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Bridesmaid gives birth before Vegas bachelorette, bride gets 'healthy dose of karma.'

Bridesmaid gives birth before Vegas bachelorette, bride gets 'healthy dose of karma.'


It's rare to see a classic, grade A bridezilla face the cruel cycle of karma, but for the rare and satisfying moments of revenge deserve to be celebrated...

When a delighted and jofully vengeful husband-of-an-ex-bridesmaid to a 'zilla decided to vent to Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' group, people were eager for the lace-trimmed gossip.

Bad Attitude Bride Gets a Healthy Dose of Unplanned Karma...

Years ago, my wife’s friend was planning her wedding and asked my wife to be a bridesmaid. My wife agreed. The wedding was postponed because he got injured at work.

(Side note: he was a fireman and fell through a floor carrying a baby to safety. He broke both legs and multiple ribs. They put him in a medically induced coma because it was too painful to breathe as his ribs healed. The baby didn’t have a scratch.)

During the postponement, my wife got pregnant. They planned the bachelorette party and my wife told her “I’m due right around that time, so I might not be able to make it.” The bride said it was fine.

THEN, she decided she wanted a “crazy Vegas b*tch-lorette party.” My wife said she wasn’t comfortable flying to Vegas and partying while moments away from delivering a baby.

Baby arrives early! We did not get “Congrats on your first child!” My wife got the text, “Sweet, b*tch! Now that you dumped that baggage, you can come!” My wife called her and politely told her that our newborn daughter is not “baggage” and that she wasn’t comfortable leaving a 5 day old infant in order to party in Vegas.

The bride calls my wife a wimp and a party pooper. I’m amazed that my wife didn’t tell her to eat sh*t and die immediately. Later that night, she gets a text from the bride, “I’m sorry. Please come. Last minute ticket is only $630.”

ONLY? They were $120 a month and a half ago. We have a new baby. It’s not about the ticket. It’s about not leaving an infant. My wife AGAIN politely says she can’t leave. Bride calls her a selfish b*tch and says, “I knew you didn’t care about me.” Then it gets horrifying bad and then absolutely wonderful.

My wife just ignores her. My wife gets a text from the maid of honor (bride’s sister). Sister says something like, “I know you can’t make it, but there’s no need to try to spoil her bachelorette party and make her feel bad.”

My wife calls her up immediately and explains that the bride is being a b*tch. My wife says she simply wants to stay with her newborn (less than a week old) infant. The sister says that the bride has been talking sh*t saying my wife was trying to get the other bridesmaids to back out and have a party closer.

Claimed my wife was name-calling. My wife told her, “Even if you had the party on my front lawn, I wouldn’t come! I’m not leaving my baby for strippers and booze and bullsh*t!”

Here’s where it gets hazy. We THINK the sister told the other bridesmaids something along the lines of “bride is picky and just go along with her insanity till the wedding... myzyri’s wife isn't talking smack.”

The bridesmaids start texting and calling my wife to gossip and get the scoop. My wife just keeps saying “I don’t want to leave my baby! That’s all I said!”

Well, I guess they started talking amongst themselves and found out that a couple bridesmaids were guilted into the trip even though they couldn’t afford it. And the bride made comments about them being “cheap.”

The night they’re supposed to fly out to Vegas, our doorbell rang. Six bridesmaids showed up with diapers, baby clothes, and home-cooked meals for us. We didn’t even know two of the bridesmaids.

They ditched the bride because the bride talked sh*t about them too!! Basically, she kept telling her sister and her cousin that all the bridesmaids were “buzzkill b*tches.” So, the sister kept saying, “you gotta perk up and not be such party poopers.”

They just decided that they weren’t going to spend 4-5 days with this b*tchy bride pretending to enjoy themselves and do stuff they hated just to have her criticize them even more later! In the end, just the bride, her sister, and her cousin went to Vegas.

My wife and I were disinvited from the wedding along with two of the bridesmaids. That was fine by us. Since my wife was pregnant, she hadn’t bought her bridesmaid dress and we were planning to give them $500 as a wedding gift. Soooo, it just saved us a sh*t ton of money.

Bride ended up cheating on the fireman and walking out on him about five years later when he got hurt again because “I don’t want to deal with all that physical therapy and rehab bullsh*t again.”

Fireman is a great guy and doing wonderfully with his new wife, twin boys, and twin girls now. And now we’re close friends with the two bridesmaids (who were unknown back then)! Seems like everything worked out for everyone but the bride. Karma’s a b*tch.

Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say about this drama:

[deleted] said:

How do these people even find each other? He’s a SAINT and she’s... not?

Arthkor_Ntela said:

Jesus just that opening caught me. Groom sounds like a sweet guy. Can’t believe that was what he ended up with for some time. Glad he got out.

IlsaMayCalder said:

I would rather go to Vegas five days before baby rather than five days after. Postpartum is no joke.

squid-toes said:

I’ve never in my life understood the self-entitlement that someone like this bride has. I feel like bachelor/ette party culture has gotten so intense in general and that’s fine if that’s what your group likes, but this is borderline sociopathic behavior from that bride.

Anonymous_muffins02 said:

I love how the bridesmaids showed up for your wife!

This bridal party group chat must've been LIT. Better luck next time, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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