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19 people share the absolute worst thing they've ever seen happen at a wedding.

19 people share the absolute worst thing they've ever seen happen at a wedding.


While a certain level of drama can be expected when it comes to weddings, attending a true nuptial disaster can be a rare, illuminating, or unfortunately hilarious experience recounted at every family holiday for years to come...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst thing you've witnessed happen at a wedding?' people were ready to share the most awkward, devastating, tacky, or downright crazy scenarios they saw as a guest at a cursed wedding from hell. Note: do NOT improvise your move when you cut the cake, do NOT experiment with chocolate fountains, and always eat before you decide to chug the open bar cheap champagne.


A fight broke out. Groom was getting married to his long enough time girlfriend and his children were not happy. They didn't appreciate the fact that their dad had moved on after the mom's death.

The mom had been dead 8 years, dad was with GF 3 years, all the kids are adults. Ever seen a 28 year old throw a tantrum like a 5 year old? You just can't look away.

The protested, interrupted the ceremony and complained the entire reception. There was a point where the father rounded up his 3 kids and chewed them out. He was just outside the main hall with the doors open so everybody is watching this go down. I feel for this guy, his kids are a*sholes.

It was a family friend so I have no idea if they are still married. I didn't know them that well at the time of the wedding. - NotTheCar


I was a groomsman for my best friend's wedding and we all had jobs to do. My job was to make sure the chocolate fountain stayed full. He told me all I had to do was dump chocolate chips in the fountain when it started running low. Boy was he wrong.

When I saw the fountain get low I added the chips into the bowl, then all of the sudden Armageddon happened! Chocolate started spraying all over the wall, all over me, all over the freaking bride! And to top it off, the fountain broke and started spinning around like crazy throwing more chocolate all over the place.

I was so stunned it took me a few seconds to unplug the thing out of the wall. The bride was actually totally cool about it but my buddy wasn't. (Now he laughs but he was pissed). Lesson learned, don't add chips to a chocolate fountain... - [deleted]


The bride hauled off and slugged the groom (closed fist, full draw-back, right cross) when he smushed the cake in her face after she warned him not to. They're still married 28 years later. - Adddicus


A tornado. My cousin had an outdoor window and suddenly it got very dark and it started raining then it stopped. It kept repeating over so we moved to the reception hall 15 minutes away and the tornado came for it. Wasn't too bad; windows broke because a tree came through it. - ImSayinDoe


Technically it was after the wedding, but during the same night. At the after party, a friend got blackout drunk and thought it was a good idea to stick a wine glass into the ceiling fan. Glass went everywhere, luckily only cutting him. - AtWorkAccount1


I had a stomach virus on my wedding day. I went to the altar with a bag in my tuxedo pocket. The pastor said 'I'll keep the ceremony short'. After pictures I went and puked up what was left of my stomach contents, mainly water and pepto bismol tablets. After the wedding my mom, dad and sister got sick from me. - TheVoiceOfRiesen


It was the wedding of an acquaintance that I got dragged to by friends who were close to her. First the bride was an hour late because apparently the limo forgot to get her. I have no idea how that happened but she showed up wind blown and rumpled in her little Honda finally.

By now it was getting dark, thanks to the delay, and since it was an outdoor wedding people were doing lots of flash photography which caused the maid of honor to have a seizure. It was kind of surreal because they continued the ceremony with the MoH off to the side waiting for an ambulance.

I left at this point because I hate parties, but my friends told me the bride's mom got trashed and started screaming her daughter's wedding had been ruined, and proceeded to flip over the table with the gifts on it. - AbortRetryImplode


Someone else proposed marriage- without the wedding couple's permission- to his girlfriend with a giant sparkly ring that made the drunken bride sad, the groom annoyed, the proposee awkward, and a whole room full of people wondering how someone could so be so tacky to steal someone's thunder. - lobolita


A groom got punched hard in the face at a wedding reception at the hotel I used to work at. It happened late in the night out on the driveway where not many people were around. He was a really nice guy but evidently one of his guests had some kind of issue with him.

