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Bridezilla forces guests into 'miserable' rehearsal with contagious stomach virus.

Bridezilla forces guests into 'miserable' rehearsal with contagious stomach virus.


Planning a wedding is always stressful and expensive journey of juggling vendors, flowers, and contemplating eloping in Vegas, but what happens when you don't plan anything at all?

Why make a reservation for your rehearsal dinner when you could just hope a restaurant is empty and ready to accomodate your entire party? So, when a frustrated guest decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group on Reddit about a Bridezilla from the seven layers of wedding chaos, people were delighted by every detail.

It’s her wedding and she’ll spread a stomach virus if she wants to…and other tales from the miserable rehearsal night...

This wasn’t a wedding I was in, but one of my best friends was a bridesmaid. Fake names. There were many rude and tacky events leading up to and during the wedding but for time’s sake, we will fast forward to the rehearsal.

The wedding was on a Friday two hours away from everyone’s hometown. The plan was that on Thursday, my friend “Jane” (a bridesmaid) was going to drive straight home after work to meet her husband (a groomsman) and a close friend who was the wedding photographer so the three of them could carpool to the rehearsal.

Thursday afternoon, Jane gets a text from the bride “Sara” in the bridesmaid group text. Sara asks who is staying in her hotel room after the rehearsal. Only two of the six bridesmaids say they are staying in her room. However, Sara never offered her hotel room before this text.

As a result, everyone else already arranged their own plans for the night. Sara guilts everyone into staying in her room. But now because of this, Jane has to rush home after work to pack an overnight bag and all of her items she would need before, during, and after the wedding since she would no longer have Friday morning to pack for the wedding day.

On the way to the rehearsal, Jane gets a text from another bridesmaid saying Sara is in a bad mood and asked if Jane could pick up a bottle of Fireball (Sara’s fave) to lighten her mood. Jane buys a bottle and brings it to the rehearsal.

Jane, her husband, and the photographer arrive at the rehearsal and notice a big scowl on Sara’s face. Jane pulls the fireball out of her purse and says “It’s rehearsal day!!! Woohoo!!!” Sara immediately cuts Jane off, “I can’t have that right now!” Jane puts the bottle away and doesn’t bring it up again.

The rehearsal would have only been about 15 minutes but Sara says she wants everyone to practice more. So they practice for another 20-30 minutes before the wedding coordinator and bridal party convince Sara they know what to do.

Finally, they’re all done. Sara tells the bridesmaids that she wants to eat at a fancy restaurant in the city. Many of them try to tell her that getting a reservation at dinner time (it’s close to 7pm at this point) for 10+ people (bridesmaids, spouses, and their kids) was going to be difficult. She insists that’s what she wants and so as to avoid drama, they agree.

Jane carpools with another bridesmaid to the restaurant. The restaurant, as predicted, is packed. They are told it is going to be an hour wait. They call Sara to let her know and she says the wait is fine.

The other bridesmaids and their spouses and kids arrive. Another 15 minutes or so goes by and Sara is nowhere to be found. They call the last bridesmaid who is carpooling with Sara to see where they are.

The bridesmaid says that Sara’s daughter (10yo) threw up on the way to the restaurant so they had to pull over. Sara is also not feeling well, so she decided that she wanted to turn back and go to her hotel room. Everyone wants to leave because they don’t want to wait any longer or spend a lot of money for dinner.

But Sara (over the phone) tells them no. They need to wait because she wants food from the restaurant. Everyone caves in and they eventually get seated. But to put into perspective how busy the restaurant was - they don’t get their drinks until almost 45 minutes AFTER being seated.

Finally they leave the restaurant. Sara texts the bridesmaids that she doesn’t have a garter and wants them to get her one. It’s almost 10pm at this point. Where we live, major stores are closed by 11pm. Jane and another bridesmaid go on a wild goose chase to find a garter. They don’t find one. They decide to look for one early the next morning.

They get to Sara’s hotel room and it’s silent. Jane checks on Sara’s daughter; she is running a fever and can’t keep any food down. Sara is also sick in bed with a fever. Apparently Sara failed to mention that she and her daughter have a stomach virus and have been feeling the effects since the day before. That’s why she “couldn’t have that fireball” before the rehearsal.

To top the night off, Sara’s hotel room has only one bedroom and one bathroom. Sara and her daughter are sleeping in the only bed in the room. Bridesmaids - hope you like sharing the couch or air mattress. Jane has nowhere else to stay and doesn’t want to drive two hours home at midnight so she’s stuck in the room.

The wedding day was just as disastrous and Sara really showed how big of a bridezilla she could be. Jane left the wedding no longer friends with Sara…but did walk away with both her and husband contracting the stomach virus Sara so graciously attempted to hide from everyone.

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was eager to pile on. Here's what people had to say about this wedding mess...

Momtotwocats said:

I am baffled why the bride is guilting people to stay in her one-bathroom hotel room the next night and then insisting on dinner out, while she has a stomach virus. Like, even if you're a bridezilla, do you want stuff coming out of both ends with extra witnesses and everyone but you enjoying your favorite restaurant? It's just bizarre.

SheiB123 said:

Why do people give these brides SO MUCH power? Just say no.

luckytintype said:

Having to share a bathroom while I have a stomach virus is one of my worst nightmares

jerseygirl1105 said:

Not a Bridezilla, just a horrible person. Demands everyone share a room that has absolutely no space for them, then insists they waste time and money on a dinner that she doesn't even attend. To top it off, exposes everyone to a stomach virus. I don't believe this is because she wants a 'perfect' wedding, but instead it's a clear view into her deplorable personality.

ColonelJohn_Matrix said:

Sympathy is pretty low here. This could have easily been avoided if people weren't so spineless.

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this bride's behavior goes beyond normal 'Bridezilla' stories, especially since she exposed everyone to her stomach virus. Note: make a reservation for your rehearsal dinner and always drink the Fireball. Good luck out there, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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