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Bride shares heartwarming story of a wedding cake disaster and a creative grandma.

Bride shares heartwarming story of a wedding cake disaster and a creative grandma.


Is it truly a wedding if there isn't at least one crisis, a clueless bride, and a family member who saves the day?

So, when a happily married person decided to share the story of a dodged disaster of a wedding cake and a loving grandma to the usually petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit, everyone stopped to saw 'awww.'

Wedding Cake disaster--Grandma of the Bride to the Rescue...

This was my wedding many, many years ago. My mother's cousin is a fantastic baker, and makes family cakes for baby and bridal showers, etc.

I always liked her work and asked if she would do my wedding cake. I paid her like any other vendor. It was going to be a simple cake. Three tiers, with some iced flowers in a variety of pastel colors.

My grandmother agreed to transport the cake as she would be traveling from the town where it was made to the city of the wedding, about 1.5 hours away. There was a simple set-up for the cake.

Anyway, we planned family pictures for before the ceremony. My grandma was late arriving for the pictures.

I thought it was a little odd, because she is a very prompt woman. But, I was preoccupied with the whole wedding, and just glad she was there and safe and we got pictures taken.

Wedding and reception went off without a hitch. I did notice that the wedding cake was not what we had discussed. It was all white icing and white flowers, no colors. But it looked fine, we cut the cake, and it tasted good.

So, whatever. I was a little puzzled at the change, but I brushed that aside in the overall excitement and good feelings for the day.

The next day (we had our family and wedding party over for a cookout the day after, before leaving on our honeymoon the next day), my mom told me the whole story. My grandmother showed up at the cousin's house to pick up the cake.

Cousin's daughter doesn't want to let her in...Grandma insists, and finds cousin passed out drunk, no cake in sight.

So, my grandma goes to the local small town bakery where cousin works to see if they know anything. Turns out, there are cake layers there (they didn't know what they were for as the order didn't go through the bakery), but it has not been frosted.

My grandma talks them into frosting the cake because she was not going to show up to her granddaughter's wedding without the cake! They only have time to do white frosting and flowers, so that's what they did.

So, it could have been a disaster, but my Grandma saved the day, and I was spared the stress of worrying about the wedding cake. Posted in honor of my 91 year old grandma, who still sends us wedding anniversary cards every year (24 years so far).

Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say about this tale:

Unable_Researcher_26 said:

I love that Grandma went on a mission to save your wedding cake. I love that your response to seeing a cake that wasn't quite what you ordered was to shrug it off and keep enjoying your day. No Bridezillas here.

muffinmama93 said:

That’s an awesome story!! Grandma’s are the best!

RancherQueen said:

The more stories I read here the more dead set I am on eloping

LunarCycleKat said:

Sweetest thing ever. I love her. You're so lucky!! Give her so so many hugs!

All hail this hero of a grandma!

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