His nose was busted and there was blood all over so I took him up to his room by the service lift where none of his guests would see. He cleaned up and I got him a new white shirt from housekeeping's staff section but nothing was gonna hide that massive cut across his face, poor guy - babyshakes


Bridesmaid's hair caught on fire via the massive display of candles behind her. About 5 minutes after the commotion subsides, a groomsman passed out. And yes, the couple did divorce about 1 year after the wedding. - jomaflo


One of the bride's good friends got shitfaced early on and was a hot mess. Crying, she sloppily goes over to hug the bride (as soon as she and the groom walked into the reception) and spilled red wine all over the bride's dress. Panic ensued. - do_right_now


It's actually happened at EVERY wedding on one side of my family- the receptions end in a brawling free-for-all. The highlight is my great uncle grabbing some member of the other family by the tie to hold them in place while he punches them in the face repeatedly. No one ever warns the other family about it, but it's a tradition. - knotby9


Saw someone on the Bride and Groom's table take a loud phonecall in the middle of the best man's speech. He even said 'I can't hear you, someone is making a speech. We all thought it was a joke until the Bride's father got really angry and told him to hang up. It was awkward - ok_showme


I was tending bar at a wedding reception. The Father of the Bride was at the bar all night, hardly moved, in fact he just slapped a $100 bill on the bar and said '7 and 7's, keep 'em coming.'

No problems here, especially since it was an open bar. I should add here that I only gave him two at full strength and a watered down third. I then had to switch over to waiting tables, so I think he had a few more or had a stash somewhere.

Anyways, about an hour later, the Father of the Bride starts to walk off and bumps into a statue. He reels around, says something to the statue, then, I kid you not, takes a swing at it. He manages to get two or three more in before someone drags him off. - [deleted]


I went to a wedding where the only drinks were coffee and a blue rum punch. It was July and incredibly hot. All of the kids thought the punch was koolaid so a server had to stand there to make sure no kid had a glass. Eventually a line formed up by the water fountain next to the restroom and we decided it was time to leave. - discoveri


My boss's wedding. Guy I have known for 13+ years total drunk. Reception just started hes hammered and trying to pick up the best mans breast feeding wife...while she was breast feeding...he tried to pick her up while obnoxiously staring shudder. The best man ends up punching him out . He ends up trying to punch out a bathroom stall . Needless to say he got thrown out all within the first 15 minutes - imperialpornography


Went to a wedding in Texas and the bride got so hammered at the reception she was picking up various glasses off the table, throwing up in them, and then setting them back down - completely oblivious.

Later, we were all going to see them off in a romantic horse drawn carriage ride around Austin - the bride refuses to get in the carriage and won't stop petting and kissing the horse. They go around the block once and she is just passed out cold on his shoulder. He had to carry her back inside and put her to bed - in front of everyone. - shaz4


A Mexican girl was marrying this white guy in So Cal. Super nice people, nice ceremony, nice reception, cool music and drinks and stuff. Everything was going smoothly. Then it was time for the groom's brother to speak.

He was already drunk. So he gets up to the mic and starts saying how 'weird' and 'different' it is down here and how there's 'haha soooo many hot Mexican girls bro I get it! I get it!' Referring to his marriage to this girl.

Then he turns to the bride's family and starts speaking some awful drunken Spanglish like 'I don't know if ya'll even know what I'm saying right now. H-Hola!--haha--this wedding is muuuy buuueNO! Si? Si? Haha! I don't really speak Spanish...'Oh my God. Her whole family just had the ':|' face the entire time until he stopped. It was all cringey. - PepperoniJustice


(I once attended a wedding where the mother of the bride wore a long white dress. It was sparkly and fancier than the dress the bride wore. It was awkward. She stood out more than the bride did when the family stood together pictures - Omariamariaaa

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