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Bride accuses SIL of treating her like 'poor person,' serves guests spoiled food.

Bride accuses SIL of treating her like 'poor person,' serves guests spoiled food.


In-laws have a bad reputation for being a burden at every holiday or a passive aggressive nightmare of awkward group chats and snide comments from the kitchen, but enduring a brutally bad wedding is a classic 'other side of the family' obligation...

So, when a wedding guest consulted the hilariously petty 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit about a disastrous wedding from the 7th layer of hell, people were eager to pile on this entitled, bratty, and delusional bride from the other side.

Sister-in-law guilt trips everyone over honeymoon funds...

My BIL ' Jim' married his long time girlfriend 'Cathy' in June. They had a 2 year engagement, as my in-laws were apprehensive of Cathy. To me, Cathy is a very immature and pushy person. It's always her way or no way. Jim is not a pushy person, so when it came to wedding planning, he didn't really participate.

When they first became engaged, I offered my support and assistance. She thought this meant lots of money since my husband and I are very financially stable. So she started sending me lots of pdfs of wedding venues, dresses, even doves she wanted for her wedding.

I talked to Cathy about these, mentioning I was more looking to help with diy materials and smaller items, as I don't think we would be willing to pay +$1500 for doves.

Were the doves made of golden diamond-encrusted $100 bills wrapped in locks of Kardashian hair?

Cathy didn't take that well, so my husband had a talk with his brother, and Cathy stopped messaging me. A month before the wedding, she asked for my husband, son, and daughter to all be in the wedding party and to wear a specific color.

I told her we were flattered, but getting that specific color would be a miracle 5 weeks before the wedding. She then said I was sabotaging her day by treating her as a 'poor person.' My MIL stepped in and asked that we pay for the extra and 'keep the peace.' So we did.

Don't worry, it only gets worse from here...

We traveled 10+ hours to the destination only to find out that this was a random person's back yard. She proceeded to mock my daughter's flats (she asked for heels in a Carmel color) and tell me that I was going to take pictures of the wedding, since her photographer won't be coming.

I said no since I have never taken professional photos before, and two, I would have to use my husband's camera that I'm not familiar with. She then cried to her mom, who made the photographer come when she was sick. I could tell she was sick because she kept puking in the grass between takes.

The ceremony was fine, until she cried about someone hunting, and there were bugs in the air. The reception was another story. Her kid sister (9?) Proceeded to eat 26 cupcakes sometime during the morning.

Her parents forgot to refrigerate any of the cold items for the taco bar (sour cream, cheese, meats) so everything smelled awful. The person doing the music forgot his CD with her playlist, so he played from his phone, and couldn't find her favorite song from Celine Dion 'My Heart Will Go On.'

By the end of the night, she grabbed the mic from the pastor during the toasts and prayers and proceeded to bash anyone who had not ordered from her registry or brought a gift card/money for the honeymoon to the wedding. How did she know this? During one of the time the photographer couldn't stop puking, Cathy proceeded to open all of the cards without Jim.

Best part, the photographer lost her photos and now she wants a redo with everyone come for Thanksgiving day and doing her pictures again. WE SAID NO.

Yikes...there's truly so much to unpack here (the puking? the tacos?) but here's what the judgmental jury of internet strangers had to say about this mess...

needfulsalsa said:

It gets worse and worse as I read. But I still find it funny. Bashing for gifts over mic takes the award

LoudComplex0692 said:

The bride sounds horrendously entitled, but it really was the photographer's job to make sure they have a replacement if they come down ill on the day. And losing the photos is unforgivable.

www_dot_no said:

Don’t we love another good old family gathering

SnooWords4839 said:

I would skip Thanksgiving this year!!

RoxyMcfly said:

You are a Saint because once she insulted my kid, I would have turned around and left and maybe throw one of your daughters flats at her. What an entitled BAD WORD. Just wait till she gets pregnant. You need to not allow your MIL talk you into doing ANYTHING in an effort to keep the peace.

Note: RSVP 'No' the second the bride starts asking you about doves. Good luck, everyone!

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