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Bride shares horror story of why her Maid of Honor was the 'worst mistake' of the day.

Bride shares horror story of why her Maid of Honor was the 'worst mistake' of the day.


Is it really a wedding if someone doesn't rapidly black out at the open bar, cause a scene, break up on the dance floor, knock the cake over, or stir up a decades-old family war?

So, when a disappointed bride decided to vent about her Maid of Honor to gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit, people were ready to hear the juicy gossip.

My maid of honor was the worst mistake that day...

Where to seriously. It’s so much. Let me write what I can remember. I promise you, yes I’ve gotten therapy and any feelings towards her, I’ve let go and have forgiven her…

This was my wedding day…and the maid of honor completed tainted that day with different crap she did, that still blow my mind until this day. This was a few years ago. When I picked my MOH, it was between her and my current best friend.

(Clearly I made the worst mistake then) I went with her, because we had been friends for over 15 years (granted we had grown apart as well but nonetheless, we were still friends) and I didn’t want to make her feel bad if I had asked her to be a bridesmaid and not a MOH.

Anywho. Situation #1. When she got to the place we were all getting ready at in the AM I found out she called me a total bridezilla because I had asked for no one to wear white to my wedding (like seriously, isn’t that an unspoken rule? Or am I tripping?)

Situation #2. When we were taking pictures after the ceremony...during the time me and my husband were taking the ones by ourselves, she told my great friend “I’ll help her get an annulment whenever she gets over this.. I know how” as she watched us take our pictures from a distance… (f__king jaw drop right?)

Situation #3. We stopped at a liquor store before taking pictures so we can all drink in the limo. Tell me WHY, by the time we got to the reception, which was only 2 hours after the ceremony, she was drunk already, and it didn’t stop. We had an open bar, can imagine what’s to come…

When my husband went to grab her from outside, because the speeches were coming up, she was downing shots with the groomsmen and chasing it with beer. My husband joked about it and everyone was laughing and it set her off.

(They were all having a good time, and since she was kicking it with the boys, my husband felt comfortable enough to make that joke, since we all used to chase alcohol with beer during our young party days.) Well- She immediately went OFF on my husband.

My husband then comes inside, as cameras and lights are on us and whispers to me “f__k your friend (let’s call her Monica) and I was so shocked with what had just happened I couldn’t even find the words to speak to her or the time before the speech.

Situation #4. At this time, it is now time for the speech. My husband’s best man goes first and I swear to you, I was blacking out with anxiety the whole time because I can see Monica from the corner of my eye so f__king drunk that I was afraid of what was to come…then it’s her turn to speak.

She never faced the guests, she stood in front of me the whole time only facing me… pulling her dress up, scrunched up by her chest, the whole time because she somehow thought it kept falling low from the front (the dress has adjustable straps smh) and reading off her iPhone, her speech that I found out the next day, she wrote THAT morning while she was bashing me about being a bridezilla...

Anywho- her speech was a trainwreck and then she goes to finish her speech by saying “ a toast to Mr and Mrs…(insert our last name here) and she says it wrong! We proceed to shout to correct her, and she says it wrong AGAIN, and then everyone shouts out the correct last name pronunciation again, and she f__ks it up a THIRD TIME, on the mic LOUD AF, and she says “whatever; it doesn’t matter” into the MIC…I blacked out.

That’s all I remember doing. Is blacking out from embarrassment. She messed up my new last name in front of my husbands family that flew thousands of miles to come to our wedding…

Situation #5. After the speech she runs to the bathroom to change out of her bridesmaid dress, into Pink brand leggings, a SF giants teeshirt and sandals… and proceeds to keep drinking...and this point it’s around 7:30pm and she needed to be back in the bay by 9pm to pickup her husband from the airport…

(She was an hour and half away) she doesn’t leave until 9pm drunk AF and drove that way….come to find out her husband got super mad at her because she didn’t pick him up on time and he blamed me for it (I didn’t know how drunk she was because I got sick myself from the anxiety and not being able to eat, and being pregnant, so I was throwing up in the bathroom so I didn’t know when she left.)

Her cousin was there the whole time with her, she lived locally. And I had no clue she would let her drive off in the condition she was in. I didn’t find out till way after I had taken off to the hospital that she had left driving)

Situation #6. The next day, once everyone was sober and eating breakfast the morning after, people were asking me about her, my husbands family asking me what her problem was I texted her “hey I need to talk to you about what happened yesterday at the wedding… I’m really disappointed with some stuff that happened.” And her response was “ha ha, what part?”

No, I didn’t reply. I had my video and camera people, completely erase her from all video taken of her, and all images she was in, that we could delete, got them deleted.

I have yet to speak to her till this day- 4 years later. She has been blocked since then, and I’m 100% sure she is still unaware of what she did to cause me to no longer speak to her ever again.

If she didn’t want to be part of my wedding, she simply could have said no. By saying yes, all I wanted was for her to not embarrass me and keep her composure, but instead she talked shit about me behind my back, to the other bridesmaids, disrespected my husband and my new family, and completely hurt me by doing so.

So yeah.. that’s pretty much some of what happened that day… aside from the wrong chairs getting delivered and the caterer not delivering the entire food we paid for.

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to weigh in on this disaster. Here's what people had to say:

therealwhoaman said:

I recently ended a friendship with someone I thought would have been my MOH, this post makes me feel a lot better about it bc she would have been the same way I'm glad you are doing better and cut her out of your life, so sorry she caused you pain.

Blagnet said:

She lost me at the part where she drove across town drunk. No way!

RoyHarper88 said:

Had some similar things happen with one of my groomsmen. People have insecurities and then take that out on other people that are actually happy.

Raidden said:

There’s subreddits that you can post the group photos of and ask them to photoshop her out of.

CrazieCayutLayDee said:

This strikes me as jealousy. I wonder if she was carrying a torch for OP's man and watching OP marry him causes her to break? Or maybe the other way around, she was carrying an unrequited love for OP. Because otherwise this is just the most bizarro behavior ever.

TBH I haven't been to a lot of weddings, I tend to avoid most of them because I get bored quickly and I'm slightly claustrophobic. I've turned down every single request I've ever had to be a bridesmade because to me having to stand forever in uncomfortable clothes and shoes and have to wear makeup in hot weather is just hell. So I may not get the fun it is for others.

But this chick's behavior borders on desperation. Desperate to get drunk and stay drunk. Desperate for attention, to the point of deliberate public humiliation. That screams misery.

You had every right to block her and I do not blame you for doing so. I am glad you got the therapy you needed and are in a better place. I just hope she got whatever therapy she needed as well.

Note to couples getting married: leave your dramatic friends off your guest lists if you want to avoid a sloppy speech session.

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