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Bride asks if kissing her male 'Bestie of Honor' before the wedding was 'cold feet.'

Bride asks if kissing her male 'Bestie of Honor' before the wedding was 'cold feet.'


Getting 'cold feet' before walking down the aisle and texting everyone you've ever met asking to validate all your romantic choices is a relatively normal feeling, but cheating is dangerous territory...

So, when a confused rom-com reminiscent bride decided to consult the delightfully petty and hardcore 'Wedding Shaming' Reddit group, strangers of the internet were more than ready to roast her into a puddle of white lace dust.

'Please no judgment, I cheated on my fiancé...'

Maybe her first mistake was posting 'don't judge me' in a group that's designed to judge...or was the cheating her first mistake? Let the debates begin, Happy Hunger Games!

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Everyone knows that unless you're living in a rose-filtered movie universe, you're supposed to sort out your feelings with your 'just friends' bestie BEFORE you say yes to spending your life with someone else...

It seems suspicious that this obvious sexual tension never came up before? Yes, it was a just a kiss, but the person she's about to marry probably wouldn't want a guy she just kissed standing next to her on her wedding day.

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was eager to chime in on this wedding disaster...

joreanasarous said:

Sounds like the plotline of a 90s/early 2000s RomCom.

suzi_generous said:

I doubt very much if the kiss “came out of nowhere” for your bestie. He probably has either hung around waiting for you to return his feelings or thought he could just stay friends but decided to risk everything at the end because you were going to commit to your FH.

He’s likely not going to admit to it because it’s manipulative and you would probably end the friendship if you were going to get married anyway. Think back on who brought up the possibility of a future relationship.

Rhamona_Q said:

5 bucks and a slice of pizza says he was always waiting for her to 'come to her senses'. Since she's actually entertaining the idea, he may have been right about it too.

Glitterini said:

Good lord…. Don’t. Get. Married.

Remember everyone: if you want to live out your rom-com dreams, you can just join a flash-mob in central park or have a shallow conversation at a coffee shop with your coworker, you don't need to kiss your Man of Honor!

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