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'AITA for kicking out my MIL for ruining my wedding?'

'AITA for kicking out my MIL for ruining my wedding?'


"AITA for kicking out my MIL for ruining my wedding?"

He wrote:

I 24 Male recently got married to my wife, me and her MIL have a past since we were together, I always knew she hated me but I never thought she would take it this far.

My MIL was living in our house for a while because she couldn’t find a place and she didn’t want to get put in a home, the whole time living in MY HOUSE she has been ungrateful refusing to pay bills and won’t thank for the food me and my wife bring. It has became a problem but I never thought to much of it.

I asked the big question in Las Vegas specifically The Roller Ferris Wheel and it was perfect, our wedding day was thought out specifically in what date where who we were gonna hire and our dance. Our wedding happened 10 months later after all the planning, it was like perfect.

I was shocked to find out my MIL picked the “best” white dress to wear and it made my wife and I upset. The pictures looked like I was marrying 2 brides and one so old and it was just bad. It came to “revealing the bride and walking down the aisle” the whole time my MIL had the rudest look on her face so unhappy and holding a grudge.

We come to the vows and once we all finish those she tells “Oh please!” And I was shocked and everyone gasped I cannot believe she said that and when I was about to tell security that was there to kick her out my wife interfered for to not kick her out.

It came to our special dance and it was bad the mother was watching with a stink face and then in the middle of our dance which was a quiet slow dance like song she yelled “GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER BACK” and I snapped. I had a bad mood for the rest of my wedding and so did my wife I was so angry and I was at my boiling point.

We finished the wedding and when everyone got home I snapped the time she walked in the hallway. I belting in the most passive aggressive way “ get out, pack your bags and get your stuff and leave now” she was HORRIFIED and started apologizing. I did not buy it and made her pack her bags and to leave by tomorrow.

my wife didn’t do anything to stop me and it kind of made me think she wanted her gone too. We applied her for a senior living home for her and she had to pay her own bills to live. She has been nice and humble since then. Randomly my wife came up to me and said that I went too far and should’ve let her stay should I have let her stay and AITA?

Do you think he "went too far" in kicking out his MIL?

This is what top commenters had to say:

Apart-Ad-6518 said:

NTA. MIL may be guilt tripping your wife though. Please be patient with your wife as this probably isn't easy for her even though she knows MIL is an AH. MIL showed what she's capable of by ruining your wedding. Please don't let her do the same to your marriage.

Bargle-Nawdle-Zouss said:

Get your MIL out of your collective lives ASAP. Consider going No Contact, at least on your part. Actions have consequences, and her consequence is to leave your home. Heaven forbid your wife backpedals on this and insists that her mother be allowed to stay/move back in, be ready to seek an annulment to the wedding. Let your wife know this IS a hill you will die on. NTA

CartographerPlane685 said:

NTA- sounds like your wife is only saying g anything after the fact because MIL has been in her ear. MIL is clearly disrespectful of you, her daughter and your relationship and you are not obligated to put up with her main character BS.

Bonnm42 said:

NTA but if your wife is okay with her Mother disrespecting you and ruining your wedding, you don’t just have a MIL problem, you have a wife problem too. She should of been the one to kick her Mother out, or better yet, shut down her entitled behavior, before the wedding.

And blackwillow-99 said:

NTA but you and your wife should do counseling. She needs to do individual and see how her mother was wrong. Your wife needs to stand for you and the marriage nor for her mom.

Verdict: NTA, with a side of your wife's TA. Do you agree?

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