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Woman shares story of having to bid for dinner at wedding; 'It was in such poor taste.'

Woman shares story of having to bid for dinner at wedding; 'It was in such poor taste.'


'Not just a gift and a dollar dance, but also bidding for dinner'


I attended a wedding of a coworker with a few other people from work. I knew the wedding was going to be interesting based on the sheer amount of stuff on their wedding registry (season tickets to a local sports team, expensive Halloween and Christmas decorations, expensive camera, three Yeti coolers, home office furniture…)

At the reception, instead of calling tables up by table number, guests had to bid to eat. Basically we were asked to pool cash or use venmo (with convenient QR codes on the table cards).

The table with the most cash would get to go to the buffet first. Then, bidding would start over again. To make it worse, after the first round yielded a top bid of $200, the DJ actually asked everyone to “do better.”

It was taking forever and in such poor taste that someone at our table offered to run to a nearby fast food place and forgo dinner altogether.

To clarify, the 'bidding' starting over each time meaning they didn’t award first, second, third place in line based on the total amount. It means after the first table won, there was a chance for the other tables to rebid. I think they assessed the total each round.

Also, I will admit I’m a bit judgey about the registry. They just seemed so greedy. The $100 glass witches hat figurines and multiple Yeti coolers just felt like they were trying to get as much as they could, regardless of what they actually need/would use. This is the same couple that has a GoFundMe for every financial hiccup in their lives.

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This is the trashiest thing I’ve ever heard of 😳😬


My cousin, who I love dearly, got married at the mobile Alabama community center. They served box wine and her wedding was definitely nicer than whatever OP attended.


That’s awful. I would have left and taken my gift back.


I would have got up and fixed myself a plate from the buffet. If my whole table did it, what’s she going to do about it? And if she did make the seriously foolish attempt at calling me out, she would totally regret it. I would tell her cheap ass off while standing there with my plate full of buffet food.


'That’s awful. I would have left and taken my gift back.'

Absolutely. If I've already bought a gift and taken the time to attend your wedding, don't try to extort more money out of me for the privilege of getting to eat. If I'm going to have to buy my own dinner there are plenty of restaurants on the way home that I'm sure will offer better than a typical bland wedding buffet. And my gift will be leaving with me.


That’s really tacky and gross. I would have walked out and gone to get dinner somewhere else, since I have to pay for it anyway.


Welp …….. I thought the post about the couple who thought they would get bartenders’ tips instead of the bartenders was the worst wedding entitlement story ever.……. I was wrong


Some a**hole probably saw this at a charity golf outing and a tacky lightbulb went off.


I've seen some trashy, money-grabby stuff in this sub but this might actually be the trashiest & money-grabbiest.

What ever happened to a wedding reception as a celebration, a party hosted by the wedding couple as a gift to those they love enough to share the beginning of their journey together?Am I really just that out of touch?


There is ZERO chance I would have 'bid' anything at all. How incredibly rude and tacky.


Why wouldn't you walk out? A coworker or not, you leave when something like this happens. Which I have never heard of. Every person who stayed and participated should be ashamed. They condoned this kind of behavior.

This isn't ok. I think that's why people are getting away with so much now. People don't stand up for themselves. I truly hope this didn't happen.


I need to know. When you say they started bidding over again and it took forever, were people just losing money on each round?

Obviously this was taken from charity or fundraising dinners. Except at charity dinners it's a desert dash (never seen a dinner dash!) usually for items donated by local bakeries for the purpose, and bidding does not begin again for multiple rounds. Highest table goes first, then the next, etc. after a single round of gathering the envelopes at tables.

The desert dash event is mentioned in the invite so everyone knows to bring cash if they want to contribute in this way, and it's a desert dash and not a dinner dash so that no one gets hangry waiting to eat. I can't believe people didn't walk out. I would think the process described was bad form even at a charity event.

So, do you think this was completely tacky or should anyone be allowed to organize their special day any way they please?

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