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18 people share the worst behavior they've ever witnessed from a wedding guest.

18 people share the worst behavior they've ever witnessed from a wedding guest.


Don't be the guest that doesn't RSVP and shows up with 3 kids to a child-free wedding unless you want to be the cautionary tale the venue staff tells for years to come...

So, when a Reddit user asked people in the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group about their juiciest, worst, or tackiest guest experiences people were ready to roast their uncle that knocked over the cake. Remember: an open bar isn't a challenge.


My wedding was supposed to start at 7:30. My husband's best man drove with him to pick up our catering at 6:30 and didn't bring him back until 9:00 because he decided to run a few errands despite pleas from my husband.

And then he and his wife had the nerve to be annoyed with ME when I was less than thrilled. They are otherwise kind and wonderful people, but it really kind of ruined the wedding. - mooshbokhoretoro


I attended the wedding of the partner's cousin. One of this cousin's aunts turned up in a skin tight, bright red, revealing dress. The sort of dress someone in there twenties might go clubbing in (she is late 40's). Tacky, but didn't steal to much attention.

What I couldn't get over was the fact that whenever anyone mentioned her dress she would inform them that the reason she was dressed like that was because 20 years ago when she (the aunt) got married the bride's mother 'dressed like a slut' at her wedding. Weirdest petty revenge I have ever witnessed. - couchppotato


I have a relative who wasn't invited to anymore weddings after she tried to ruin her daughter's wedding by driving in circles around the church blowing her horn during the ceremony. The entire ceremony. Like, an hour.

I have no idea what it was all about, but she wasn't invited to any weddings after that, and one of her sons was banned too because he tried to sneak her into weddings or family parties twice. When the fam says you're out, you're friggin out, bud, and for good reason. - MamieJoJackson


Going to shame my mother for using 11 yo me as a prop for her own photos underneath the bride and groom’s altarpiece. This was an outdoor, low budget barn wedding (not one of those venue type places. We were sitting in metal, school folding chairs).

She basically had me on the pedestal(?) thing and forced me to stand there for her to take pictures while we waited for the wedding to start (groom was a little late), and then other moms decided to copycat with their kids/themselves, delaying the wedding even after the groom arrived. Definitely embarrassing. - Arthkor_Ntela


I went to a beautiful wedding of two men. A young woman showed up in a long, flowy, floor-length white gown. Big tulle skirt, embroidered details, white heels...the works. Full hair and make-up, too. I couldn't believe it. The next day I spoke to one of the grooms, and inquired about her. He was appalled, but he didn't even know her. She was like a cousin's girlfriend. - UnearnedConfident


I attended a wedding where one of the guests was not invited. A guest who was invited (K) decided to not bring her husband - and instead (for some unknown reason) bring a frienemy of the bride (S). The main trouble was that, since the bride didn't know about this change, K & S we're sat at a table with folks that couldn't stand S. It was very awkward for everyone. - dwigtschrute32


Yep, my good ol’ MIL. She had a face like thunder for our entire wedding & was outraged that our ceremony didn’t involve her walking my DH down the aisle. Then, she used her wedding speech to mainly praise her bf at the time - which she only did as a passive aggressive jab as he’d not mentioned her at all in his own speech for his kids wedding several months earlier. Super fun times - greenglossygalaxy


During our ceremony, my parents, seated in the front row, spent the WHOLE TIME whispering to each other (none too quietly, either) trying to figure out how to get the new camera they'd just gotten to work. I couldn't turn to tell them to shut up, because I was the god damn bride and everyone could see me and I'm pretty sure most people couldnt hear them.

It was so annoying and distracting; our ceremony lasted like 6 minutes and our photographers were around the whole time so I honestly don't know what photos my parents thought they were going to get anyway. I'm still mad about it! It was so rude! I know my mom always talks through movies at theaters, but her own daughter's wedding too? - ragingveela


I went to a super small microwedding of like 15 guests. Apparently the groom’s aunt had a tv show on court Tv. (More like Nancy Grace reporting than Judge Judge). No clue who she was or what her show was.

But she spent the entire night making sure EVERYONE knew she was on tv and important and it was an honor for the couple that she flew in for them, and pretty much commanded attention from everyone. It was a bizzaro power struggle with the bride. - CityBride


Two of my husband's friends almost didn't come after RSVPing yes: one because he forgot, and the other because he was depressed that the girl 10 years his junior that he had a crush on didn't like him back. The former pulled hinself together quickly and showed up.

The second showed up in jeans, a crumpled button-down and misery all over his face. To this day, my mom remembers his name from the terrible impression he left.

One almost-gate crasher: a woman who was friends with my husband's dead mom tried to invite herself so it would be 'just like his mom was there', which is sounds great except that my husband hates her and explicitly did not want her to come. My mom caught wind of that and shut it down reaaaaaal quick. - the_real_sardino


My sister had a destination wedding, only guests were me, brides mum, grooms mum and step dad. We meet up with groom’s family at the hotel, where the grooms mum tells my sister the dress she will wear to the wedding is ‘white with florals’ and is this okay.

