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17 people who got a 'no' when they tried to propose share their rejection stories.

17 people who got a 'no' when they tried to propose share their rejection stories.


Planning an elaborate engagement only to watch it fail miserably usually isn't part of the plan when you book the string quartet for your romantic park picnic...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'People who got a no for their wedding (proposal), what happened and did you expect it?' the heartbroken, relieved, or romantically rejected strangers of the internet were brave enough to tell the tale. Note: don't get down on one knee in public unless you know for sure the answer is going to be an enthusiastic 'yes.'


He told me no, and I was crushed. He explained that he is vehemently against marriage, and while it didn't make it hurt any less, I started to understand. Both of his parents have been married three times, I can get why he thinks marriage is a sham.

Still, we love each other madly, so we're together. I've asked a couple times if we could just do a courthouse wedding, or file for domestic partnership, or have a wedding ceremony without it being legal, or if I could buy myself a ring to wear. No to all of that. We did agree that I can call him my husband and he calls me his partner. His family and some of mine consider us married anyway.

It sucks sometimes because I want that symbolism really badly, but life sucks more without him in it, so I deal. - Clumsy_Chica


Geez, this is embarrassing. I had been saving up for a ring for months. I had a pretty sweet plan for how I was going to propose. It was on a beautiful hill, it involved a picnic and telling her about a local superstition about kissing under a certain arch. It was gonna be great.

Before I bought the ring, though, she took something I said in a way I didn't intend and flipped out about it. We got into a big fight that honestly wasn't even about anything. Eventually, we had a phone conversation (long distance relationship) and it became increasingly clear to me that she was setting me up for a breakup.

So, I went for it and proposed. She said no. I hung up, laid in bed staring at the ceiling and not seeing it, hoping I would just wake up and find out the last week had been a nightmare. About two hours later, I stood up and went to the liquor store. Stayed drunk for about another week until she called me back with some personal problem she was having that she had nobody else to talk with about.

Stayed drunk for another week until she called back and we tearfully got back together, with the proposal off the table. About a year after that, she dumped me for a dude she had just met. That was basically the best-case scenario. Don't try to save a relationship by proposing, kids. - nermid


We were at McDonalds drive thru and it was taking forever, so I proposed. - TropicalGusher


She said no. So I waited a couple weeks, laid on the charm, and asked her again. She said no again, but I'll think about it. So, I waited a few weeks, and went total Disney Prince and asked her again.

She finally said yes. We got married in the same place we met (a dance hall). It was very romantic and stuff. Granted, she ended up cheating on me, and I lost everything in the divorce, but you just never know until you try. - karma-armageddon


I had to propose to my wife 3 times before she said yes. She's my highschool sweetheart but she's also from another country. I asked her to marry me before she went back and she said no.

Fast forward a few years and we reconnect. I moved to her country and asked her again. She said no. Fast forward a few more months and asked again and she said yes. 10 years and 2 kids later were still going strong. Persistence pays off... sometimes. - this-feels-good


I was not able to say 'no.' He proposed in front of his daughter, my best friend and my best friends husband who were engaged at the time. The second he got down on one knee my brain went 'f*ck!'

We had discussed marriage before, and I had initially wanted it more than him. Under the pressure of everyone there, I said yes and decided to try and work out the problems we had begun having. I took the ring off five months later on the day before my birthday as he was yelling at me again over something he thought I had done wrong.

I realized I had stopped defending myself because it was faster for him to just yell at me and get it over with. I moved out that day and a little over a year later I proposed to my now fiancé. I couldn't be happier to be in a relationship with solid communication and zero yelling. - [deleted]


Accidentally got a no. Proposed in a restaurant to my current wife, the whole ring in the cupcake and everything. I go on one knee, and propose, completely not taking into account how bad her social anxiety can be, I just figured her books have these types of things, maybe she'd like it. She panicked, said no, and ran out - thebutchone


When I decided to ask, I was confident that she would say yes. But first I asked her mum for permission to marry her. Response was along the lines of:

'Oh geez, that's out of the blue. I'm not really sure if she will say yes. But you can ask her. She is a grown woman and can decide for herself, but I don't really know what she will say! But you have my permission, I just don't know that she'll say yes!'

