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Bride 'fires' Maid of Honor in case she's pregnant, 'it's the one day all about me.'

Bride 'fires' Maid of Honor in case she's pregnant, 'it's the one day all about me.'


Having a vision board for your wedding aesthetic is normal, but organizing your bridal party based on private details of their future family planning is crossing a line...

So, when a frustrated ex-MOH decided to vent to the gloriously judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit about getting fired from her wedding role, people were eager to hear the juicy gossip.

My best friend fired me as her maid of honor because I might be pregnant at her wedding...

One of my (27F) best friends (27F) who I have known for 20 years asked me to be her Maid of Honor in January this year for her wedding next year (it would be me as MOH and one other bridesmaid).

All has been fine and then two weeks ago, she asked my husband and I out for coffee with her fiancé and after general chit chat she asked me to step down as MOH. Her reasoning was because my husband and I have been talking more about children and she doesn’t want to have a pregnant MOH taking the attention away from her.

I was upset and had to leave the table momentarily to calm down. During this time she said to my husband “we thought that she would react like this.' When I came back I mentioned that if I would still be a pregnant bridesmaid (I thought she just didn’t want me to be MOH), to which she then responded “well we were actually thinking of you guys just coming as guests.'

She tried to dress it up like it was for my benefit as she didn’t want me lifting heavy things or getting stressed out IF I was pregnant, and that she wanted fitted bridesmaid dresses and didn’t want to have to alter them for me (which my husband and I offered to pay for ourselves if needed).

But the fact that she stated it as a decision and not a discussion with myself or my husband to see how we felt shows that she already made her mind up. She literally said verbatim that “It’s the one day for it to be all about me and I think that you being pregnant would take attention from me as the bride.'

We offered resolutions to everything she said that were contributing factors like the apparent heavy lifting (which my sister as my MOH didn’t have to do at mine), if I became sick (again - not YET pregnant, a complete hypothetical and there are medications for that), and that she didn’t want me to plan our pregnancy around her (we weren’t even going to do that so I don’t know why she thought we would).

She kept repeating the main reason which was because me being pregnant would be a distraction from her on her wedding day and that she wanted her wedding to day to just be about “one big life event and not two.'

So she has just asked my husband and I to come as guests and has insinuated that she would be happy if I still wanted to plan the hen do (bachelorette party) which I have informed her one other bridesmaid that I won’t be doing and she will have to take it from here.

I would like to stress that I am not currently pregnant so she is making this decision based on a hypothetical, which to us is even more of a shock and confusing!

Little addition: she was one of my bridesmaids and I never would’ve thought about excluding her if she became pregnant.

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was ready to weigh in on this Bridezilla mayhem. Here's what people had to say:

Slydeking69 said:

Seems like you have been saved from a ton of hassle she's gonna go full bridezilla.

SleepDangerous1074 said:

I’m gonna be honest, it’s people like your “friend” that make me hate weddings. It’s insanely self absorbed to think the world revolves around you just because you’re getting married.

A wedding is no excuse for treating a life long friend like a piece of shit. Personally, I wouldn’t bother going. But if you do still want to go I’d make it explicitly clear that you will absolutely not help in any way other than providing your attendance.

eeyorespiglet said:

Holy moly...she sounds exhausting. I definitely would not call her a friend. You’re not as important to her as you may think and she has made that very clear.

It seems she originally asked you to be MoH for the fun stuff aand out of moral obligation to make herself feel better about her excuse.

I wouldn’t even show up and definitely do not waste time or money on her shower or hen party. She doesn’t deserve it.

bibbiddybobbidyboo said:

Honestly it sounds like she replaced you with a new friend and is coming up with excuses to reason it out. I had one pregnant bridesmaid, one breastfeeding bridesmaid and a third bridesmaid with tattoos and unicorn hair.

I wanted them all as they are because I love them and wanted them there. Bridezillas may have taken issue but they were my best friends.

thatonepingu said:

First of all she sounds exhausting but also you are not pregnant so she’s doing too much mental gymnastics here.

sign_of_confusion said:

I would get pregnant and then go into labor in the middle of the ceremony.

Remember, future bridesmaids...if you ever plan to become pregnant in the future, tell the bride?

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this bride is utterly unhinged for 'firing' her maid of honor on the off chance that she MIGHT start a family during her wedding timeline. Good luck, everyone.

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