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'AITA for putting my wedding in the same season as my sister's 18th birthday?'

'AITA for putting my wedding in the same season as my sister's 18th birthday?'


We can all agree it's rude to 'steal the spotlight' at someone's big event, but how long is that spotlight supposed to last?

A confused bride-to-be asked Reddit:

'AITA for putting my wedding in the same season as my sister's 18th birthday?'

asdf6565 writes:

I'm getting married this October. Situation is, my sister's 18th birthday is on September 1st, and she's throwing a huge party for it with family and friends. I always wanted a Halloween-themed wedding, so I decided to put my wedding around the end of October.

Doesn't seem like there's an issue so far...

When I told my parents about the date, they were fine with it, but later on my sister sent me furious, and angry messages about how I'm the worst sister for taking away the 'spotlight' from her birthday.

Even though I promised her I would not talk about the wedding at her party, (and so did my parents, also nobody else knows about the wedding date yet), she's still calling me names whenever I'm around, and uninvited me from her birthday.

Big reaction!

My parents think I'm in the right, but my mother did tell me that I could've put the wedding for next year.

My boyfriend and I had a talk, and we decided that we don't want to wait a whole year for the next Halloween, but we had the idea to put it in November.

My sister still wasn't fine with it, so we decided to keep the late October date.

AITA (Am I the a-hole) here?

Reddit had a field day with OP's spoiled sis...

like_a_road can't believe it:

What kinda tomf*ckery is this??? Her birthday is basically two whole months before your wedding, the spotlights been off for weeks! NTA and I hope your wedding and marriage is wonderful!!

OP responds:

Thank you:) She told me how I was always the 'favorite' of the family, and I can't even give her 'a single event' or occasion to celebrate.

lovely_aria_ann comments:

NTA but boy oh boy is your sister. Technically, her birthday is in the summer and your wedding is in fall. Problem solved. You're not even getting married in the same MONTH as her birthday. By the time you get married, her birthday party will be a distant memory.

Ok_Stable7501 says:

Don’t make her a bridesmaid… she will make it all about her.


I wasn't planning to.

Madeline_Kawaii writes:

If someone in the family got pregnant and announced they were due in the fall, I wonder if OP’s sister would insist they have an abortion just for her. Or if someone were graduating, would she demand they fail all their classes for the semester so they’d graduate later?

This girl is beyond ridiculous and the level of entitlement and immaturity she’s displaying at her near adult age is embarrassing.

OP adds to her original post:

Edit: Thank you kind people. I understand I was not the AH here, and considering to not invite my sister to my wedding. I will finalize the date for October, and not apologize to my sister.

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