My sister is pretty chill so was fine with it, but I always thought it was a bit of a d*ck move, we were already on the holiday at this point and it was a pretty remote area so she wouldn’t have been able to buy another dress, so my sister would have been forced to accept it. Why would you not think about that before you get on the plane? - torashies


Okay. I've kind of been waiting for this. My MIL has zero respect for boundaries. She and her family are obsessed with taking pictures of everything. Obviously, we have an unplugged wedding. We didn't want anyone in the way of the photographer or videographer.

Two days before the wedding MIL texts and asks if she can bring her video camera. We both said no. We both reminded her we had paid people to do photos and videos.

After the ceremony we were taking couples pictures. MIL walks up to me and my husband, video camera in hand and suggests the photographer take one of those cheesy and mildly disrespectful photos. I was LIVID! My husband almost lost his sh*t. When we confronted her later on, she said 'I thought it was okay because I'm your mom'. And proceeded to start crying. - ihateeverything1023


I had bought a used wedding dress 14 months before my wedding. While it fit me well, I could have tailored it and brought it in at the waist a bit. The closer it got to the wedding, the less I cared about getting the dress tailored. It fit me. It wasn't form fitting but you couldn't tell with all the ruched fabric so it didn't seem worth it to me.

The moment comes for me to put on my dress. In front of my photographer, make up artist, and friends, my mom asked if I had gotten my dress tailored. I told her no. She says 'So you got fat and grew into it.'

There was an audible gasp and an incredibly awkward silence followed. The plan was for my mom and my MIL help me into my dress but, after that comment, I had my best friend help me instead. - [deleted]


So, not MY wedding, but I work in the industry and we do get our fair share of those worth shaming! This wedding, the couple had met while online gaming, had a bit of a whirlwind online romance and decided to get married. Most of their guests, as it turned out, were also online friends and the all most all of the people at this wedding had never met in real life before. The bride and the groom hadn’t even met all these people in person.

So everyone’s sat down and it’s time to start serving the food, we get as far as the doors to the hall when someone has a GREAT idea- why don’t they pass around a microphone and have every single person introduce themselves! Bear in mind this is hot food that’s ready to go out and we’ve now been told actually, they want to hold it off and do this. It’s not the biggest wedding we’ve ever had but it’s not exactly small either, so this isn’t going to be a quick thing.

Then this one guy gets up, introduces himself and proceeds to make a 10 minute speech. He doesn’t know most of these people and he’s stood, waffling on for ten f*cking minutes, literally CRYING while the food is going to sh*t. He had to have the microphone coaxed out of his fucking hand to make him stop.

Everyone in the room looked uncomfortable as hell. It was the most awkward encounter at any wedding I’ve ever worked. These people weren’t even drinking, this man was fully sober. - skyaniwan


At my parents' wedding all the SIL and BILs were in the wedding party as bridesmaids and groomsmen but my uncle had just started dating his future wife around the time of the wedding so she came as his plus one but was not in the wedding party.

Well I guess she was offended she wasn’t invited to be in the wedding party because she showed up in a white dress and forced her way into all the pictures. They are divorced now haha. - Potential_Minimum537


A couple of weeks before the wedding, my MIL informed us that she’d invited 10 of her “closest friends” to our smallish wedding. My husband did not recognize a single name on MIL’s hand picked guest list. As a compromise, MIL donated $500 to the cost of the wedding (which didn’t cover the cost of 10 additional guests).

MIL then proceeded to tell her guests, as well as her entire side of the family, that she paid for their attendance and had given a gift on their behalf. This resulted in not a single gift or card from anyone associated with MIL. - 13irds


I had a roommate that wasn't really a friend, just a decent person to live with. She got engaged a few months before me, and I took her wedding photos a few months before my wedding. When I got engaged her response was 'Oh that ring is perfect...for you...' And told me the morning of my wedding that her husband had forgotten it was that day so they weren't going to make it.

But if that's not rude enough, a mutual friend who did come said she had seen this person a few days ago and already knew they weren't coming. Oh, and we worked at the same pizza place, and she texted me ON MY HONEYMOON to ask about switching a shift with her...oi - vjones4


I got married a couple years ago, but it occasionally crosses my mind. Does this even count as wedding guest shaming? My cousin has 7 kids and had RSVP'd for 9 to my wedding. The entire family ended up being a no show with no warning. That's an entire empty table! My cousin is already a controversial figure within the family so was I surprised? Not really, but it still sucked.

He messaged me the day after and apologized for not making it citing 'medical emergency', but I also saw photos of his kid's homecoming the same day as my wedding on Facebook. I would 100% have him just tell me that he'd rather stay home so I could have invited people who actually cared. That's the part that gets me the most. -stolenmilktea

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