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Bride loses 3 friendships before wedding night is even over, 'she had one beer.'

Bride loses 3 friendships before wedding night is even over, 'she had one beer.'


It's not a wedding if there isn't at least one friendship of family feud that ends in disaster, but what about when a bride loses her whole bridal party before the cake is cut?

So, when a shocked guest decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit about a bride who lost 3 friends, people were ready to every juicy detail.

Bride lost three friends because of her treatment towards them during her wedding...

This happened a few years ago, but is something my friends and I still talk about. In college, I was part of a group of friends that would party together a lot.

One was engaged throughout college and she'd always go on about how much fun her wedding would be because she'd have everyone together to party and celebrate her. Well, by the end of her wedding night, she'd lost the friendship of three of her bridesmaids.

I was not in the wedding but those bridesmaids were good friends of mine, so after the dinner and when people started dancing, they came to sit at the table with me, and they dished on all the drama that happened before and after the ceremony with the bride being controlling.

After the ceremony, the wedding party went on a bus while the reception was getting set up. When they made their entrance, they were doing the fun stuff wedding parties usually do for their entrance.

One of the bridesmaids, who in general is a bubbly, happy person, was scolded by the bride and told she was too drunk and was embarrassing herself and the bride. She had one beer on the bus and did not do anything crazy at all, just walked in and put her arms up in celebration then did a little dance.

Later, the three bridesmaids snuck out to go smoke and when they came back they got some death glares from the bride, but she was preoccupied so she didn't say anything to them.

When the dancing started though, I saw the bride come over three separate times and ream each one of the bridesmaids for embarrassing her and not being supportive.

They did not do ANYTHING wrong or out of character, and by that time there were sloppy drunk people all around. They were not any of them. Two of them started crying.

The bride was also super pissed that the largest suite of the hotel was booked. Turns out it was booked by her officiant (and another friend). He was also pretty sloppy by the end of the night and did not get the same treatment as the bridesmaids.

The next morning, the bridesmaids were supposed to stick around to sign the marriage papers as witnesses but they left the hotel because they had enough of her.

One of the bridesmaids is getting married next month and I and the other two bridesmaids are in the wedding. She's been really worried about being a bridezilla (she hasn't been in the slightest) and we've laughed together about this experience.

Here's what the panel of wedding shamers had to say...

Bubbly-Round-7103 said:

Didn't you know you're not supposed to have fun at a wedding! Jokes aside, I hope the other bridesmaids wedding is beautiful and joyful!

linerva said:

How sloppy do you have to be to book your wedding accommodation after your officiant if you care that much about getting the biggest suite?! Like if it's that important, book it before you release the deets.

DogsandCatsWorld1000 said:

I wonder if this woman will realize why the others want nothing more to do with her, unless of course they spell it out for her.

pcnauta said:

The best weddings I've been at are ones where:

lots of joy and smiles and laughing

it's a little messy (small issues happen) but no one cares because no one is expecting a 'perfect' ceremony

people look and act like themselves

bride and groom are as concerned about their guest's happiness as the guests are concerned about theirs

everyone is enjoying each other's company

Snuffleupagus27 said:

I’m only at “celebrate her” and I’m annoyed. A wedding celebrates the UNION of TWO people. I can only imagine these people on their actual birthday.

Note to all couples planning a wedding...don't be a monster? Better luck next time, everyone!

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