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16 wedding photographers share what happened at the weirdest wedding they worked.

16 wedding photographers share what happened at the weirdest wedding they worked.


Wedding photographers spends hours posing with the couple, the bridal party, the groomsmen, and both families, which means they are usually the witnesses to the juiciest day-off gossip...

Between the bartender and the photographer, there isn't a single maid of honor meltdown that won't go down without an audience. So, when a Reddit user asked wedding photographers everywhere, 'What's the weirdest wedding you've attended to?' people who see a different side of weddings were ready to share their secrets.


I went to a Peter Pan wedding once where the Bride was in a night gown like Wendy, the bridesmaids were all dressed up like Tinkerbell, the Groom was Peter Pan, the groomsmen were all lost boys, and the ushers were dressed as pirates. I had no idea beforehand and thought I was hallucinating when I first walked in. - FacelessRuin


Couple weekends ago. Wedding party was 24 deep, and not particularly cooperative. They were fun, just didn't listen. Anyway, about 10 minutes into the ceremony, the pastor started mopping his brow with his sleeve... like taking eyeglasses off and hardcore wiping his face.

After another 10 or so minutes, he walked over and got a chair. You might see where this is headed... Moments after sitting down, he sh*t his pants, got up, and left. The best man picked up his binder and finished the ceremony. The pastor came back at the very end to make it official.- justinmphoto


I was shooting wedding videos for a company back in 2012, and the weirdest wedding was at a place called the 'Fun Dome.' All the groomsmen wore baggy white tuxedos with matching green paisley Pumas & vests.

The bride had a red mohawk with paisley shaved in the side, and wore a dress where 80% of her boobs were hanging out. All the bridesmaids tried to stuff themselves into dresses at least two sizes too small, so there were rolls sticking out everywhere.

When I showed up to the 'Fun Dome', a cheap hotel in South Dallas that was neither fun nor had a dome, I asked the lady at the front desk where the wedding was supposed to take place.

She said right around the corner. When I looked around, all I saw was a small atrium with an indoor pool that everyone's room looked out on. The smell of chlorine was thick in the air, and kids from the pool were screaming at the top of their lungs. They set up for the wedding right beside the pool and playground.

During the ceremony, they did that sand ceremony, where all the children from both sides of the family pour different colored sand into a vase. They had so many kids from different marriages come up one by one that after the 11th kid it started to feel like that 'I am Spartacus' scene.

For the entrance to the reception, the groom came in first dressed like a pimp, wearing a fuzzy green paisley coat, white wide brim hat, cane, and lots of gold.

Then 'Crazy In Love' started playing, and the bride entered a*s-first and twerked her way all across the room. After that the reception was basically nothing but people hardcore grinding on each other. - TheVisionBeautiful


One that stands out, though as a good-weird, is when we got a call that the couple canceled their wedding and wanted a refund. Well, it was in the time-frame so we said we'd refund while trying to act sympathetic to them calling off their wedding... They didn't cancel the marriage, though - they called on their way to Vegas to elope because wedding planning was too stressful. So that was a nice surprise. - abqkat


One that didn't happen. A few weeks before the date, we get a call from the MOB (mother of the bride) saying that the groom is getting cold feet. MOB says to show up anyway and 'we'll see what happens.'

The day of, I show up to the venue. Bride is there, groom is not. They're on the phone with him trying to figure out whether he's coming. He does show up and everyone disappears somewhere to have a talk with the rabbi.

After about an hour, I'm told the wedding is off. Here's the weird part: they were supposed to get married the previous year and he canceled that wedding, too. Why the f*ck the bride agreed to a second one is a total mystery. - [deleted]


I once photographed a wedding where the groom spent the entire night dancing with and talking to the bride's sister. He only danced with the bride twice. To be fair to him, the bride turned out to be my one and only bridezilla. she was awful.- aspophilia


The bride and groom brought out a ping pong table and played beer pong for 20 minutes right in the middle of their one else was allowed to play, just them two, red cups and all - rabschaud


It was a very hot summer day, and the bride rode in on a horse. Well, the moment she stepped off to walk down the aisle, the horse dropped dead. The wedding had to be halted as a tractor was brought in to drag the corpse away. It was awkward... - Yogi8BooBoo


A couple I shot wanted to go do their formals on their own graves. They already had their grave plots purchased and their own tombstones. We did an entire formal session standing on their graves.- [deleted


At a very fancy outdoor reception in a beautiful botanical garden, several groomsmen pooled all their intelligence and decided grab the groom and throw him into a giant fountain. I got pictures of it all.