As you can imagine that was a really inspiring motivational speech. Next day I popped the question. Never been so nervous in my life. Wedding is next year. - Davenport23


I asked a woman I had known for a long time to marry me. Her reply: 'I will never marry you. What if the man of my dreams comes a long later and sweeps me off my feet.' That caused me to think long and hard about my relationship with her. I came to the realization that it was a one way relationship. If she needed money I helped her. If she wanted someone to go on a trip with her it was me. If she was having a bad day or a bad week or a bad year she turned to me for emotional support.

But if I wanted a shoulder to cry on I had hers. For about 5 minutes before I was told something along the lines of my need to get over it and move on. I realized I let her have 51% of the vote on where we traveled, where we went out to and who we hung out with. She never made an effort to pay back a cent of the money I had given her over the years. I realized I was her emotional tampon. When her heart was bleeding, I was what she used to soak up the blood.

I stopped putting effort into that relationship. When she asked why I was distant I told her and she tried to blame it all on me. We have now gone our separate ways and we don't talk anymore which is fine by me. A year later she did get married. The guy she married filed for divorce 9 moths later. A mutual friend told me it was pretty much for the above reasons. - TomTheNurse


5 years together. first night of a cruise, she said no. we try to enjoy the cruise anyway. week later she tells me she's cheating on me. 10/10 would not recommend - ABurntC00KIE


Young, stupid and probably horny just out of college, I bought an engagement set and sprung it on my college girlfriend. Did not get the response I was expecting; she freaked, called me 'irrational' and left.

Problem two: the department store where I bought the ring would not refund my money. I finally was able to negotiate a store credit; I exchanged the engagement set for a down sleeping bag. Frankly it was the better deal. - NWBoomer


She said yes initially, but returned the ring a few months later because I was starting to lose my hair and was forced to start shaving it. She felt badly about it, but told me she was no longer finding me attractive and feared that her love would be lost for me by the time we had our wedding.

She also didn't want me to have a bald head for our wedding photos and even when I tried (and failed) to grow it back with rogaine, etc., she didn't have the patience. It sucked. I've not had a relationship since, and I'm pretty sure it's because I do in fact look terrible with no hair. Guess it was best that it didn't happen after we got married. That might have been even harder to cope with. - [deleted]


Proposed on a beach under a full moon, she said 'What? No, I'm not getting married now.'4 years later we're lying in bed it's 2 in the morning and she's awake all worried about something. After about 15 minutes of trying to get her to tell me what was wrong she said 'Don't you think it's about time we got married?' I made her wait 5 minutes before I answered. Married for 7 years next month. - I_am_Protagonist


My girl asked me to marry her, and I said 'no'. She wasn't surprised or shocked, but I felt I wasn't ready. She just said 'that's okay' and we went on dating. About a month later I asked her to marry me (super romantic -- we were at the mall eating pizza and while she had a slice in her mouth I said: 'So do you still want to get married or what?') and she said 'yes'. Been married 27 years. - faxinator


Current girlfriend, actually. About a year ago I asked her to marry me and she gave me an incredibly painful but calculated, level-headed response. I took her out to a beautiful place where you can look at most of the Inland Empire and if there are clouds it looks like some shit from a Disney movie.

Anyway, after asking, and her saying no (very gently), I remember her exact words: 'I love the sh*t out of you, but we are both just absolutely not ready.' We talked about it extensively and while I was hurt initially, she's more than shown since then that she's committed to me.

We've built a better relationship since then, not that it was bad, and we could do it right now (and have talked about it) but at this point, I'm definitely not as ready as I thought I was. Table's kind of turned, actually. - HaroldSax


I got a no, and the reason made me bust up laughing! We were talking about getting married after about 2 years of dating and so I asked her. She said no, because I haven't changed my name and gender yet. Apparently if you change your gender marker in California you have to redo your marriage certificate.

She said she was not doing that shit again, never mind that we were both in college at the time. Then she looked me in the eye and said, 'You're not going to ask me anyway. I'll ask you to marry me when it's right.'

I thought it was really sweet. In 5 seconds I felt so reassured that she was committed, reasonable, and logical. I started crying and laughing, then we got dinner and we blew each other. I've honestly stopped waiting (in the good way) because I know this sh*t is happening! My October court date seems so far away... - SunshineUponMyAnus


I definitely wasn't expecting it. She told me no, then informed me that she was moving away and didn't want me to be part of her new life. - PM_ME_BAD_SELFIES

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