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Bride shares horror story of 'Auntzilla' stealing attention, 'she loudly sobbed.'

Bride shares horror story of 'Auntzilla' stealing attention, 'she loudly sobbed.'


While an entitled groomsman, slacker of a planner, demanding family member or Maid of Honor on a power trip might push a normal bride into 'Zilla territory, sometimes the drama-starter comes out of the woodwork...

So, when a former bride decided to vent to the hilariously gossipy tea-spilling 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit, people were ready for every last detail of the family drama.

The Tale of the Auntzilla...

This happened at my wedding and the story still gets me. About 4 years ago, my husband and I got married. We had about 150 guests and overall the day was pretty incredible.

This story has to do with my father's sister, someone I truly don’t even want to call an aunt because she simply is the worst. By obligation, she and her husband were invited to the wedding.

The story is retold mostly by my brother but I was witness to a lot as well. The evening starts with her telling her waiter that she will need a place to have a meltdown once the father-daughter dance starts as she was going to be so overwhelmed for whatever reason, bringing attention to the fact that she was none too pleased.

The song my father and I danced to was one that my grandfather, his father, sang to me all the time. My brother was playing the piano and singing it. My father and I were dancing but in the corner of my eye, I see this woman sobbing.

She didn’t go to another room like she had to request before everything. She just loudly sobbed at the table, bringing everyone’s attention to her.

During this she also took my brother's seat at the table which really wasn’t a good move as he already had enough of her antics. The night went on and honestly I am not cognizant on how the next events came to play but my brother ended up saying something to her and then her husband put his hands on my brother, poking him in the chest.

My brother isn’t a fighter (other than words) and did not cause commotion. He simply let the situation be handled by others as he didn’t want to ruin my wedding by making a scene.

I can’t remember if they left immediately after or waited for my grandmother, who was 88 at the time, to be done enjoying her night. However when they did leave, this woman GRABS ME by the arm and says “you better say goodnight and goodbye to your grandmother” as I was already walking over towards her.

My grandmother is my best friend, I call her every day, and she saw this happen. She was heartbroken as she knew this was going to be the last straw. The evening wasn’t ruined by any means, but from that day on we always remember this outburst.

NOW, her daughter is getting married. Fortunately, I am not invited and neither is my brother. My father is invited HOWEVER my aunt did not make it clear and purposely left my mother off the invitation.

She wanted to cause some drama and continue to try to isolate my father for herself like she’s tried for years, it’s never once worked. She responded to his decline saying he will not go without my mother with “idk why she doesn’t think she can come???”

When literally she only sent the invite to him. Luckily for everyone involved, my now 92 year old grandmother included, no one will be attending this out of state wedding as it falls on my son’s (the first grandchild in the family) birthday as well as the same holiday weekend my husband and I married on.

(And no, I don’t think it’s a total coincidence, I do believe there was some malicious intent). She has no idea why we don’t want her around us and why we stopped talking.

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to weigh in on this tale. Here's what people had to say:

Coconut8311 said:

She’s stressing me out and I don’t even know her!

BlackoutMeatCurtains said:

Your poor cousin growing up with that crazy narcissist. Now family won’t come to their wedding bc aunt is so fookin’ nuts.

elizabethjanet said:

Wow, some people just have to have everything about them.

Chloe_Phyll said:

I think that auntie probably does know why no one wants to be around her. However, she sees everyone else as unreasonable for not pandering to her. She just expected to get away with her antics.

Now, she is torqued at the consequences, which just gives her more ammo (in her twisted mind) to be a drama pest. Stay faaaaaaaaar awaaaaaaay.

Note to future brides: beware of the Auntzillas emerging from the radiactive depths of the weddings seas.

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