Then I got b*tched out for not preventing it from happening. The B&G were humiliated and furious. Whatever, my job was to document the day, not police the actions of others. - DigDoug_99


The wedding was quite normal. It was the after party that got weird. Right as the after party started one of the wedding MC's took the mic and said 'I want everyone to have a good time, but please don't take your shirts off till at least midnight.'

I found this weird but thought it was a strangely worded joke. But nope, I was wrong. Midnight hit and EVERYONE was ripping their shirts off. Groomsmen, bridesmaids, old people, everyone. I should mention this took place in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. - ismellpancakes


A bride who warned the groom not to mash the cake in her face. The groom proceeded to do just that, she immediately called off the wedding.- ThrowCaptaway


Instead of a legitimate wedding meal, they seriously just had an all you can eat macaroni table. Just macaroni. At the same wedding, bride didn't like the groom's boutonniere and had him replace it at the reception with the fake flowers from the cake. It was one of the first weddings I worked, will try and dig for the photos.

Different wedding, bride's mom saw me go into the ladies room, followed me in, and started to yell at me from outside the stall for 'using the utilities while being paid'. While I pissed. Audibly.

Was hired to do the photos for a joint Greek Wedding and Orthodox baptism. Baptism before the wedding, then left the baby on a little changing bed in the font of the room and performed the wedding, while the soaking wet baby cried, loudly. Not sure if that's tradition, but everyone looked uncomfortable.

At the reception, very very old men were tipping the bride for giving them lap dances. It was an adventure. There's more, I just can't recall them right now. I've been doing wedding photo/video for ~3 years now. - justshowmetheart


Last year I did a Halloween wedding. It was pretty weird but kinda fun:

The sand ceremony containers were labeled Wool of Bat and Spider Cider and poured into a skull

Her flowers had a Skull in them (Styrofoam I think)

The cake was Nightmare before Christmas themed

Everyone dressed up for the reception.

Second weirdest wedding I shot was completely in French. I think they were either South African or Haitian? They had 15 old ladies, all dressed in the same blue dress with huge blue hats sing a few parts of the ceremony (very out of tune).

The preacher's cadence (again, all in French so I had no idea what was going on) reminded me of a fire and brimstone gospel preacher. Oh, and the ceremony was 1.5 hours long... and they ran so far behind that there was barely enough time to do the formals. - Origamidave


The wedding was about three hours away from where I lived, so my boyfriend (who is now my husband) and I woke up at the crack of dawn ready for a long day. I took photos of her and her bridesmaids getting ready and my boyfriend did the same with the guys.

The ceremony was nice — nothing fancy — and afterwards I kept them/the families/the bridal party for portraits. I asked the bride and groom to kiss for one of the first photos, and they just stared at me.

They had been middle school sweethearts and I had seen them kiss before, but for some reason they were super awkward about it. I got whatever shots I could get and moved on to the reception, which was in the church gym.

The reception just got more awkward. There was no DJ (I don't even remember music, but maybe I'm wrong) and no one in charge, so I was told to direct everything. 'Alright everyone, we're going to cut the cake now.' a little later 'Okay, single ladies, we're going to toss the bouquet! Gather over here!'

At one point the bride came up to me and asked me to ask her groom to do a garter toss because he had all of a sudden decided he didn't want to do it and she didn't want to bother him about it. So I went to the groom and told him his wife was requesting a garter toss and gave him specific step-by-step instructions on what he was going to do to fulfill that request.

After all of that, my boyfriend and I were waiting around to get photos of the get-away car and the send off. Those are usually fun photos that couples want. The bride comes over to me and tells me that they're wrapping up and I can go.

I told her I'd wait until the send off when she informs me there was going to be no send off. They were just going to pack up their gifts and go to the groom's parents' house for dinner.

So, we pack up our gear and head out. Most of the guests were gone anyway and everything from the reception was being cleaned up. We stop at a local grocery store to get some snacks and caffeine for the road and who do we bump into? The bride's father. Wandering around the grocery store. By far the weirdest wedding I've ever attended. - ShutterWriter


I photographed a wedding this year where the couple got married in a boxing ring complete with lead in fights (they were the main event), ring girls, entrances, a ring announcer, corner teams etc.

It was wicked fun. The bride had written basically a comedy routine for the two of them for the ceremony and they had ring commentators adding lines too.

The only bride I've photographed that's been so comfortable dropping the c-Bomb. Definitely won't forget that anytime soon. - MattMakesPhotos

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