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Bride's mom books adjoining suite for wedding night; bride is 'dumbfounded.'

Bride's mom books adjoining suite for wedding night; bride is 'dumbfounded.'


Celebrating your love with parents and close family members is usually an important part of any wedding day, but what about the wedding night?

So, when a conflicted bride decided to consult the delightfully judgmental Reddit group, 'Wedding Shaming,' about her mom's bizarre choice to be hilariously too close for comfort, people were here for the drama.

My mother has booked her hotel room next to us on our wedding night?

I (26F) am getting married in August next year. I wanted to be prepared for the potential wedding boom that could happen in my country next year, and booked everything already now so I don't have to stress over the details later.

My father gifted me and my future husband a suite to stay in during the wedding at one of the finest hotels in my town. When mom found out that we got a suite from my dad, she booked two suites in the same hotel for her, my stepdad, and my brother. She made a big deal that I and my hubby picked our suite first so she would't reserve that suite by mistake.

My parents have been divorced for 23 years and have been doing petty things like this to one up each other my whole life so it's nothing new and I'm just shaking it off and continue with my life.

Yesterday mom called me and wanted to tell me, that she has now booked the suites and 'what nice staff there are at the hotel, they are so service oriented. They said it wouldn't be a problem to book her suite right next to you and hubby's suite.'

Quite honestly, I was a bit dumbfounded when I heard that. I don't know if I'm oversensitive or being unreasonable but if there's one thing I don't want, it's spending my wedding night with my mom in the next room. Now I have to take time out of my day to contact the hotel to prevent this.

Later, she updated the post to include:

The hotel cannot move my mom because mom booked exactly THAT room and the receptionist said the room was available on that date. They did not release my information to her. Mom showed me exactly which room I would stay in and which date so she didn't have to say 'can I have a room next to my daughter,' she only needed to say (can I have room A which is next to room B?)

I don't want to change hotels. It's one of the most romantic ones in the city I live in and I don't want to let my mom chase me away. Many of you suggest I just talk to her. That won't happen either. It's not the first time she's done something like this. I moved 3h away from her for a reason.

Nothing to set the mood for consummating a marriage like knowing that your mom and stepdad are only a wall away, right? Maybe they could all go in on room service and lower the add-on fees?

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was dying to weigh in on this awkward mess. Here's what people had to say...

empress-888 said:

Book somewhere else and cancel the current reservation. Don't tell her.

LittleJoLion said:

Cool mom? So did you want a front row seat to us consummating our marriage? Or are you really just that weird? Maybe it’s me… but I would call that hotel up and flat out ask if there are any other suites NOT next to ours and could you kindly please move them to that one.

jolandaluna said:

I would be FUMING with the hotel staff. It's a serious breach of privacy regulations to tell other people where guests are staying.

itsjustmo_ said:

Getting married is a way of entering a new phase of your life. In your new life, have a spine. Learn to stop just keeping the peace and ignoring it when she pulls stunts like this. Put your foot down going forward because having a mom/MIL who thinks she can run things like this is a recipe for a marriage that struggles.

I've been a family law paralegal for just under 20 years. Many of the things people used to divorce over no longer come up during our consults. But divorce, separation or intense marital therapy because of a problem MIL has remained a constant.

QuirkySyrup55947 said

My friend got married 3 weeks ago, and she specifically forbade the hotel staff to have her mom's room near hers. They accidentally put her across the hall. They ended up comping her room the whole weekend because of it.

Run to a new hotel while you still can, bride-to-be! Good luck, everyone!

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