Marvin Gaye I don’t know why but it makes my skin crawl - Teaformepls


Butterfly Kisses. Dads, don't make your daughters dance to this. It's just dreadful. - angrymurderhornet


“Tonight’s gonna be a good night” by the Black Eyed Peas

Cha cha slide (and any other line dance, for me)

Happy by Pharrell

I Will Survive— this is a breakup song guys!

That Thousand Years song from twilight

The You Feel like Home song by The Lumineers. - The_RoyalPee


“The Lady is a Tramp.” Yes, I actually heard it at a reception. - Short_Equivalent_619


YMCA. Let it Go, as requested by every girl under 10 at every wedding I DJ-ed. And the two worst stories I ever had working a wedding.

I had a request for 'She misses him on Sunday' - a little odd for a wedding, but it was a popular country song at the time. I played the opening bars, and the Bride's aunt - recently widowed - burst into tears. I quickly changed the song.

I had someone request 'The Lap Dance is so Much Better When the Stripper is Crying'. Needless to say, I didn't play it. - WyoReloy1


My husband’s entire side of the family huddled together on the dance floor and sang I’m proud to be an American. I never imagined that would even be asked for, it didn’t make the list, so the DJ obliged them. - relaxed-bread


'Get Low' and 'Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy' would be on my must play later in the night list but I’d love some photos of everyone pointing to the windows and walls. Or a video. - coffeenascar


I had “Celebration” on mine and I think “YMCA” - Calym817


I told my DJ absolutely no line dances. My husband’s cousin apparently requested the electric slide and came up to me to complain that the DJ didn’t have her requested song. I wanted to hug him in that moment. - kellyoohh


Yesterday by 'The Beatles.' I’ve heard that at weddings and it’s most definitely not a wedding song. - emma7734


'Single Ladies.' Please, let this trend of marching your unmarried/single lady friends out on the dance floor to claw each other over the chance to catch the bouquet to be 'the next to get married' to this overplayed song die. - fritolaidy


I Will Always Love You - It's a breakup song, People!

Every Breath You Take - It's stalker sh*t, not a love song.

Love Shack - Personal problem, I worked a karaoke show for too long. - rapt2right


Blurred Lines came out not long before my wedding to I vetoed it. DJ played it anyway - Playful-Rice-2122


Panic! At the Disco's 'I write sins not tragedies'...which the DJ played at my wedding. - Dedwards_est_22


My pet peeve are songs that are musically sort of romantic sounding but the lyrics betray them, eg:

'Time of Your Life' by Green Day (the first part of the title is 'Good Riddance' for a reason)

'Every Breath You Take' (not a love song!)

'Daughters' by John Mayer

'Better Man' by Pearl Jam

I also just really hate that 'marry that girl no matter what you say' song, whatever it is. - calxes


I know The Chicken Dance, Get Low, Gonna Marry You by Bruno Mars, and Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy are pretty close to the top on mine - enimrerevlis

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