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Bride asks if she was wrong for photoshopping niece out for wearing white. AITA?

Bride asks if she was wrong for photoshopping niece out for wearing white. AITA?


'AITA for having my niece’s dress photoshopped because she wore white to my wedding?'


So I (30f) got married, yay! Honestly, it was my dream wedding, everything went off without a hitch. Except for one small thing; my niece’s (16) dress.

It was a white, lacy knee length dress. She even wore lace elbow length gloves! Honestly, it looked just like a wedding dress. I didn’t say anything to her or her parents (by brother and SIL) in the moment, and I tried my best to ignore it. But when I got the first drafts back from our photographer, I couldn’t stand when I saw her in her white dress standing next to me.

My husband saw how upset I was, and suggested that we pay extra to get my niece’s dress photoshopped to a light blue. We thought it through, and since we had some budget left, we went for it.

Well, last week, we got the final photos back and they looked great! I could hardly even tell that my niece was originally wearing white, and she still looked really nice.

I posted some of the photos on social media, and my SIL messaged me and was angry that I photoshopped my niece without checking with her (my SIL) first. She accused me of thinking my niece was ugly and of body shaming her. To be clear, I did not have her body photoshopped, only the color of her dress and gloves.

I don’t think I’m in the wrong, but this situation has been stressing me out, so AITA?

Edit: small clarification: the picture I posted was a large group shot that my niece is in. I wasn’t trying to showcase the photoshop at all.

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NTA. If she didn’t want the dress to be photoshopped, she shouldn’t have let her daughter attend a wedding in a lacy white dress! The nerve of that woman!


SIL is ticked... she's probably the one who helped pick the dress and gloves and encouraged this. Niece may not know, doubtful at her age in 2023 but SIL did.


My spidey sense says the white dress was a deliberate affront, and when you finessed around it they got more combative and made up a grievance. NTA.


NTA. And this is could be more deliberately nasty than the women who personally wear white to ruin the bride’s day. If SIL chose to have the niece wear a white dress —-What is the bride going to do? Yell at a teenager? Kick out a teenager? Throw red wine on her niece?

OP, have you had other problems with SIL?


NTA. They were wrong to have her wearing white to a wedding to begin with. Instead of getting mad and making a scene, you and your husband used logic (and technology) to fix the problem in the photos. Great thinking!

So, do you think this bride overreactred or was she just trying to make the most of her 'perfect day?'

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