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Bride furious children were brought to the same state as her child free wedding.

Bride furious children were brought to the same state as her child free wedding.


Child free weddings are ever common and a reasonable request, especially for destination ceremonies. But what if that request extended to your entire trip?

A baffled sister in law came to Reddit to ask:

'AITA (Am I the A-hole) for bringing my kids to a destination wedding?'

icannoteven888 writes:

My husband and I traveled to Hawaii for my SIL’s destination wedding last month. They did NOT help pay for travel or hotel costs, so everyone who was invited had to pay out of pocket. The wedding itself was explicitly stated as being childfree, which I can respect!

However, a lot of the married folks in our families have little kids and they’ve never seen Hawaii yet. Plus given the fact that we’re already having to pay for the trip ourselves and grandma can’t babysit the kids at home because she’s traveling to Hawaii too, it just more sense for us to bring the kids along.

Who doesn't love a family vacation?

We planned fun events and trips for the kids between wedding events and some parents took turns babysitting. It all worked out well for us and the kids were ecstatic to come along.

My SIL however has been stirring up a bunch of drama afterwards saying we made the entire trip about our kids and no one cared about her wedding day which is not true at all … are we really the a-holes here?

Here's what Reddit had to say...

thirdtryisthecharm wants to know:

INFO: Did you miss wedding events or end up arriving late or leaving early to do stuff with your kids?

OP answers:

Nope! I was there at all of the wedding events. The kiddo trips were only between wedding events.

NotCreativeAtAll16 comments:

NTA (Not the a-hole). So now the whole trip needs to be about the bride? You followed the rules. I understand wanting to bring your kids with you on what is essentially to most people their family vacation. You didn't bring them to any wedding activities. Bravo! This is 100% how you handle childfree destination weddings!

Kolob619 agrees:

The bride can absolutely dictate who is welcome at her wedding. She isn't the empress of Hawaii who can ban your kids from the islands by royal decree.

celticmusebooks sees it differently:

You appear to be specifically dodging the question of who actually watched your children during the actual wedding and the reception? You say it wasn't you but for some reason won't say who it was, making me wonder if it's the fact that some guests skipped the festivities to babysit for you which would kind of make you a bit of an AH and justify the bride being hurt.

Dipping_My_Toes defends OP:

Your SIL does not get to dictate that multiple families will all leave their children perhaps thousands of miles away for several days to a week and ban them from an entire state to feed her bridezilla ego.

And for everyone who keeps screeching about 'you made the grandparents watch the kids and miss the wedding' and all that garbage--read the post. There were several families who brought children, various parents took turns watching so no one had to miss everything.

There is no indication that anyone had to miss the actual wedding--it may amaze some of you, but hotels in places like that frequently have babysitting services that could have been employed during the main event. Quit acting as if the mother of the bride had to miss the entire wedding to sit with the kids!

And given that this was apparently over several days with multiple wedding activities, SIL can go kick rocks if she's going to whine that not every single person invited spent every single second of every single event kissing her ass.

Given that she decided to have this circus in a ridiculously expensive location for guests to travel and stay, she should be grateful to those who put up the money and made the effort and STFU.

Well, there you have it!

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