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Bridesmaid roasts sister's wedding by 'listing every horrible thing that happened.'

Bridesmaid roasts sister's wedding by 'listing every horrible thing that happened.'


Family weddings are often the perfect backdrop for a sibling feud to unearth over the signature cocktails or a passive aggressive battle to unfold with the in-laws, but there are some events where every single possible problem seems to reveal itself...

So, when a former bridesmaid decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group about her sister's day-of diasters, internet strangers everywhere were on the edge of their seats.

Listing every horrible thing that happened at my sister's wedding...

Here’s what happened at my sisters wedding last year (my first experience being part of a wedding party).

She wanted every seat to be tree stumps. Made my stepfather cut probably 50 wood pieces to be tree stumps and made our family move these 40-50 pound stumps around several times until she liked the layout.

It rained and part of her tent started leaking, leaving puddles everywhere. One of her guests (friend of the groom) came up to my sister, the bride, who is a doctor and asked her to prescribe recreational pain killers.

Same woman visibly upset and refused to use the port-a-potties provided at outdoor wedding.

Sister-in-law got caught bad mouthing the bride in front of our family. Spent the entire wedding only taking photos of her kids and not bride and groom because she was mad at them for not taking enough professional photos of her.

My estranged father took the mic from me, mid-speech, and started rambling about how awful my mother was causing many guests to leave the room. He was not supposed to make any speech.

Estranged father bribed the DJ to play a song of his choosing and forced my sister to do a father-daughter dance with him, even though they were both told there would be no such dance.

Same sister in law who was caught bad mouthing the bride also had her dress specifically tailored to be extremely short and told people this.

Her a*s cheeks were almost hanging out during a chilly, raining outdoor wedding in May.

And this is why I’ll be eloping!

Here's what the wedding shamers had to say:

Short_Equivalent_619 said:

Just wondering…did the SIL with the super short dress get splinters from the tree stumps?

the_beat_labratory said:

If the DJ really accepted money to do something contrary to the couple’s instructions he should be THOROUGHLY dragged in an online review. That’s completely unacceptable.

Use_this_1 said:

Dear lord the SIL & your father sound like real charmers. Yeah, I'd elope as well, this sounds like a nightmare.

rabbithasacat said:

Estranged father shouldn't have been there in the first place. Unforgiveable behavior.

Robyn_withaY said:

We attended a wedding this past weekend at a private golf club. The clubhouse was next to where the ceremony took place and the clubhouse bar was open for members.

Several different football games were on in the clubhouse and every couple of minutes the members were cheering or booing depending upon which game they were watching.

The ceremony took place out on a beautiful lawn, the chairs were supposed to be facing south for the early evening ceremony, but the new set up crew set them up facing west like the did for the previous morning wedding.

By the time it was noticed the set up crew had already left and there wasn't time to get them back to change everything. Everyone was wearing sunglasses during the ceremony and still had a difficult time seeing the wedding party's faces. The venue agreed to discount the cost of the rental but it was far from ideal.

One of the brides cousins wore a white dress with gold trim to the wedding. She was ten years older than the bride, so she knew better than to wear white.

One of the groom's older cousin wore a short flowy dress with no panties underneath. Everytime there was a slight breeze her skirt blew up and everyone got a free show, and she made no attempt to hold her skirt down.

I personally witnessed the skirt blow up at least five times before the ceremony and then I heard about it from several other guests throughout the cocktail hour.

Launchen said:

Things like this always remind me to have a security guard at my wedding. Any woman besides me with a white dress? Out they go. Anyone messing with the planned scedule? Out they go...

I would make one person my MOH and would ask her if she was okay with handling all that sh*t, by sending the security guy. My petty best friend would love that and i wouldn't stress about anything.

Good luck to this sister on her elopement!

Sources: Reddit
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