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Bridesmaid in 'wedding from hell' shares story that ends with 'sobbing, drunk bride.'

Bridesmaid in 'wedding from hell' shares story that ends with 'sobbing, drunk bride.'


We've all heard the rumors: completely normal women everywhere get engaged and transform into white lace-adorned, entitled demons of the underworld...

So, when a former bridesmaid decided to share the story of a bride who was absolutely on-the-verge, Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' group was ready for the gossip.

I was a bridesmaid at the wedding from hell- over a year of planning ended with a sobbing drunk bride and 150 embarrassed and awkward guests over something stupid...

My friend “Sadie” (24F) is a perfectionist. When she told me that “John” (26M) had proposed and she wanted me to be her bridesmaid I tried to act happy but I felt sorta sick. I knew that the event had high nightmare potential.

Sadie set the date for almost a year and a half ahead of time. During this time she stayed busy. She found a beautiful location, a large antebellum mansion with curving backyard paths leading up to an arch so the ceremony could be outdoors but could be moved in if bad weather. Incredible reception space inside. Gorgeous.

She learned calligraphy and did her invitations herself. She included handmade silk roses. She embroidered their initials and roses on the tablecloths and napkins. The guestbook was silk with a real peacock feather turned into a pen.

The centerpieces and flower arrangements were so incredible. Six bridesmaids, six groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearer. Open bar, dance floor, choices of steak, lobster, chicken cordon blue, or vegan. Champagne flowing from bottles of Crystale.

So we were outside on the big day and it was picture perfect. Then she started her vows. As she was talking, a bird flew between her and the arch, startling her and she gave like a small scream. It was not a big deal, it was endearing and we all smiled.

Not her. She rushed through the rest and barely had her ring on before rushing back into her mansion and into the bridal room. Didn’t even walk in with her new husband. I found her sobbing in the bridal room about how her wedding was ruined.

Because of a bird. She never even went to the reception area. Rather than having the first dance with the two of them (for which they had taken dance lessons) the DJ just ran songs for all.

After an hour or so Sadie had us call in the Rolls Royce and kinda tossed the bridal bouquet into the group. Still crying, drunk now. They left and the rest of us just stayed and danced and ate when it was scheduled. We did have a great time, probably due to the open bar. We had the arena for six more hours, might as well use it.

If a little bird can ruin your wedding, we can only assume it probably won't take a lot to ruin the marriage. Here's what the high court of wedding shamers had to say:

pieinthesky23 said:

I had so many little thing go wrong/unplanned at my wedding. There wasn’t anything to do but laugh in the moment. They’ve made great stories over the years! In fact, every married couple I know has at least one funny story about something that went “wrong” during the day.

penguintransformer said:

What a drama queen. Someone like her gets married for a wedding, not a lifetime commitment.

Zedaraby said:

Wow, I'm kind of sorry for her, her life must not be easy to live.

Better luck next time, everyone? Note to future brides with a deep hatred of nature: get married inside...

Sources: Reddit
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