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Bride threatens to call cops on guests at rainy wedding, 'sit on the grass.'

Bride threatens to call cops on guests at rainy wedding, 'sit on the grass.'


Attending a hilariously tacky, domino-effect of a disaster of a wedding can be an awkward waste of a weekend, but not being able to complain about it at future family holidays for years to come is the biggest tragedy of all....

Luckily, the anonymous forums of the internet are here to help. So, when a wedding guest decided to consult the delightfully petty and judgmental Reddit group, 'Wedding Shaming' to vent about a disastrous family event, people were eager to pile on.

Hot Mess Express of a Wedding: When It Rains It Pours...

My husband and I went to a wedding for one of his extended family members over the summer and it was definitely one of the more interesting ones we went to. We were running on time (aka late) to the ceremony. It was held at a local ski lodge/hill and when we arrived it appeared things were still being set up for the wedding.

They had about 150 people milling around this event space and about 40 chairs set up for people to sit. There was a itty bitty tent set off to the side for what we’re presuming was the reception. As we walked in, two food trucks pulled up which was great because who doesn’t love food? Overall, we thought the vibe was odd but figured hey, it’s a casual wedding, not a big deal.

We went to the bar under said itty bitty tent to grab a beverage, where we were told to keep our cups otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get another one…okay I support eco-friendliness. No worries.

As we walk back over to the ceremony area, we’re met by mother of the bride who is frantic. We asked her if we could help with anything and she said no, but she was upset because there weren’t supposed to be any chairs. I’m sorry what?

Guests aren' sit in the chairs?

I genuinely had to ask her to clarify and she said that her daughter didn’t want there to be any chairs, they wanted everyone to sit in the grass. In July. After a rain storm. And that the mother on the other side went ahead and got chairs anyway. (God bless that woman).

They finally set up the last of the chairs and there’s thankfully enough for the majority but still about 15-20 people left standing on the sides. They do the ceremony, it’s great, all is well, the microphone didn’t work and one of the food trucks decided to start running their equipment (which was loud) but hey it is what it is.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, right before they’re announced as a new couple, the bride takes the opportunity to announce that no one can touch or go near the ski hill and if they do the police will be called and they’ll be escorted out. Interesting timing but good point.

Don't go near the ski hill!

After the ceremony ends, we mill around, some people grab food, then we’re told no one is allowed to grab food until after we watch the first dance. They tried packing 150 people into 8 tables under this tiny tent and surprise!

Don't gets worse...

It starts down pouring. Half the guests got soaked. We finally got approved to eat, go to get food and are told by the father of the bride that we can go inside the lodge and eat. As we’re doing that to get out of the rain and cool down, the bride storms in, absolutely pissed they let people inside the lodge. Suuuuper awkward. Needless to say we left shortly after.

Super awkward indeed. Of course, people were eager to weigh in on this mess. Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say:

Use_this_1 said:

I don't get people who have outdoor weddings with no contingency plan for rain or inclement weather.

WithoutDennisNedry said:

I had a destination wedding in Mexico during hurricane season (the only time we could all get off work) and what do you know, a little hurricane hit. I had contingencies upon contingencies and everything went off without a hitch. No one wet, no one hungry, no one sitting on the ground. It took half a day to plan for the worst so when it happened, we were prepared. It’s not rocket surgery.

CAlexG said:

The bride and her mom have zero shame. Getting married is no excuse for being so f*cking tacky and careless about the guests.

avajetty1026 said:

Imagine being so in love and happy, that you only pay attention to the negative aspects or things that your guests are doing 'wrong'....what a miserable bride

Inside_Major_8078 said:

I would have left way earlier. #Bridezilla

Note: if you're planning an outdoor wedding with no back-up plan for rain then you're playing a dangerous game. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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