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Bride asks if she was wrong to 'blow up' on sister who flaked on bringing the cake.

Bride asks if she was wrong to 'blow up' on sister who flaked on bringing the cake.


Weddings can notoriously turn otherwise chill people into 'Zilla demons from the seven bridal seas, but what do you do when your cake is MIA on your 'big day?'

So, when a conflicted bride decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Am I the As*hole' about her sister dropping the ball on her wedding cake, people were quick to help deem a verdict.

AITA (Am I the As*hole) for blowing up at my sister after she didn't pick up the cake for my wedding?

I (F31) got married a few days ago and that's when all of this went down. I still feel really upset and most people who know of the situation are understanding, but some are calling me selfish and an a*s.

My sister 'Liz' (F29) was supposed to pick up the wedding cake and bring it to the venue. She wasn't a part of the bridal party (I wanted her to be my MOH but she refused because she had 'so many feelings going on, her words) so she wasn't going to come early with them, but she offered to pick it up from the bakery and bring it when they come at the start of the ceremony.

We wanted to cut the cake straight after dinner, which would be served after the ceremony and then dancing and drinks later. So many things were going wrong during the wedding planning so I thought this was the one thing someone would have by back for.

During the ceremony I couldn't see Liz or her husband anywhere, but I wasn't really paying attention and I thought they might've just gone out for air or something. The ceremony went well and the caterers were starting to bring dinner out, when I heard that Liz wasn't here and neither was the cake.

I tried calling her and my parents also called her multiple times, but she didn't pick up. I guess I was losing my cool a bit because my husband told me to calm down and he'd call the bakery, when they said that the cake hasn't even been picked up.

At this time, Liz finally decided to call back, she sounded like she was crying and said she was sorry for not getting the cake, she got caught up with something with her husband.

Before I could ask anything she hung up. I was losing my mind at this point, yes I know it might seem a bit dramatic for all this fuss over a cake but I just didn't want to encounter these sorts of problems on my wedding day.

We ended up having to delay the cake cutting until right at the end, after a groomsman literally bolted to pick it up (and the bakery was pretty far from the venue too).

Mom left after the speeches, I asked her why she was leaving and she said that Liz messaged her and she's going to go check on them. Dad stayed at least, but it still stung that mom left like that. The rest of the reception went smoothly enough.

The next day I messaged Liz saying that she could've at least let someone know as soon as possible that she couldn't attend or pick up the cake, and it would've saved a lot of headache.

Mind you, I was very polite despite all the drama she caused. Liz went off at me, cursing me out and calling me all sorts of names.

I blew up after that and said that not everything's about her and she couldn't do anything for me in this big moment of my life, and even mom left for her. My parents are saying that I went overboard and need to apologize to Liz.

Later, she edited the post to include:

I found out later Liz's husband collapsed and was taken to hospital, which I understand but my point was that she could've at least told someone

While it appears to have been deleted from the current version, many commenters noted that this bride's brother-in-law has cancer.

Regardless, once that hospital detail emerged, you'd think this bride would be more forgiving, but it appears that isn't the case? In what world does she think that a cake is more important than her sister's husband's health and life?

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was more than eager to weigh in on this wedding drama. Here's what people had to say:

coppeliuseyes said:

A cake isn't important than your brother-in-law's life. Of course, the jury of internet strangers was eager to weigh in on this gorgeous wedding drama. Here's what people had to say. YTA (You're the As*hole).

You failed to mention in your post that her husband had late stage cancer and collapsed. You made it sound like she's some kind of drama queen ('so many feelings going on?' really? Her husband is DYING!) How are you this heartless? Do you really care more about a cake than the health of your BIL?

Tight-Swing8963 said:

'AITA: My sister left my wedding (and cake) b/c her husband collapsed from sarcoma?' There, I fixed it for you, you as*hole. YTA.

Useful_Marsupial_896 said:

YTA. 10 times over. Why didn't you put in the main post that her husband has sarcoma and he collapsed, and that's why she didn't come? Sneaky AF to try and get some sympathy!! Next you'll be posting 'AITA for blowing up at my husband for not having sex with me on our honeymoon?' and we'll find out the poor guy was in hospital with a heart attack!! You are one heartless witch!!

No_Brilliant_706 said:

YTA; I' m not going to lie, i initially thought liz could’ve intentionally sabotaged your wedding but after seeing your comment, i think you’re the AH. her husband COLLAPSED AND WENT TO THE HOSPITAL for crying out loud. that’s a key detail you should’ve included in your post.

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this bride is 100% in the wrong here. The selfish universe she lives in where a cake trumps her family's health is a dark one. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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