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Bridezilla demands sister take down 'tacky' Disney items; parents say 'grow up.'

Bridezilla demands sister take down 'tacky' Disney items; parents say 'grow up.'


'AITA for not removing the Disney items from my house?'

My (35F) husband (38M) and I are what you would call “Disney adults”. We used to work for the parks in college and met there. For us, it has sentimental value as well as being something we both loved from childhood.

Now, we are conscious to not be those Disney adults. We can hold conversations outside the movies and parks. We both work well paying jobs unrelated to the company. We have other hobbies and interests. Our son isn’t big on Disney and we’re cool with that. It is just something that we enjoy, as well as our daughters.

We nurture all of children’s hobbies and interests. We also don’t blow all our money on this stuff. I know I may sound overly defensive, but we get a lot of comments from people who don’t know us well.

Anyway, we live in a renovated farmhouse on a bit of land that includes a barn that we finished off, with hopes to make it a guest house one day. In the meanwhile, we’ve had a relative get married here and it was gorgeous.

Now my sister (28F) wants to get married on our property and we were all for it. Everything’s been planned for months and the wedding is in June. It’s set to be outside completely but if it rains, we can move the party into the barn. The only reason a guest would have to go in our house is to use the bathroom. We have 2 on the first floor.

The only Disney items are Winnie the Pooh hand towels. I told my sister I’d replace them with regular ones. Wedding space has no Disney items.

However, she wants me to take down everything Disney on the first floor of my home, as guests will see. We have a lot of Disney items, pictures, paintings, blankets, funko pops, decorations, figurines, dishware, etc, all made for adults and a lot of it subtle or vintage, but you can still tell it’s Disney.

One, this would be a massive undertaking. It’s not as simple as shoving stuff in a closet. We’d have to pack it up and find a place to store. The sheer amount would require at least 2 hours of packing. Not to mention storage and unpacking after.Two, it’s ridiculous to me. Who cares if people see?

She says it looks tacky and she doesn’t want people to remember her wedding for that. I told her no. We’re decorating the outside and barn as she wants. We’re letting her use our property for free, which she keeps bragging about to friends as it’s saving them a ton.

When my husband and I stood firm, she whined to our parents who told us to grow up and take it down.

Info from OP:

She isn’t paying us to use the space. The only thing she’s paying for regarding the space is hiring someone to clean the barn and yard after the event is done. But not for the space itself during the wedding.

Lots of people suggested portable toilets, but she doesn’t want to pay for it and thinks it’d ruin the aesthetic.

This is actually her second wedding.

Here's what people had to say:

Fatigue-Error writes:

NTA Your sister doesn't want her wedding to be associated with Disney? Your sister wants full control of the space and decoration? I have an idea! She should rent her own venue!

Seriously, enforce your boundary and say that's as far as you're willing to go. If she wants to change everything, she needs to rent a different venue.

ilovesharks101 writes:

Her sister needs to Let it go. (I’m so sorry)

I_need_cheesecake writes:

NTA. Tell your sister she can go ahead and pick another venue. Your parents are a**holes for siding with a brat.

DoIwantToKnow6417 writes:

SHE wanted to get married at YOUR property. SHE knows you have a lot of Disney items. She can take it or leave it. Especially as said items are in an area restricted for guests. NTA

badpandacat writes:

NTA. You've already compromised more than I would have in your position. You might try saying, 'I'm so sorry our home isn't up to your standards. Please let us know your new venue.' You'll be amazed how quickly your decor is juuuuuuust fine.

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