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Bride doesn't invite sister to wedding for being '3 months too young'; sis goes NC.

Bride doesn't invite sister to wedding for being '3 months too young'; sis goes NC.


Every couple has the right to invite who they want to their wedding, and 'child-free' is an increasingly popular option. But how strict should the age cut-off be?

When a teenager on the cusp of adulthood was blindsided by her sister's decision, she came to Reddit to ask if she overreacted. Here's the post with top comments.

'AITA (Am I the A-hole) for not attending my sisters wedding after she almost didn't invite me because I'm under 18?'


My (17F) sister (24F) is getting married in the fall. When she and her fiance started planning things a few weeks ago, they said it was gonna be no kids. I didn't think anything of that at first, I assumed she meant like 13+ or something like that.

That was weird though, because she never came to me about anything wedding related like she did with the rest of the family.

So last week, I asked her if she needed help with anything, and asked if she wanted me wearing a specific dress or something like that. She said no, why would I? I'm not going.

She explained that no kids means no kids, no exceptions. So I'm too young by three months to attend.

That's extreme, even by bridezilla standards.

I was really hurt by that, and told our parents. They didn't know I wasn't invited, so my dad told her either she lets me come or she's not getting their half of the money.

Good for Dad!

She did invite me, but she made a big show of how she didn't want me there.

So I said screw it, don't bother. Since she doesn't want me there I won't be.

She just shouldn't expect things to go back to normal after.

We used to be really close, and we text a lot even after she moved out. Not anymore though, I blocked her on everything and I'm not speaking to her.

IDK if our relationship can recover from this, but if we do, it's gonna be up to her to fix it. My parents say I'm overreacting, but this really hurt me.

Do you think OP is overreacting? Here's what Reddit had to say...

Kubuubud comments:

NTA (Not the a-hole). My sister had a no kids wedding when I was like 15/16 and she made the the maid of honor. Siblings are an exception to the rule in my book

mybeating_heartbeat says:

3 MONTHS SHY OF 18?!? Nah, your sister is something else! Let her explain to the whole family why you’re not there. You are absolutely NOT overreacting! I just don’t understand why she would do this if you girls actually had a good relationship? Is there a possibility your Future BIL doesn’t like you? That he could be the reason why she’s acting this way?

OP replies:

Maybe? He doesn't like me but he's never come off as controlling or anything.

dartmanx asks:

INFO: how is your sister reacting to the blocking and cut contact?

OP answers:

I don't really know, my parents say she feels bad, but she hasn't shown up or tried to apologize through them.

firenoodles responds:

If she truly felt bad she would have apologized directly to you. She doesn't feel bad, she just wants your parents money. Have a wonderful day doing something YOU love for the day of her wedding. So that even if she apologizes you have a prior commitment and cannot attend.

Murky_Tale_1603 warns:

If the sister tries pulling the whole “I did invite her!” BS, OP should just let everyone know that it was only after daddy was going to pull funding, and sis was rude AF to OP about the whole situation. OP is actually the bigger person here by not attending an event they’re not wanted at. Sis can kick rocks. NTA.

Frost-King sums it up:

Couples have a right to choose who attends their wedding, while the people they snub have just as much a right to be hurt by their actions and cut them off in response.

Well, there you have it!

It's never ideal to cut off a family member that was once close, but this bride doesn't seem to realize the damage she's done and continues to do. It's up to her to fix this, not OP.

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