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Bride insists on expensive Vegas bachelorette, 'they had plenty of time to save.'

Bride insists on expensive Vegas bachelorette, 'they had plenty of time to save.'


Insisting that your friends spend hundreds of dollars to go on vacation with a collection of your family and wedding party seems like a prerequisite to get married these days...

Complete with matching outfits, themed nights, complicated dinner reservations and trying to split a check 13 ways after multiple margaritas--the destination bachelorette and bachelor party trend is becoming entirely unaffordable. So, when a bride decided to vent to Facebook about her fancy Vegas bachelorette party, the jury of gloriously petty internet strangers in Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' group were eager to pile on.

Having 'months to save' doesn't necessarily mean people want to save for your wedding. Does she realize that there are other expensives that existence requires that don't involve matching heart-shaped sunglasses?

Of course, the jury was ready to debate whether or not this bride is indeed 'self centered.' Here's what people had to say...

Imsorryhuhwhat said:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but not every bride goes to Vegas for their bachelorette? Wedding culture has got a hold of this one.

Perfect_Razzmatazz said:

My bachelorette party was at my apartment the night before my wedding. We drank wine coolers and watched 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. It was delightful and probably cost $50 total.

gangster-napper said:

“My special day” is a disease, I’m telling you.

prairieislander said:

I am so over the travel bachelorettes. I didn’t go to my friend’s because I couldn’t afford 5 days off of work and 5 days in Vegas and she was livid. I live two provinces and an island away from my MOH and I told her I don’t even expect her to come to me for a single pre wedding event, because I value her, her finance and her life. This isn’t a bride, this is a brat.

LasGatitas said:

Social media has severely poisoned people’s expectations when it comes to bachelor/bachelorette parties.

So, there you have it...

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this bride needs a serious reality slap before Venmo requesting the group chat. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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