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18 married people reveal the biggest regret they have about their wedding day.

18 married people reveal the biggest regret they have about their wedding day.


Planning a wedding is a stressful and expensive undertaking that can send any normal person into a toddler-level tantrum over the shade of purple in a floral arrangement...

So, when a Reddit user asked married people of the internet, 'What is the one thing you regret most about your wedding?' it was time to share horror stories of family members that should've been kept off the guest list, overpriced vendors, wedding etiquette debates, cake mistakes, and more.


A receiving line. We put my mother-in-law in charge of everything because we were getting married in my husband's home town, but we were in school in a different state. She wanted a receiving line and we didn't fight her on it.

Turns out she invited the entire city. We didn't get to eat the catered food, didn't get to dance, didn't even get to cut our cake. They started serving and eating our cake because we were stuck in the foyer of the reception hall shaking hands with hundreds of people we didn't know and would never meet again. I cannot stress enough, just don't do a receiving line. - lozlemonsnightcheese


Focusing way too much on small details. Nobody cares what color the napkins are. It was my wedding and I don't remember what f*cking color they were. Get napkins, move on. No need to stress about that stuff. - glahtiguy


I was nervous and had no appetite. So much beautiful food wasted... - BitcoinBishop


That we chose December in Iowa to have it. Turned out there was a blizzard and 50% of the people couldn't make it. - ropepaelgen


I didn't realize I was wearing my hair ties on my wrists until the pictures came back. - warmglowingglowyglow


I wish we had just eloped and did it in Vegas. Both my parents and my MIL acted like asses. We had a very small wedding and the reception at my parent's house, but my mom insisted on putting the food in the basement (I still have no idea why) and my MIL was hysterical because she had to drive our car to her hotel. It was 8 miles away! We are about to celebrate our 21st anniversary. - gingerjuice


If it's a decent sized wedding, it's very hard to spend enough time with your valued guests. Make sure to at least say something to convey your heartfelt appreciation of them for enjoying that special day with you. (Especially if any of them traveled to attend) - Kronos_PRIME


Not banning cell phones from the ceremony. I only had 30 guests, but every pic of us at the altar has a cell phone in the air. I paid for professional pictures. I will send you some of you ask. Don't ruin all my pics with your stupid iPhone!! - [deleted]


Not getting around to all of the tables. There were 2 tables we missed bc my SO didn't want to go around during dinner. Still feel bad about it. Also, I wish we had dimmed the lights more during dancing.

We didn't get uplighting so they left the lights somewhat high and I feel like people didn't dance as much because they felt like everyone was watching. - CantThinkOfAnythint


Letting my mother steamroller about sooo much stuff. The main one, though, was when she told us that if we spent more than fifteen minutes having photos taken, our guests would get bored waiting.

So we literally had fifteen minutes for photos after the ceremony. We've been married for four years and I could still kick myself for listening to her about that. - eleanora_


My mother. She ruined it. Both my husband and I hated our wedding because she took over and did everything and then acted like she was doing us a wonderful favor. We didn't get to choose anything or do anything for it. I completely regret not putting my foot down and doing what I wanted. - Doc_Chickeneater


Buying the suit I wore...As a groom I rented and nothing fit right. All of my pictures showed. As much as my wife spent on her dress I could have spent the $500 to buy the perfect fitting suit. Really short sighted on my part. - tits_tuo_verbo_perso


My stepsister got engaged at my wedding reception, and I didn’t punch her or her fiance for it later. Apparently the two of them arranged the whole thing together - that he would pop the question halfway through the daddy-daughter dance. Their marriage lasted all of two years, as well. - Ferdinand_Feghoot


Allowing my sister in law to be a bridesmaid. She shouted at me and made me cry as I was putting my dress on - [deleted]


Inviting 75% of the people. Most of them I never see and are not involved in our lives. Would have rather spent the same amount of money on 25% of the people and had one hell of a high-end party. - yupyepyupyep


I planned our wedding in Boston from Atlanta, so I relied heavily on recommendations from friends, etc for vendors. The one thing I regret was finding the photographer online vs. getting a recommendation.

95% of our photos were pretty awful, and took about 6 months to get because the photographer was going through 'major life-altering events you wouldn't understand!' So yeah. My husband still grumbles about it to this day (9 years later!) but I see his point. - BunnyBunny13


My wife regrets not getting a videographer to capture some of the moments, and I regret trying to pull off a gag when I did the garter throw. It took too long and she got kind of embarrassed by it. - Maker_Of_Tar


We got married in Hawaii with a very small group of friends and family. The wedding itself was marvelously low key, very sweet and perfect for us. We just stuck around in Hawaii for the honeymoon.

But my family was still there. I do wish that my husband and I had a little more time just to ourselves. - SalemScout

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