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17 married people share unexpected things couples should expect at their wedding.

17 married people share unexpected things couples should expect at their wedding.


A few mild day-of wedding surprises are normal, but what happens when the cake shows up with 'sorry for your loss' in pink frosting, uninvited kids are demanding chicken fingers and Aunt Linda is hitting on the bartender?

So, when a Reddit user asked married couples, 'What are some unexpected things to expect on the day of the wedding?' people who learned the hard way were ready to reveal their wisdom. Note to couples everywhere: remember to eat that food you paid for.


Guests not adhering to the RSVP. Like bringing extra people instead of the agreed upon number. Which in turn brings about shortage of seats and of food. Some weddings i've attended had the couple request the guests to not bring kids. - juice_in_my_shoes


You will be probably be too pestered by others to actually sit and eat your meal. My wife had boning (support structure) in her dress and it was uncomfortable for her to sit in and eat. We sat down to try and eat and her aunt and grandmother came over and were pestering her to see if everything was going fine.

My wife was already irritated from trying to sit in the dress and now her family wouldn't leave her alone for a minute. So I said, 'Let's go to the other room and eat.' and we grabbed our plates and went to the dressing room.

I unzipped her dress so she could slouch and eat and we lounged around for about 20 minutes watching college football. That 20 minute break was just enough for us to take a breath and relax before going back to the party. My wife wasn't irritable anymore and she and I both had a great evening after that.- forman98


The real wedding reception starts when all of those relatives you didn't really want to invite anyway go home and you're left with just your friends. You just raided the leftovers, and the DJ still has an hour that you paid for.

He's blasting a song that would have given Grandma a heart attack, and someone is drinking straight from a champagne bottle because they couldn't find a glass. You lost your tie long ago, and your wife just changed out of her dress. Finally, after all the ceremony and tradition, it is your night.

No one is going to give you unsolicited marriage advice, and you already forgot that offhand comment someone made about the food. It'll hit you then, through the exhaustion and merriment. You're married now, and for tonight at least all is right with the world. - Davran


Know that, 10 years from now, the unexpected things will be the ones you will most remember, that you’ll look back on fondly or laugh about. Leading up to the wedding all the focus goes into the small details.

But years later? I don’t remember what our centerpieces looked like, or what font we chose for the program, or what song played when we came into the reception. But I do remember when one friend threw a cream pie in the other one’s face.

Or when our DJ tried to play the whole Thriller album straight through. And countless other strange/funny things. It’s going to be a wild day; don’t stress, just soak it all in and enjoy it. - tyzik


Double, triple, AND quadruple check that your forgetful best friend, and out of state minister/officiant, has actually registered with YOUR state to be legally allowed to marry you. If not, you may have to get officially married three weeks later. Upside? We have a funny story and celebrate two anniversaries. - Pardon_my_baconess


Someone who said they would not be at the reception will show up. Make sure you either have a place ready or have other contingency plans. Also, something weather related will probably go wrong, because the universe has a weird sense of humor.

In my case, our dog bit my thumb to the bone about 20 minutes before I had to leave the house. Blood everywhere. Loads of fun. - doc_daneeka


If you are from a family that drinks semi-regularly:

It doesn't matter what you promised yourself, you WILL be a little hungover the day of your wedding. People will ply you with drinks at the rehearsal and there will be a party afterwards with your wedding party.

You'll be so happy to see everyone and so anxious about the big day that you won't realize how much you're drinking, and you probably won't even feel that drunk. But drink a few glasses of water before bed because you're going to have a headache for your 9 AM hair appointment the next day, and your skin better look good. - [deleted]


Someone might try to steal your thunder at the wedding, for example someone declaring their pregnancy or engagement, to make the day be a bit more about them than you. Then a lot of the focus on YOUR day will push over to other people. There's not a lot you can do in this situation aside from try not to invite the jealous centre of attention types. - NotLukeH


Thinking that the other people around you know what is going on. On my wedding day My father and brother and best man and me were in the hotel ready to leave, everyone else had already left and then we came to the realization no one knew how to get to Family farm of my fiances grandparents house. Where we were getting married. My wife thought for a sec wasn't showing up as we got there right on the nose. - djphatjive


If you're the groom, make a point of telling your bride how beautiful she looks. You'd think it'd be something that will come naturally, but that day is so full of stress and events and tons of people, you need to make a point of doing it so it doesn't slip your mind.- BradC


Bad weather, misbehaving children, illness in the wedding party, the building engineer forgetting to turn on the air conditioning, pictures taking longer than expected, wedding guests coming with children when there is no child care available.

I've seen all of this at other weddings -- my wife is a professional event planner and made sure none of that happened (or mattered) at ours. I recommend hiring a planner if you can afford it, they've seen it all and can anticipate problems. - wjbc


White dress + anywhere = stains. Bridesmaids, bring chalk. White chalk. Cover any smudge of makeup from Granny's hug or that little bug that got squished with a little bit of chalk. I've used this so many times I bring chalk to weddings even when I'm not in them.

Also, fully expect at least one person you didn't invite/ RSVPed no and showed up anyway/ said no date, brings date to come to the wedding. Most catering options will let you round the number up to the nearest five without too much cost. It's worth it. - SalemScout


Write your speech, if planning to make one. Same with vows. Have photos taken of each table group, even if the photographer says it is a silly idea. Do something memorable.

We did a group photo with nearly 100 people, many of whom are now departed. We made that photo the center image in our album. Dance with any relatives or friends you will miss the most when gone and have photos taken.

If going to a warm location for honeymoon take lots of sunscreen. My wife got a pretty bad sunburn while snorkeling (you forget that half of your body is exposed to direct sun). - [deleted]


You will forget something. Make sure it isn't the $500 cash your husband put in his rent-a-tux coat pocket. We got it back but our best man had to drive an hour back to our hotel to drop it off. -bippybup


Something WILL go wrong. It is unavoidable. The car that was supposed to drive us away from the venue after the reception didn't show up. You gotta just roll with it and realize that the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you are married to your best friend and love of your life. - iStillHavetoGoPee


When we got married, we set aside ~30 minutes after the ceremony/pictures and before the reception for my newly minted husband and I to go back to our room and just chill. Best f*cking decision ever.

It gave us some time to just talk and take in what had just happened. Husband devoured some leftover pizza since he had been to nervous to eat earlier, I got to take my dress off to pee and do up the bustle without anyone having to climb under my dress, and of course had a bit of a quickie.

But having that time to decompress and relax made the day so much less of a whirlwind, and really helped us to completely enjoy the reception. - PoemanBird


You will not remember any logistical details after the fact. Did you tip the caterers? No idea. Did you give the marriage license to the officiant? Uhhhh.

Basically, have other people in charge of ensuring each of those things gets covered because even if you make it happen, you won't remember and will scramble around for days after trying to get everything straight.

I have deadly allergies. The only time I'm more than 3' from my epipen is when I'm in my apartment. No idea where it was that day. I vaguely know I'd planned to have it on hand on the day of, but I didn't have any idea where it was. - TrashPandaBros

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