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Bridezilla demands refund after canceling makeup artist because of her 'lifestyle.'

Bridezilla demands refund after canceling makeup artist because of her 'lifestyle.'


Canceling on a wedding vendor because you're unhappy with their work is understandable, but what about when a bride is convinced that a makeup artist's tolerance of all types of families will effect her contour?

So, when a hilariously confused bride's venting session about feeling entitled to a non-refundable refund from her ex-wedding makeup artist, was shared on the gloriously petty and judgmental group, 'Wedding Shaming', people were eager to pile on.

Bride cancels makeup artist because she's not married and has kids. Bride wants deposit back...

'She's ok with not being married with children' and that doesn't 'sit well' with you? Oh no...

Who is going to tell this bride that this makeup artists acceptance of many different family structures and relationships isn't going to change how she does her job?

'Sorry you're eyeshadow was too glittery and your cheekbone highlight didn't pop enough in the photos--it must be because your makeup artist decided to raise a family without throwing an expensive party to celebrate a piece of paper.' 'Oh, your lashes aren't long enough? Must be because the makeup artist had a baby one year before she got married.'

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was eager to weigh in on this mess. Here's what people had to say:

Spindilly said:

...What does she think nonrefundable means exactly?

BunInTheSun27 said:

My job, which requires being on the computer all day, allows me to message back immediately. This lady, whose job requires working with her hand all day, cannot message me back immediately. Also I want my non refundable deposit back…because I want it! I am very sympathetic.

katedarko said:

MUA dodged a bullet lol.

delicious_downvotes said:

'She's ok with not being married with children' THE HORROR. Seriously, that woman deserves the deposit for having to deal with this bride. ALSO, YOU ALREADY KNEW IT WAS NON-REFUNDABLE??? 'But since I don't like you personally, I should get a refund...' ahahahaa kick rocks, lady!

So, there you have it!

Not a single person was on this bride's side, but luckily this makeup artist dodged a potentially disastrous client from the depths of the seven Yelp seas. Good luck, everyone (except this bride).

Sources: Reddit
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